No more tests for Lawrence


SANZAR head of referees Lyndon Bray confirmed on Wednesday that New Zealand referee Bryce Lawrence’s Test career is over, according to EWN Sport.

Lawrence, who was unbelievably named New Zealand’s referee of the year in 2011, has been in freefall since taking charge of the Rugby World Cup quarter-final between the Springboks and Wallabies, a game where he allowed the Wallabies the freedom of the park as they won despite having little possession.

Lawrence was widely criticised for his handling of the game, which bundled the Springboks out of the World Cup and was subsequently not given any Six Nations games at the beginning of 2012, with Sanzar refereeing boss Lyndon Bray admitting he needed to be “rehabilitated” following the performance.

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  1. Nah Boertjie, going to have to disagree with you here I am afraid. This story is going to open the floodgate all over again for the apologists who are still in denial about the real reason for the Bok exit at the last 8 stage of RWC 2011. Those of us who were at the game recognise that while Bryce’s reffing of the breakdown in particular did not help the Boks, they were not good enough on the day to break through the Aussie defence. With that big advantage in possession and territorial stats, we should have been good enough to win despite the the ref, not lose supposedly because of the ref. It smacks of bad sportsmanship to continually blame our teams losses on the ref, travel fatigue, the weather, the crowd, (I even saw someone inventing an attack by Suzie, the stomach bug dispenser, this time on the Boks on one of the blogs).

    We should rather examine our teams’ roles in these losses, if we want to achieve anything in the Rugby Championship. And in Sean Fitzpatrick parlance, full credit to Sanzar for recognising that Bryce is not one of their better refs.

  2. Reply to out wide @ 5:29 am:

    We were good enough but with the Boks playing to the rules and Pocock being able to disrupt our ball at will because the ref refused to enforce the rules…

    Maybe being at the game did not give you perspective of close up.

  3. Reply to DavidS @ 9:43 am: Yep Pocock played to the ref as a good opensider should and I get your point about the close-up perspective you get on your tv in your living room. It is a moot point whether that gives you a better perspective of what’s going right or wrong in a game as I experienced at the Bulls game here in Christchurch the other night. Being at the game, you can study how defensive and attacking lines are stacking up long before the ball gets to the players whereas tv spectators are a captive of the tv producer, most of the time simply following the movement of the ball and not taking in much else (unless you have Ashwin or Naas or Kafe the Aussie, drawing those gameplan arrows at halftime – love the work those guys do!).

  4. “Sport24 readers responded with jubilation following reports that New Zealand referee Bryce Lawrence’s international career is over.”