Etzebeth suspended


A SANZAR Judicial Hearing has found Eben Etzebeth of South Africa guilty of contravening Law 10.4 (a) Punching or Striking after he was cited during the match at the weekend between Australia and South Africa in The Rugby Championship.

Etzebeth has been suspended for 2 weeks up to and inclusive of Monday 24 September 2012.

The incident occurred in the 25th minute of the match between Australia and South Africa at Patersons Stadium in Perth on Saturday 8th September 2012.

The SANZAR Judicial Hearing held via videoconference on 10th September was heard by Nigel Hampton QC.

In his finding, Mr Hampton ruled the following:

I was satisfied that this was not an attempt just to push the opposing player away by using his head without contact being made. The player brought his forehead forward and downward with a degree of speed and force into the nose area of the opposing player making contact with that player. This was a deliberate act done as a part of an episode of escalating “tit for tat” pushing and shoving between the two players. As to sanction, intentional striking with the head into the face of another is not to be countenanced under any circumstances.

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  1. No surprise here… although he didn’t even touch him… brain fart…

    It’s all this ‘enforcer lock this’ ‘enforcer lock that’ rubbish pigeon-holed into Bok players psyche…

    Learning to hit rucks properly again en-masse as a unit is far more ‘breeker’ than this silly dance… instil the fear again… and stop the pilfering and counter-rucking and bring back the much-needed quick ball…

    Sharpe loitering and then ‘legally’ getting SMASHED in the ribs (and winded) by Strauss a prime example… this should be happening EVERY ruck on own ball…

  2. What a load of crap. Amateur and shit on many fronts.

    No contact was made, no mark, no recoil. I have only ever seen one head butt where the oke did not move and that’s the day I lost my front teeth. True story.

    So now we can get red carded for mikking. So a swing and a miss is a citing. It is been a shadow of a doubt vindictive petty shit. So has precedent been set for hit and miss??

    Precedent was set in Michael Rhodes case where it was deemed striking was justified. Piss off; law is black and white and not open to prejudice. You cannot strike for any reason and its an automatic citing.

    The amateurs are South Africa. Eben was bated and should never have reacted. Amateur. Will he bight an ear when his balls get squeezed?

    Amateur by the Captain. You can hear in the video clip very clearly the ref telling Sharpe if there is one more instance of him been involved in a scuffle he would get carded.
    Now a good professional setup would have had Sharpe in an altercation the very next maul. We do nothing. Amateur.

    Amateur and prejudice. I have seen McCaw knee a player in the RWC final and injuring the key player and taking him out the game. We saw it again this weekend. No card. What a shocker. In fact McCaw got penalised 3 times for the same infringement and no card.

    Just pathetic biased crap.

    Rant over for the time been.