‘Lambie must spark backline’


Springbok coach Heyneke Meyer has urged flyhalf Patrick Lambie to play more to his natural attacking instincts against England at Twickenham on Saturday.


Lambie was on Wednesday included to start at flyhalf for the third Test in a row as the Boks look to remain unbeaten on their three-Test European tour.

He also featured in earlier wins over Ireland (16-12) in Dublin and Scotland (21-10) in Edinburgh.

But Meyer wants his pivot to show more on attack on Saturday.

“In my individual chat with Pat I told him he should play his natural game,” Meyer told the Beeld website.

“Pat has always been a guy who plays relatively flat on the gain line.

“I think he positioned himself a bit too deep in our previous two games – probably due to the conditions and with the plan to kick the ball into the corners behind the opponents.

“My message to him was that he should make a difference on attack, because it’s a natural gift he possesses. He has to get the backline going,” said Meyer.

The clash on Saturday kicks off at 16:30 (SA time) on Saturday.

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  1. Thanks you Mr Meyer, great to read these wise words. Here’s hoping Pat takes the coach at his word and plays his natural game but does this mean he was previously instructed to play an “un-natural” to him kicking game?

  2. Well whether you beleive HM is setting Lambie up, this is Lambies chance to show his stuff. It is up to him to prove his worth, I do agree having J de Villiers on your outside is not ideal, but unless someone proves that we can run the ball from ten, we will never change our way of attack.

    Good luck Lambie. :boks:

  3. Pat, let de Villiers set up second phase ball with his crash runs and then, when he is the bottom of a ruck, play abit of running rugby. De Jongh, Hougaard and JP will thank you! :mrgreen:

  4. Nothing new or different to this IMO: I have done the same with my team, force the team to play to a certain structure until I am happy that they are playing to this structure. Then start opening up by letting the players play their instinct but within the structure.

    now in my case it is a ploy to get the team to play as a unit to a structure and when the individuals get the opportunity to make a break or try an off-load etc. they do so within the structure and the support is there.

    Here is hoping HM’s structure allows for Pat to excell and maybe part of it will be to skip pass JdV?!

  5. Open letter to bok complainers, I mean supporters.

    So wait, let me try and understand what you guys are saying. I are but a dom boer, so it are not easily understanding the taal van die anti chris.

    It are seeming to me that you are havings your cake and wantings to eat it as well. For can it not likes to be people who was klaaing about lambie kicking onder instruksie? Now it are seeming that the poepols, I mean peoples damn english, are being complaining that lambie being instructed to hol boet. So now what are we to do. It looks for me, that you want him to run, but then kla when he gets told to hol. It are true that sometimes my lack of forstanding the brittish taal, is hindering me.

    Please can you guys explain to me, how are the coach to make? Must he play conservative, or running (some are calling it innovative, I dont know about that, my 5 year old boeta kan hardloop) rugby? Me, I just are happy when the boys are winning, I also like pretty things, but I get that from die Hustler. Now I are not for once second saying you should buy the hustler, but I is saying that as long as die coach is not losing teen skotland, and are getting us beweging to the front, and nie agteruit nie, I are very happy indeed.

    I are also not saying we must put on rose coloured sun glasses (where can you gets that, my pep only has black once), for we must be asking for better performance, but I are asking julle om patient te wees. Not a patient in government hospital, but the one where you wait for the results. Heynecke are a man who are first getting the players mind right, and then he are getting the structure right, en dan after that, he are a man that gettings the wins. Now he are forstands that we want die bokke to donner hulle while he doings this fings, so he are playings low percentage rugby in an easy to forstand gameplan, for many are also boere in the team, en we vat a bit lank to forstand. So he are doing the right fings, getting the wins, while working his toordery in the background. So please to my fellow bok complainers, I bedoel supporters, please are patient, not in hospital, but please be wag for coach, for he will be getting it right. Or he will be fired, enige kant toe, we will win from the structures he puttings into place.

    Thank you for reading my letter, koebaai,

    The BoereThug

  6. Reply to Aldo @ 9:20 am: :respek: Nice one.

    Fars be it from me to make right your inglis, but it are “wantsing” not “wantings” :whistling:

    I can like to believe thats we durrent chainge much. But whens we is in the oppoenent halves, we can like to make bigger opchions on ettek.

    I can like to see difference taktieks. Orrewaise it is faain.

  7. Yah I agreeing biltongbek, on ettek we are found wanting, but the coach are also found wantings. He are wanting a steers burger, some biltong, but he are not gettings it in Engeland. So like him must settle for plastic food for a few weeks, we are musting to wait a time for the Bokke to be playing properse rugby. He are not wanting to lose, want then he are fired, but he are busy in the background, so for nou, he are playing conservative, I can forstand why.

    Remember, he are a slow worker, maybe he are also an ex spesiale skool worker like my broer. So give him time, cos he are very smart, just not very fast, like me. I also warnt very fast, I was flyhalf, but if I hit the gap, die stut would allways catching me on kruis verdediging.

    Oh and fank you for helpings me to correcting my ingils, I are maar sukkeling.

  8. Reply to Aldo @ 9:38 am: It are my plessure.

    I can like to be a prop (not badprop) and durrent think I can laaik to catch yous.

    Maibe you is faaster thans you thienk.

    Seriously though.

    I think Meyer will get there, I just sincerely hope he is going to look at alternatives when it comes to our centre pairing in the near future.

