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Meyer happy with win


Springbok coach Heyneke Meyer applauded his team’s defence, discipline and guts after South Africa edged out England 16-15 at Twickenham on Saturday.

This win secured the Springboks a third win on tour and ended the Castle Outgoing Tour in a very positive fashion. Earlier on tour Ireland and Scotland also suffered defeats against South Africa.

“It was very tough out there today. It could have gone either way. England is a quality side,” Meyer said afterwards.

“Our defense was awesome. There wasn’t any space and it was a wet ball. But our discipline was very good. We talked about it before the time and we really did well with that. We only conceded one try on the whole tour and I am very happy about that.”

Meyer has some praise for England’s effort, especially late in the game.

“A lot of our players could not train this week and there was definitely a swing in the momentum at the end of the match. England was getting the penalties and they were starting to get good ball.”

Meyer was very pleased to finish the season with a win.

“It was a tough year for us, we lost around 10 player after the World Cup last year and another ten through injury. We probably would have lost a match like this earlier in the year, but this time our guts has won it for us. That is what you need to win World Cups.”

Captain Jean de Villiers was equally proud of his team.

“It is great. We came over here wanting three wins and we got that, so we’re pretty happy tonight. I think we put ourselves under a lot of pressure and made it difficult for ourselves, but earlier in the year we probably would’ve lost this game and we learned from it, stuck through it and got through it.”

De Villiers admitted that their only try in the match came in a fortunate way, but said the bounce of the ball has gone against his side in the past as well.

“All tries are worth five points and we’ll definitely take that one. It was a well-worked try! Sometimes the bounce of the ball goes your way and definitely tonight it did. Two points the other way and we’re on the other end of it. It’s a very fine line in Test match rugby but this time around, we’ll take the win.”

Number 8 Duane Vermeulen was named man of the match.

“It’s a good one. Winning three in a row is especially good and we just enjoyed it. It was about adapting the conditions. It was a very tough game – especially the kicking game. It’s just a great feeling and the boys coming off the bench made a big difference.”

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  1. HM does not lie when he says he will win ugly.

    There have been better Bok teams that would have lost that game so full credit to the team. You have to admire the discipline.

    Nigel Owens and Jannie’s spat is now bit of a joke with the ref calling penalties that were clearly Poms boring in. Even the Neutral unbiased Barnes ( :whatever: ) waying in. Good idea to replace Jannie.

    Not to sure what the Pommie linesman was smoking as he allowed 4 skew throw ins, 2 wrong calls on lineout possession and pinged Eben when the penalty should have been for the Boks for an elbow to the face.

    So the ja broers will be happy with the win.
    We have to wait till next year for new players to be blooded or players given a chance to see what they can do. Oops no no that will be the year after as we still need to win ugly.

    Besides us winning that was one of the shittiest boring games I have seen in a long time. Thank-god the Poms were clueless.
    So no more whinging till next year.

  2. Bryce –
    I don’t see how it sticks it to anyone but English fans.
    SA did what they had to do to win while playing in swamp-like conditions.
    Scoreboard is everything so job done if it means England by 1 or Uruguay by 1.
    This team has the scaffolding to be a great team as witnessed by these wins – a team with a lesser constitution would have found a way to give away any of the 3 played on this tour.
    But let’s be real – only France is really capable of swinging with SH teams – Ireland can hold their head just above water. Scotland, England & Wales are shameful.

    England needs to rid their upper-management of dweebs that stick their pinky out when they drink and hire their much needed medicine man…..Jake White.
    Till then they will continue to be as goofy as Toby Flood’s facial hair.

  3. Ireland smashed Argentina by seven tries….

    Any lessons folks?


    Maybe Ireland is NOT as kak as we make them out to be.

    Same for Wales…

    Wales lost by tiny margins to SA and Aus away from home in 2011 and 2012…

  4. But the Scots – against whom we so struggled –
    were fooked by no less than Fiji!
    Argies lately playing as if the learned
    nothing from the 4 Nations.
    (OK, Rugby Championship – shittest name
    ever conceived.)

  5. better than 3-0 we cannot really ask at this juncture.

    2 things can happen next year:

    1) all the oldies return and HM will keep JdV etc and fok voort on this way

    2) HM will appoint a new captain and work with the new generation.

    Both these will yield success – but going half half and trying to get the best of both worlds will fail

    I will only support option 2. If option 1 then sorry. My life is too short to invest energy in something so average.

  6. Andy Robinson has resigned as Scotland coach after they suffered a humiliating 21-15 home defeat to Tonga.

  7. Reply to DavidS @ 8:30 pm:

    in other words the ‘best of both worlds’ approach?

    Wont work.

    Its about culture. Jean has been forced to blend with young guys as apart from Jannie he did not really have anyone from that era to support him. He had to buy into something new.

    Bet my bottom dollar that once Burger and Frans and Habs etc are back they will want to revert back to their own understanding of Bok culture and once more (as with Peter) try and force this.

    It will not work. Mark my words

  8. 7 Wins, 3 losses and 2 draws is a better than the average season, compared to the last decade or so. But then, consider that both draws and at least one of the losses were purely due to horrible place-kicking by a player who until recently just couldn’t miss.

