Kicking a Hornet’s nest.


Where is Brussouw? Murph investigates in the company of Detritus…

So why wasnt Brussouw picked for Boks, we know Heyneke said its because hookers are now the fetchers… But the real reason is 1 of 4 things can you guess which one

The 1st 2 of 4

1. Since Rassie Erasmus is feeding him the Stats on players the call must have come from Rassie … and since Ashley J and Robert Ebershon also didn’t make it its clear that Rassie is punishing the Cheetahs that wouldn’t follow him to WP

2. Heyneke has a long-term plan… He is tired of hearing how the FS have produced all the real Springbucks since Readmission and Grey College alone 40 of these since then so he is making a statement to kill this trend ..” Play for Grey FS and you won’t make Boks” thereby forcing Talented FS kids to opt for school in PTA and life as n Bull

3. Heyneke wants to make a statement to Old Boks that no one is guaranteed a place in his team regardless of reputation, Jake White, Div, Cheeky Watson or anyone else … So he had to drop one that would really send the message home and if he had left out say Jean Divilliers anyone could have just said “ Oh well he was too old anyway” so it had to be Brussouw since he is the only one who automatically picks himself

4. Heyneke know what Murph Knows that  that is that Adrian Strauss is a better hooker and player all round who will be the best choice for Bok Captain … so rather than get picked on by Mark Keohane and his blog buddies about not playing Bismarck to start (like the old Smit Conundrum) he realises his only choice considering how effective Bissie is at stealing ball and other … stuff.. is to move Bissie to 6

You read it here 1st

Of course only option 1 really would explain how the F@$k the only loosie who effectively combines all the best attribute s of Schalk and Juan at 7 was left out … Ashley Johnson

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  1. I’m starting to think biltong’s “manlove” between WO and Hm thing makes sense like Harry Viljoen’s with Percy Montgomery…

    But this makes more sense.

  2. Reply to DavidS @ 10:19 am:

    How much speed does Bismarck have, do you reckon he could be a six?

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Bissie play at 6 to see how he goes, I reckon Strauss is a great player.

  3. No how it works is this:

    Every Monday they meet at the IRB and the first point on the agenda is always:


    :Rule 9:

  4. Hey Murph, long time! Reply to Ollie @ 3:03 pm: Was wondering the same thing.

    Reply to The Year of the Cheetah @ 11:11 am: Nah, they do it to themselves with keeping on coach Naka “Ek-kan-beter-en-vinner-as-hoogsprongers-oor-enige-tuinmuur-in-Bloem-spring” Drotksie and selecting Tewis ad naseum. IRB much too busy fiddling with the laws coz Aus moans to pay attention to such trivial matters.

    Must say I’m not too surprised and/or worried about Brussouw’s omission. He was injured damn long, has he been the same since? Really can’t say myself, haven’t watched too many games esp. Cheetah ones.
    Wat sê die stats van Brussouw, in vergelyking met teenstanders?

    P.S. “…the only loosie who effectively combines all the best attributes of Schalk and Juan at 7 “
    Vergeet om ‘n paar ander ‘beste trekke’ by te sit – Meisiekind (hare), John Smit(spoed) en Ollie le Roux (unique physique) – jou wrintiewaar ‘n wonder hulle het hom nie sommer in 3 posisies gekies nie! :soek:

  5. Murph = Legend = :applause: :applause:

    Stok ou oom sit op trein met oop gulp! Jong bokkie oorkant hom se:

    “Skies Oom, oompie se gulp is oop”

    “Ja juffrou, en wat sien jy daar, ‘n Rolls Roice?”

    “Nee oom, ek sien ‘n ou vaal Japie met 2 pap wiele”


  6. Howzit Ollie , Nam , Morne

    Gambo have gone on a tour somewhere, he hasnt sent anyword

    So i havent a clue … pity i miss that gnome