Rugby Trivia with Voltbet


It is Thursday and that only means one thing! Rugby Trivia evening here on RuggaWorld!

Last week we introduced you to our new sponsors Voltbet who were awesome enough to put some vouchers up for grabs for the winner(s) of this Trivia!

We got some feedback with regards to our trivia and we listened!

We will concede some of those questions might have been really difficult so tonight we try something new, a quick-fire Trivia where all the questions are recent, and in our opinion, relatively easy!  Well almost all of them…

With this in mind we are sure the strategies are bound to change… Remember we pick the first person to post all 10 correct answers (in a single post) in the 1-hour window between 20:00 and 21:00, and given these questions are easy we are expecting a flurry of posts in the first 10 to 20 minutes rather than folks waiting to the last 20 minutes to post!

So to recap the rules:

  • Anyone can take part
  • You have to answer all 10 questions in a single post
  • Your LAST post will be regarded as your FINAL answer
  • If we get a situation where two or more posters answer in the same minute, we will first track back on previous posts and if we still cannot identify a winner, we will look for the most accurate answers and when they were posted first

Again folks, this is about having fun, and not like I think it will be needed tonight you can ask for clues! Our decisions are final and if required we will quote sources at the end of the evening!

Get that bottle of something special ready, and see you at 20:00 SHARP!

Here we go, your questions!

1)      Name the three players over which there was some controversy being called OUT of Super Rugby duty to represent the U/20 Springbok side in the Junior RWC?

Answer: Steven Kitshoff, Pieter-Steph du Toit, Paul Jordaan

2)      What special cause will the Bulls support this weekend when they host the Stormers?

Answer: Cancer awareness

3)      Who will be refereeing the Bulls v Stormers match?

Answer: Jonathan Kaplan

4)      On what date are the Kings Kiwi coaches expected to leave from NZ to PE?

Answer: 10 July

5)      The Lions will also be supporting a worthy cause in their derby match against the Sharks, name this cause or drive?

Answer: Blanket drive/donate a blanket to less fortunate

6)      How many red cards have been issued in Super Rugby 2012?

Answer: One – Francois Hougaard

7)      According to Repucom statistics, white, Afrikaans males in which age group (18-25; 25-36; 36-50; over 50) makes up the majority of the television audience for Super Rugby?

Answer: Over 50

8)      What are the Boks’ odds to win the rugby championship (you should know where to go look for this!)

Answer: 7/2

9)      Complete this quote by Nick Mallet on Andries Bekker “He wins line out’s because _______________”

Answer: he’s tall

10)   For the last question, and yes I could not make all them that bloody easy so for the question (which I am sure will determine the winner); ‘Name the only Springbok team that toured unbeaten (playing 13 matches) AND their captain for that tour?’

Answer: 1971 tour to Australia, Hannes Marais.

Well done Henlo! Our main brain!

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  1. And don’t just post your anwers and
    then disappear for the Brannasnacht
    kakpraat session afterwards.

  2. 1)Rohann Kitschoff
    Pieter Steff du toit
    paul jordaan

    2) Breast cancer

    3) Jonathan Kaplan

    4) 11 july

    5) The blanket drive

    6)1 red card

    7) over 50

    7/2 to win

    9)“He wins line out’s because he is big”

    10)1997, Gary Teichmann

  3. 1)Rohann Kitschoff
    Pieter Steff du toit
    paul jordaan

    2) Breast cancer

    3) Jonathan Kaplan

    4) 11 july

    5) The Blanket Drive

    6)1 Red card

    7) Over 50

    8 ) 7/2 to win

    9)“He wins line out’s because he is big”

    10)1971, Hannes Marais (captain)

  4. 1)Rohann Kitschoff
    Pieter Steph du toit
    paul jordaan

    2) Breast cancer

    3) Jonathan Kaplan

    4) Both will arrive on 11 July, starting work on 15th July

    5) The Blanket Drive

    6)1 Red card

    7) Over 50

    8 ) 7/2 to win

    9)“He wins line out’s because he is big”

    10)1971, Hannes Marais (captain)

  5. 1 Jorrie muller cos he are kak and too old. David Campese cos hy like skape. Percy cos he kleur his hair.
    2. No joking here, the fight against cancer.
    3. Aldo na 3 six packs, then i are ref, coach and ceo.
    4. Maak nie saak nie, hulle paspoorte is gesteel.
    5. The red n welpie van embarresment and keep them of the field campaign.
    6. None want hougaard was gekroek teen the cheetahs, so all calls by refs are illegal for the rest of the season.
    7. What are repucom? I are a reputable source.
    8. I find it odd that you call the boks odd.
    9. Fokken lank.
    10. The unbeatable touring commentary team of aldo after 3 six packs.