    Then really, it was so, so very close to being 10 wins and 2 losses and that would have been the best season since ’98.

    Not bad at all for what essentially was a B-team.

    I’m pretty frustrated with the lack of enterprise and the silly errors game after game in the last 20, but looking at it from a glass-half-full perspective, it can/will get better next year.

    Better than 7, 3 and 2.
    Or better than 10 and 3!

    I think we’re about to enter one of the better eras of Bok rugby. Just watch this space! :wave:

  9. That extrapolation taking into consideration the awful kicking was a telling one Timeo.
    The give-away to NZ at the cake tin ( I think) was the stinger. NZ was really there for the taking and they looked surprised by SA – not often seen.

  10. Reply to Timeo @ 5:02 am:

    “Not bad at all for what essentially was a B-team”.

    I keep seeing this comment being made by people and would like to understand how this conclusion is reached?

    In my mind this was more than a B team.

    Let’s look at the year:

    Among the forwards the only players not available right through the year that would stake a claim for a position in the team, would be Bismarck and Schalk. And than again, who amongst the loosies would you drop for Schalk? So that is two out of eight. Please don’t mention Brussow, Heyneke will not select Heinrich over Louw, so that definitely is not a missing player.

    Backline? No-one really. Habana and Steyn played during the year so they cannot be counted. Even if they are included in the argument, that leaves two out of seven hardly creating a B team.

    Now I expect the inevitible, but Fourie du Preez, Jacques Fourie, Danie Rossouw, Bakkies Botha argument to start. But no, these guys are NOT AVAILABLE for selection and as thus connot constitute an A team.

    Looking at the team facing England, we have Beast, Bismarck and Schalk not available among the forwards. Bekker maybe included, but his form was on-off this year, so the verdict is still out between him and Juandre.

    Among the backs we missed F Steyn and Bryan Habana. So that makes 5 out 15, hardly a B team now is it?

  11. Oh yes, I have forgotten Spies.

    I notice he is also mentioned as a missing part of the elusive A team. Drop Duane for Pierre? I don’t think so.

  12. Craven,

    So would you say we played a B2/3 team? It was definitely a weakened team fielded against England. It will still develop into a great team in the next few years if HM can get the 9-10-12 axis right.

  13. Reply to Craven @ 8:42 am: Craven going to disagree with you in regards to the backs.

    Only in two tests did Habana, Frans Steyn and JP Pietersen play together. All of them out at important points of the year.

    Last test vs england, no Frans Steyn.
    Rugby Championship, no JP Pietersen
    Autumn tours, no Habana and no Frans Steyn.

    Definitely when considering that our backline never settled and is definitely not our A backline.

    Then consider Morne Steyn in poor form, Goosen only played 1 and a half tests and Lambie three at 10.

  14. Reply to Lion4ever @ 10:18 am:

    too right.

    the 9/10/12 axis is vital but what hinders it from progress right now is our use of forwards for the first 6 phases.

    Its kinda pointless to select great players there if you dont plan to use them.

    I hope Cheetahs play VAN ZYL/GOOSEN/EBERSOHN all season as this combo can do a lot to help Boks out.

    Add De Jong at 13, JPP, Habana and Fransie at 15

  15. Reply to biltongbek @ 10:47 am:

    Point taken, but one or two players being missing from the backline does not immediately demote the remaining players to B team status does it? That is the point I am trying to make.

    We are not going to push an A team into the field next year with more than 4 or 5 changes from the team that finished this year, hardly an A or B team difference isn’t it?

  16. Reply to Craven @ 1:30 pm: No, not in its entirety.

    But then you have to concede guys like Johan Louw, Duane Vermeulen used their opportunties to play themselves INTO the team during the year.

    I am still not sure who is better suited to play wirh Etzebeth though, whether it should be the injury ridden Bekker who doesn’t work as hard in the rucks as Kruger, but is more a running ball carrier with some distibution skills or Kruger.

    What does concern me with our forwards is the fact that they don’t look for support runners to offload to.

  17. A Springbok coach can count on
    the average punters blinkers
    as long as we give him enough
    to believe he might be great again.

    Even of the 80 minutes shows clearly
    that the Springboks are devoid of any
    semblance of skill.

    We will harp on about unlucky to AB
    simply because we are used to losing against them.
    It’s normal.
    They are better.
    This is a relatively new normality
    Ten years or so.

    We have learned not to coach it better
    but cover it up with buzzwords and promises
    That strings it’s hopeful supporter along.

    But it doesn’t.
    I can see how lost they look.
    All talk and barge
    No sidestep,
    No passing,
    No hand skills ,
    No speed on attack,
    A desperate need for a real kicking coach,
    No off load in the tackle,
    no confidence in running the ball.
    It’s either knocked forward ,knocked on,isolated
    and turned over
    Or kick either up
    Or away.
    No structure except tackling ,set piece basic catching
    And kicking.
    Like six year olds.

    We are at six nation level
    Not counting France.
    Happy with any win.

