Josh Strauss joins Glasgow Warriors


The Golden Lions Rugby Union announced this afternoon that Josh Strauss, the Glasgow Warriors rugby club in Scotland and the Lions concluded an agreement whereby Josh will move to the Glasgow Warriors until May 2015.

President of the Lions, Mr. de Klerk stated this morning: “We are pleased that we could come to an agreement with Josh and Glasgow Warriors which will allow Josh to fulfill his desire in playing rugby in Europe for an extended period. We want to thank Josh for his contribution at the Lions and wish him all the best with his future”. Josh also stated: “I am very grateful to the Lions for the opportunities afforded to me to grow as a player and thereby assisting me in being able to make this change now”.

Josh will be joining the Glasgow Warriors in the next two weeks.

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  1. Not a very good choice imo. A very average club probably on par with the Mpumalanga Pumas.
    Can’t see his rugby develop much over there.

  2. Rumour has it that Josh wants to qualify to play for Scotland in light of the fact that HM don’t rate him as good enough for the Boks.

  3. Ek sien op nuus24 se Josh Strauss artikel dat een van die groot redes hoekom CJ Stander Ierland to gaan is omdat Heyneke hom in ‘n haker probeer verander het. CJ het nie saamgestem nie en gaan nou weg.

    As dit waar is is dit uiters terleurstellend. Heyneke se obsessie met groot spelers is een van sy grootste stuikelblokke op die oomblik.
    CJ is 1.87m lank. Dis aan die kort kant vir n nr7/8. Maar met sy atletiese vermoens behoort dit geen probleem in die lynstane te wees nie. Daar is geen manier hoe effens langer, minder atletiese spelers soos Willem Alberts, 191m of veral iemand soos Jaques Potgieter n voordeel oor CJ in die lynstane het nie. 3 of 4 sentimeter maak nie n groot verskil nie. Dit gaan ook oor tegniek, veerkrag, tydsberekining ens, nie net lengte nie. Anders sou Matfield mos nooit n kans teen Bekker met sy 7cm voordeel gehad het nie.

    Ek is steeds positief oor die Bokke maar Heyneke se obsessie met grootte gaan die Bokke in ‘n uiters voorspelbare stampkarspan verander. CJ gaan ‘n superster word. Daar is nie nog ‘n jong losvoorspeler in SA wat die spel soos hy kan lees nie. Dat hy agter spelers soos Potgieter in die Bok ry moes staan is n skande.

  4. Reply to Vetgesmeerde Blits @ 4:49 am: AGREED, HM seems to want big bashers and not classy creators.

    His beard and kilt. He will look the part. I would have had Josh instead of Vermeulen (until he was up to speed) and the other Lions player <Doppies should have been a Bok. Doppies saw the writng on the wall.

    I have no idea what drives HM predujice other than size, reputation and what other's who are conected tell him.

    Whats going on in South African rubgy????? Agents, old school boys network, provincialism???? Reputation, rugby families????

    To think we still think Schalla is a shoe in in the bok team is well fucked.