Kings to appeal Saru move


Southern Kings president Cheeky Watson says they will appeal the one-year Super Rugby agreement handed to them by the South African Rugby Union (SARU).


SARU on Thursday announced that the Kings would play in the 2013 Super Rugby competition, with the Lions dropping out for at least one year. The bottom team in 2013’s competition will then play in a two-legged promotion and relegation series against the Lions.

But Watson is unhappy that SARU has only guaranteed his team one season of Super Rugby.

“I think it is a ludicrous decision,” he told SAPA.

“It doesn’t make sense in rugby, not in business, not in the church.

“It doesn’t make sense in any sector of society that you are sitting with a scenario that you are in Super Rugby for one year and expected to achieve.”

He then later told the Ballz Radio station that they will appeal SARU’s decision.

“It cannot be accepted,” he said, and replied with a very firm “yes” when asked if they will try and lodge an appeal.

They believe they should be given the right of at least three years in the top flight.

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  1. This whole move is utterly flawed on both sides.
    Watson has a good point. HKGK. Interesting times.

    Allow me to repeat a previous post:

    Jurie Roux, the CEO of SARU, said that the decision to apply a promotion and relegation system from 2013 was standard practice in sport.
    Yet this principle is not applied in this case?
    De Klerk is correct in this instance.

    It has been starved of top-class rugby competition for a decade and a half
    Yet they have the most clubs outside of the Stormers?
    Why then? Maybe because they are too fkn useless to
    even win the Vodacom or play CC?

  2. Appeal to what?

    The same body that just voted on the decision will vote again.

    If you want a different outcome you’ll need to convince some to change their votes.

    The Lions won’t support a 3 year guarantee.
    The other 4 SR teams won’t.
    Their SR partners won’t.

    Inside rugby, this is the best the Kings will get. I suggest they make the most of it.

  3. Of course they will apeal, but the underlying motivation is the fact they they won’t win a promotion relegation series at the end of next season.

  4. The question remains…

    What happened to the R45 million promised to the Kings by Hoskins to build upon a CC place until 2015?

    Will this money be afforded to the Lions?

    Was this entire last minute ‘promotion’ a half-baked attempt to ‘semi-appease’ politicians, Watson and co and avoid having to front that cash?

    What a farking mess…

  5. No Cheeky, you’ve got it wrong. You are not expected to do well in next year’s Super tournament because that will be, as you put it, be unrealistic.

    What is expected of you is that after playing a whole Super season that you play a promotion relegation match against a depleted Lions team.

    If you do not feel up for that your team should probably not be in Superugby in an any case.

  6. Reply to Duiwel @ 12:35 pm:

    I’m with you on this one.

    It will be a rough ride for a few years for some teams and then it will sort itself out.

    It happens with the football teams, occasionally a big name club also gets relegated.

  7. Reply to Ollie @ 1:56 pm:

    The problem is… this is RSA not like the Premier League or other promotion/relegation leagues… EP Kings are not even close to the ‘next-in-line’ for promotion for starters…

  8. I don’t give a shit who gets relagated.
    Lions deserve it .
    Don’t want to listen to any of their shit.
    Who ever else,ep,namakaland griekwas whatever ?
    As long as its not the Sharks.

  9. Interesting read on P/R systems in football.

    Note that P/R is automatic in the vast majority of systems.

    Why no P/R matches?

    They are problematic because clubs move up and down in the leagues but players do not. A club that is promoted or relegated, acquires a new set of players appropriate for the new level they play in.
    So who must play in the P/R match?
    The lower league players will always lose you the match and hiring a new set of better players just for the P/R match without certainty for the next year defeats the whole concept of a merit based system.

    The solution then is automatic P/R.

    The result of that is a two tier system in the top league. The big money and the best players congregate around the teams with security. A few play to win the league and the rest play not to be relegated. Fans only care about the small group of haves.