  6. 1) Kitshof, Jordaan, Goosen

    2) Cancer

    3) some blind doo$

    4) July 10th

    5) something to do with blankets!?

    6) 1

    7) 36-50


    9) Complete this quote by Nick Mallet on Andries Bekker “He wins line out’s because _HE_IS_TALL”

    10) 1951 Hennie Muller?’

  7. Ek het nie ‘n fokken clue nie, en ek is nie lus om te soek nie.
    Ek gaan ook nie copy en paste nie, veral nie van van Aldo af nie, dan dink die res mos die BULLE ondersteuners is of gesuip of stupid. Aldo is nie stupid nie, ek ken hom.

    So ek gaan net bly vir die kakpraat. Ek is champ daarmee.

  8. Reply to Aldo @ 8:29 pm:

    Sssssjjj Aldo, as hulle nou dit agterkom het ons niemand meer om mee te speel nie.

    Ek het nie gese jy is dronk nie. Jy mag dalk net stupid wees. Jy mag dalk nie dronk of stupid wees nie.

    Jy moet net besef dat ons stadig en saggies moet praat, anders raak hulle verboureerd daar aan die gatkant.

  9. jt nee man, serious rugby fans never qoute vc victories, unless they have won all other tropies and want to brag about total dominance.

  10. Wie van julle onthou daai ou Brannas
    toe daar ‘n meisie was wat so kliphard
    na Kandas gevry het?
    Hy was naand genuine die moer in.
    Ek kan nie verder onthou nie, verfris
    my geheue.
    Morne, jy’s mos darem bietjie jonger as ek?
    Aldo was dalk daai aand nugter.
    Cosa was waarskynlik ook op die blog.

  11. oom boer ek onthou dit goed, al was ek nie nugter nie. Kan nie haar naam onthou nie.

    Was n moffie wat my ook week in op brannas kom afpis het.

  12. ek gaan slaap, laaste week of 2 siek kinders in die huis, so soos n stormpie, of was dit n poep, gaan ek nou fade nes dit interessant raak.

  13. 1)Rohann Kitschoff
    Pieter Steph du toit
    paul jordaan

    2) Breast cancer

    3) Jonathan Kaplan

    4) Both will arrive on 11 July, starting work on 15th July

    5) The Blanket Drive

    6)1 Red card

    7) Over 50

    8 ) 7/2 to win

    9)“He wins line out’s because he is big”

    10) 2004-2006, John Smith

  14. 1.Pieter-Steph Jordaan, Paul Jordaan and Steven Kitshoff
    2. Breast Cancer same as Superbru
    3. Kaplan
    4. July 2012 just before the Pres Council meeting
    5. Blankets for homeless kids
    6. None
    7. 25-36
    8. 7/2
    9. because he’s tall (duuuhhh) – Mallett are a twat

  15. Wie is Henlo?

    Klink soos ‘n wiepie man wat net ons pryse kom steel en dan weer na voldemort toe gaan!

    Vertel ons meer van jouself Henlo, jy het jouself in die kollig geplaas.

  16. Student, kranige rugbyondersteuner. Shark man wat al lankal die blog dophou en volg op Twitter!Vandag die eerste keer geregistreer, sal definitief meer betrokke raak.

  17. Reply to Jacques(Bunny) @ 9:20 pm:

    Nee, dit is nog BLOU hier.

    Goeie nuus – Pretoria is Nie TShWANE nie.

    Kakkerige nuus – ……..ja, ja…. die hele fokken land.

    Verder gaan dit goed hier.Almal is positief oor 22 Desember, dis net die kaap wat die 21 ste gaan kak, so ons gaan almal Bosveld toe vir krismis.

  18. EFC 14 tomorrow evening…

    Much better than rugby

    At least there us East Rand thugs beat the crap out of all comers from all over Africa!

