SABC TV says no to Bok rugby


The remaining two rugby Tests between South Africa and England will be broadcast live on radio, the SABC announced on Wednesday.


In a joint statement with rights holder SuperSport, however, the SA Broadcasting Corporation confirmed it would not show the matches on television.

“The SABC has decided, as a principle, that for the events that it has rights to (such as in respect of Bafana Bafana) it will broadcast on a live basis,” SABC acting chief operations officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng said.

“In the case of rugby, SABC does not hold rights and is therefore not able to broadcast these matches on a live basis.”

SuperSport International chief executive Happy Ntshingila said the rights holder had offered to sub-licence the television rights for Springbok games to the SABC.

Ntshingila was nonetheless “pleased that the SABC had acquired radio rights to the Test matches”.

The South African Rugby Union (SARU) says it is disappointed that Springbok Test matches will not be available on free-to-air television, following the SABC’s decision not broadcast matches delayed “as live”.

The SABC announced on Tuesday that its policy henceforth would be to broadcast only sporting events to which it had the live rights. Springbok matches will continue to be broadcast on 12 SABC radio stations.

“We respect the SABC’s decision but it is disappointing from SARU’s perspective and I’m sure from the perspective of rugby supporters,” said Jurie Roux, CEO of SARU.

Roux added that he hoped that Springbok matches would return to free-to-air television at some point in the future.

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  1. “The SABC announced on Tuesday that its policy henceforth would be to broadcast only sporting events to which it had the live rights”

    I suppose that amounts to ‘rights’ they are gifted?

  2. The SABC (i.e. ANC) don’t want the nation to see the difference between Buffoona Buffoona and the Springboks and then ask difficult questions.

  3. Edzakkerly BUT they acquired at amazingly huge and astonishing cost the rights to broadcast NBA games live from 03h00 to 06h00 in the morning and delayed live from 22h00 the following 48 hours…

    So they’ll spend cash to buy rights to televise a sport that has ZERO following in South Africa live at 03h00 in the morning but they are not prepared to televise a sport which is one of the three most popular in the country in which we are internationally competitive and which is building and contributing to the transformation of South Africa.


    Great logic you twats…

  4. If you ever wanted proof that Gov doesn’t really give a f-ck about the development of rugby amongst Blacks this is it. What better way to get them into the game than watching it on TV? Maybe the sangoma instructed them not to broadcast rugby (as SARU ain’t clients).

  5. That same Kings area that Gov is supposedly so concerned about (according to old Cheekers and his gang) now sits without rugby on TV. When will those in power realise we are not at their intellectual level … we are smarter … we know laughawie: when we see it?

  6. If the government cannot kill rugby through quotas, they’ll kill it by not broadcasting it for the nation.

    As kat said, they’ve never given a continental screw for rugby, I personally do believe they would love to have rugby squashed and removed from SA Sport.

  7. Reply to JT_BOKBEFOK! @ 11:07 am:

    I do believe the “association” between rugby and apartheid has made it an “emotional hijacking”, where rational thinking is overruled by emotional thinking.

    They hate rugby out of principle because it is predominantly played, coached, administrated and controlled by Afrikaners and whites, who have proven to be successful at it as well.

  8. Reply to CooleyHigh @ 12:52 pm: Nee, jy is nie op News24 nie, maar jy hoort daar (of op die treinspoor) as jy my vra.
    E-tv might be showing the rugby, if negotiations are successful & concluded soon. Well done to SS & e-tv if this goes ahead, at least someone is trying to bring the rugby to the masses. #%&*@ SABC en hulle hele tv-gespuis daar.

    How popular & accessible is e-tv these days? I would imagine it appeals to the middle class and has a solid market share. Can anyone confirm.

  9. Is E-Tv free-to-air?

    Seems SABC don’t want to make advertising money neither… and boy could they do with it…

    Reply to CooleyHigh @ 12:52 pm:

    Transy as someone from the EP what do you make of this decision by SABC?

  10. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 9:25 am:

    No, not gifted rights.
    AFAIK they are paying through their
    necks to broadcast Bafana losing or
    drawing against real backwater teams
    like Botswana.
    Subsidising SAFA, which is the worst run
    and most corrupt of all sporting bodies.

  11. LATEST:

    “SuperSport have engaged with and have offered them the rights to broadcast the Bok Tests on a delayed basis. We are awaiting their response. SuperSport is happy to offer the rights to any free-to-air broadcaster,” Van den Berg confirmed to Sport24 on Thursday.

  12. Certain members of the regime do hate the success shown by rugby versus the disaster of football. The Winnies, Cyrils etc… still carry baggage that blights their logic. In fact there are some extreme racists in the allaince who in a normal country would be jailed for hate speech.

    Rugby should at this point be making huge in roads into the football supporter base. Read the footabll blogs, those okes are crying.
    They are switching to rugby as I think as such we have seen a successful national sport been sidelined.

    If you live in the past the past becomes your future.

    Its a total disgrace that rugby is not shown on the national carier but let the market decide who watches what.