  9. Yeah on a serious note, we have massive shortfalls in the centres. And it starts and stops at our captain. He is the reason we dont have any attacking flair in the backline. He has just for some reason forgotten that there is actually a backline next to him.

    Wow and I can still remember a certain Morne, or shall I say piepiemier, calling for him to be our next flyhalf, saying he could be our Larkham. Oh the debates we had.

    But yes, our backline is poor, but then think back to 2002 and the Blue Bulls currie cup campaign. Our vice captain and starting 12 was just a bigger version of Jean. Heyneke is not blind, he just doesnt see us ready for the attack yet. I believe we will get there, I just hope that by making Jean our captain, Heyneke forced a long future for him. I hope he has the balls to drop him and make strauss or someone else our long term captain. Just no real candidates putting up their hands for captaincy, cos with Bismarck back, he would propably retain the number 2 jersey. So I dont know who else he could make captain, as his first choice, Schalk Burger, will probably struggle to get a place with our loose trio really playing well.

  10. Lambie is standing where Morne(got some unecassary blame) was and it is setup for the kick and not to attack the gain line. This is predictable and well it gives away possesion. Refs reward positive play.

    I think it has more to do with intent.

    Wathcing JDV in the Scottish game he had oppurtunity to pass to players but went inside to the forward support and went to ground. I think this is the flaw in all this is the intent. Hell he even got a pop pass from Bone Collector Alberts and went to ground.

    Going to ground is good when you want to setup the next phase but at this point the defense will re-align too.

    So we beat Scotland and Ireland with muscle and less finess so now hopefully with Bambie and his hair we will get some finess especially under instruction from the coach. I believe in the booi.

    As for HM I wish him to be the most sucessful coach in the history of rugby ever.
    Reply to Aldo @ 10:02 am: this has been like this for some time now. Sad considering the likes of Habadonna and JPP on the wings.

  11. Reply to JT_BOKBEFOK! @ 8:51 am:

    Have you ever considered just coaching skills and patterns and then letting them simply play what they see with very little in the line of game-plan or set plays? Perhaps I’m mistaken, but I guess your players are mostly new to the game and it seems they will enjoy playing most if they have the knowledge to spot opportunities and the skills to exploit them without being restricted by any structure.

    Perhaps in South Africa, junior coaches spend too much time on set plays and too little on skills and that make for the difference with New Zealand.

    I’d like to hear some opinions on this. What principles should guide junior or amateur coaches and should it be the same or different than those for professional coaches?

  12. Reply to Timeo @ 5:47 am:

    Problem in SA schools much the same as Bokke currently – win at all costs. Win at under 13 level by playing your overweight kid at 10 to make him score.

    You win the league yet 14 other kids finish the year under-skilled.

    Under 14 comes and the same thing happens.

    We want to win even at the expense of the game itself.

    Primary school rugby is getting worse and worse which in an odd way explains why the Bokke of today fights for wins against Scotland

  13. Reply to Timeo @ 5:47 am:

    It is not set plays or a game plan as such it is more a structure to make sure we have support. If you let them just play they will lose the ball at every ruck because the new guys all just want to run with the ball in hand and not do the hard yards in retaining possession. So my structure is set up to have them play/attack certain zones at certain times from 1st phase and have the players know what is coming next for them to get into position etc.
    If they break the line I want them to finish it off by playing an off-loading style game, from turn-over ball I want them to play the same or play wide immediately – i see turn over ball as bonus ball to do with what you like, ball from 1st phase I want them to go through certain steps before attacking wide from the get go because defences are set up well and they need to be broken down 1st but if you make a half break = go for the it.
    Kicking – not in my game plan but I leave it up to the senior players to use the kick when needed.

  14. PS: the joy of playing the game should be at the forefront of amateur and junior rugby IMO. HOWEVER the notion of play with no result (this happens in some countries for junior sport) is ridiculous!!

  15. Reply to Methos The French Stormer @ 1:38 pm: Methos, I don’t think you are being totally fair or correct about that.

    We come on here to vent our frustartions and disappointments, also not everyone wants the coach fired, I think many on here has a solid grasp of rugby and some are frustrated by the debilitating issues that stunts the potential of the springboks.

    it is not only Meyer who is criticised, but also SARU, players etc.

    But then they are also complimented at times.

    We are passionate about rugby, I know I am.

  16. Reply to biltongbek @ 1:45 pm:

    Biltongbek – this is one of our most successfull seasons in our history – we’ve lost 3 games and drawn 2 – saw the percentages the other day and was quite impressive. But still ALMOST (see what I did here) everybody and his dog is complaining about the style, the hoo and the haa.

    We’ve had how many injuries and retirements etc. Next season we will have how many players with loads of expierience coming back. But still we did well – even with a few days worth of training before the first England game…

    Let the guy put his structures in place – then we can complain.
    For the moment we are winning – remember when we had Strooilie and co – when we lost 53-3 to England? I prefer to win ugly than losing pretty.


  17. Reply to JT_BOKBEFOK! @ 10:41 am:

    Good points. That makes a lot of sense.

    Winning has to remain part of the equation because it’s pretty much impossible to have fun whilst losing. It should just be pursued in a way where everyone has a chance to participate and enjoy themselves.
    The idea of set plays with only specific players allowed to carry the ball in junior rugby is a big shame and is harmful. At professional level though it is different. Winning is not everything, it’s the only thing.