  19. Reply to Jacques(Bunny) @ 9:34 pm:

    Hmmmm. ‘n Tweede?

    Ou wat ek geken het, het weer getrou op 50.
    “Gaan julle kinders hê?”
    “Nee, ek deel nie weer ‘n kamer met ‘n suur doek nie!”
    Nou ja, Morne is darem nog jonk.

  20. Reply to Boertjie @ 9:38 pm:
    Deesdae gooi mens alle doeke weg…

    Met ons eerste vertel my skoonma die hele familie wat ons net weggooi doeke gee “Dit sal die dag wees as een van MY dogters weggooi doeke gebruik”… so haar dogter het toe besluit om mamsie gelukkig te hou tot Katya in die eerste lap doek gekak het… toe moer ek hom weg en vat al die ander lap doeke vir waarvoor hulle bedoel is… lappe… en vroulief toe vertel… jy kan maar vir mamsie gaan vertel jou man het jou ingelig dat die dag aangebreek het…

  21. Reply to DavidS @ 9:43 pm:

    Ja, ek het vergeet. My dogter het ook geweier
    om lapdoeke te gebruik.
    Sy besoedel liewer die kosbare aarde. Daai goed
    vat iets soos 2000 jaar om te vergaan.
    Toe sy klein was, was daar ‘n doeke diens: Jy gooi
    dit in ‘n Steri-Nappi emmer, kry twee keer ‘n week
    OK, jy moes darem nog altyd eers die kak uitskud.
    En dit het soms maar geneuk met die uitskud, veral
    met skittery.

  22. Nuwe studies toon….

    dat as jy saam met jou patner bad verbeter dit jou seks lewe met 50%?
    En as jy dit doen as die ligte af is met ‘n verdere 30%?

    ……….eitlik is dit die departement van waterwese en eskom wat mense will bullshit om minder water en krag te bebruik

  23. Wat van ‘n vriendskaplike bet op die naweek se enigste GROOT rugby game?

    Kry vir ons daai Oakley borg, Dawie.

  24. Reply to Boertjie @ 9:50 pm:

    Gaan die Orakel van Delphi darem weer iets vir ons se?

    Vir julle jong ouens wat nie van die ORAKEL weet nie, DawidS rook snaakse kak, dan verkeer hy intiem met ‘n snaakser vrou wat nie meer so lekker jonk of net plein lekker is nie, dan predict sy die games.

    Hy voel dan so aan sy bal wat sy voorspel.

    Dit is al voorspel in sy sekslewe.

  25. Reply to Jacques(Bunny) @ 9:58 pm:

    Die punt hier is…..

    Ek bad saam met my girl……

    dit verbeter my sekslewe met 64%…..

    in die donker…….

    met ‘n verdere 36%.

    Maar waar was 0?

    0 was nie 0 nie.

    so die som werk uit op 152%……

  26. Reply to Jacques(Bunny) @ 10:08 pm:

    Mens maak maar jou eie luck.

    Ek was so gelukkig om by ‘n marathonhardloper uit te kom. Hulle hou mos nie op nie, hulle hardloop net aan.

    So, nou het ek , ‘n sprinter, haar laat sprint vir ‘n marathon.

    Hoe de fok raak ek ontslae van haar? :bangheadt:

  27. Sy het Alzheimers gehad.

    Sy het laasjaar op 91 begin om te draf vir fiksheid.

    Ons het haar nog nie weer met ‘n oog gesien nie.

  28. Sorry ouens sou wou lekker kak praat maar ek en laaitie is siek.

    Maar dit is fokken lekker om deur die posts te lees en ouense soos Cose, Also en Jacques te sien.

    Bly veilig manne.

  29. OK Jakkieman, ek gaan nou BattlePirates op Facebook speel. Jy is die laaste man oor vannaand.

    Hoe is die striped dogs by die Kwando?? rivier? Ek dink dit is in die Sentraal Ooste.

    Is genooi.

  30. Reply to Jacques(Bunny) @ 10:26 pm:

    Baie senuweeagtig.
    Die bille speel te veel van ‘n roulette game. Ek glo ‘n redelike high scoring game, kom ons se maar 36-32, vir die span van die gode.

    En fok jou man, dis nie die stormers nie!