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Mitchell not guilty, wants his job back


Suspended Golden Lions Rugby Union coach John Mitchell is committed to continuing in the role, buoyed by news that he has already been found not guilty of various charges of misconduct levelled against him by the GLRU, with a further six charges having been withdrawn by the Johannesburg-based club.


The lengthy enquiry into the charges laid against Mitchell by the GLRU was chaired by an independent legal expert, Peter Bam.

“Even though John has been cleared of these particular allegations, the GLRU, through its lawyers, is not prepared to release details to John or his lawyers,” says Mitchell’s management, The Fordham Company.

“That’s pretty amazing considering the damage that this action taken by the GLRU has done to John’s reputation and brand. Furthermore, the GLRU’s lawyers have advised John’s lawyers that they are not prepared to release the findings and recommendations pertaining to the remaining nine charges brought against John unless John agrees to sign a confidentiality undertaking. One would have to question why this information is being withheld”.

Mitchell’s lawyers Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs is continuing to press for full disclosure from the GLRU law firm Erasmus Inc and have threatened an urgent application to Labour Court to secure the findings and recommendations.

In making it clear that he wants to be restored as Golden Lions coach, Mitchell confirmed he has no intention of seeking a coaching position with the UK club Sale Sharks, even though he had been approached by the club regarding the position.

“I want my head coach position back at the Lions,” said Mitchell. “There is some unfinished business to do with the Lions. Furthermore, I am determined that my future will be in South Africa”.

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  1. I cannot believe it, no wonder they lost their place in Supershit.

    The administration of the Lions rugby must be held responsible for this circus…..

    As I understood it Josh was in the forefront of the claims against John. Now he is going to play in the UK and the Lions sits with their red faces.

  2. Lions can get fugged. They are like a bunch of clowns over there. And then they wonder why they are not playing Superugby anymore. :roll:

  3. Reply to Jacques(Bunny)WP Jong Bloed @ 5:18 pm:

    Will be good!

    The handling of this whole sordid afair along with the firing of the assistants just smacks of the old amature way of doing things. No company will get away with nonsense like this when dealing with employees. And don’t get me started on this all encompassing “Bringing (insert here) into disrepute” that is used as a one size fits all reason to get rid of people you don’t like. Pathetic.

  4. Hoessit, Tjops.

    Must the craziest thing I’ve heard in a while, and believe me, it has to be real crazy to top all the campaigning :poop: I’ve seen the last few weeks! :what:

    Good for John for wanting to stay, we can do with good coaches. Just hope the same allegations don’t happen at the next place he goes to – has to stop somewhere.

    Reply to Morné @ 6:13 pm: I doubt that, if he’s not guilty they’re going to have to cough up regardless if he stays or not – sure onkel D will know the letter of the law in such a case.
    So looks like he really wants to stay then… Maybe because he will be developing really unknown players at the Lions now? Maybe because the Lions will be playing some Euro or atypical opposition? Maybe because it will look real good if a no-name non-SuperRugby team beats a SuperRugby team (read ‘beat the Kings’)?

    Lions admin not looking sharp. At all. Maybe they should do some self inspection and get rid of some dead wood. Sal ‘n lang & harde pad terug boontoe wees.

    Would be interesting to see how this ends.

    En, natuurlik, nog ‘n ou laaste woordjie:
    WiiiiieeeeePiiiiieeeee! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  5. What is he accused off?
    What is the verdict?
    By whom?
    What is the evidence against him?
    Or give him his fkn job back

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