Lions players do not renew contracts.


The Lions are losing players left right and center… and worst is that they’re losing many good props…

In a short dry release GLRU said this afternoon that the following players have decided not to extend contracts beyond October 2012 with the GLRU.

Caylib Oosthuizen (a huge loss for the GLRU although he has suffered some injuries of late he has immense promise as a wild prop)

Jacobie Adriaanse – another heavy loss for GLRU in the prop department

Ruan Venter – Junior RWC 8th man

Paul Willemse – Junior RWC lock

All four are a heavy loss for the beleaguered union. Willemse and Oosthuizen in particular are very promising players who are now lost to the union and were certainly heading to higher honours.

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  1. Well I know you know who are on their ‘shortlist’ of a recovery plan Dawie…

    Can’t see a way out for the Lions. Really sad, but I am having trouble finding sympathy for them given how they did this to themselves from 2000 – and how (read who they want to bring in) they seemingly plan to fix it…