    I remember when I was used to Springbokke winning
    17 times.
    Led by a real coach
    Not flawless at all
    But a winner.
    When teams were in awe
    and the all blacks were dismayed.
    At their cohesion.

    HM has arguably the best pool
    In the world to pick from.
    He thinks winning against the scots
    and the Irish is fortunate
    Winning by the bounce of a ball
    Against an struggling English side a massive feat.
    Losing against the aus a miracle
    And winning against the AB as a myth.

    Unless we have a general with a ear vision
    Of what a Springbok is
    We can’t coach it.
    He can coach the Bokke to play like Bulle
    But the moment they are challenged by a bit of
    Resistance to our mythical “physicality”
    We have sweet all to fall back on.

    But ja
    The buzzwords keep coming
    The money keep flowing
    And the Springbok dies a little bit more
    Everytime we accept the mediocre performances
    so readily talked into ballads of greatness.


  18. Reply to Duiwel @ 2:11 pm:

    this worries me as well. we so easily in SA get sucked into accepting bad service/bad return on tax investment/bad government/bad sports performance etc.

    History suggests the Bok is greatly a myth but its a very important one to maintain. In bok rugby South Africa get to dream big.

    I think HM and the way he goes about sincerely want to beat the AB’s and maybe become nr 1. But you wont tell me he aspires to dominating this game the way the AB’s do.

    This squad/coach/captain/support team simply seems to lack the balls/vision/goal to do this

  19. Reply to Duiwel @ 2:11 pm:

    You are correct saying that the Boks is a 6-N team. This has been so since re-admission in ’91.

    But then you go and pick the 17 wins in ’97/’98 as your reference, as if that is the norm and not an exception.

    Runs like this have been the norm for the ABs, not the Boks. The Bok team you describe is a myth.

    In the myth, the Boks win 17 in a row every year, they always beat Scotland 44-0. Home or away, they never lose to Australia or Ireland. If not for crooked referees, they beat the ABs in New Zeeland in every series.

    And so on.

    The mythical Bok team does not exist. Never has. For around 20 years now the Boks have been way behind the ABs, slightly behind the Aussies and only slightly ahead of England and France. Changing coaches, players, game-plans, neutral referees did not make a difference. If Meyer is a good coach he may work us up to somewhere between NZ and Aus in the next 4 years and if they keep him on we may be slightly behind the ABs by 2020.

    That’s it.

    On what evidence do you say he has the best pool in world rugby to choose from? I don’t see any. This is just another part of the myth?

  20. Reply to Craven @ 8:42 am:

    I think we will always disagree as to exactly which players are A and which B team, but here is a list of the 44 Boks that played last year. I count about 23 or so that were not available for part or most of this year. Either due to injury, retirement or a move over seas. Many of them, who would have been in the match day 22 in my opinion, if they were available.


    As for loosies, I’d say, if not for injuries or Japan, the 1st choices would have been:
    Burger, Spies and Smith as starters.
    Alberts and Kankowski on the bench.
    Coetzee, F Louw and Brussow would be the next in line.

  21. Noooooooooo Timeo! You said the S word. Now everyone’s going to rip you apart, as if suddenly you dont know a thing about rugby. I enjoy your comments, as they are normally very well balanced, but now you said Spies, you’ll soon have the likes of Duiwel, Shields, etc ripping at your pants. Run my friend run!

  22. Reply to Timeo @ 11:06 pm:

    again, its important for us to hold on to this myth. It makes us punch above our weight.

    The day we are happy with beating minnows in close contested arms wrestles is the day we lose the myth and as a result become as average as we in reality are.

    If Jean stays on as captain – it means those in charge have strayed from the myth and now embrace reality. Dangerous grounds

  23. Reply to Timeo @ 11:57 pm:

    Thanks for the link, however, as I stated right at the start, you cannot take guys who are no longer available for selection as part of the count, they are not available and thus cannot be considered. Injured players, yes, but someone like Juan Smith last played in 2010 for the Boks, how can he still be considered as part of the first choice Boks?

    And Brussow has never been part of Meyer’s plans.

  24. Reply to The Year of the Cheetah @ 9:12 am:

    No, I disagree with you completely.
    The myth is preventing progress. Believing/insisting that we are on par with NZ is not going to get you on par. Instead it is driving the quick fix, fire the coach/players/game-plan, approaches of the last 20 years.

    Believing/insisting that South African men have some magical innate rugby abilities that requires no plan and very little coaching to beat all comers is never going to actually make it happen.

  25. Reply to Craven @ 9:23 am:

    Why not try a different thought experiment then?

    Lets assume the Bok team that played England was our A-team. How many, of the 22, would have made the All Black team that played Wales?

    In my opinion, JPP, for sure. Pienaar, Etsebeth and Alberts, perhaps.
    Perhaps you’ll want to add another player or two. If only 6 of our best 22 can make their best 22, then expecting to be on par with them is a little silly.
    Then back to my original post. A 66.6% ratio, with limited players, against mostly top 5 teams is as good as can be expected.

  26. Reply to Timeo @ 4:23 pm: Whenever a world fifteen is put together people automatically look at the All Blacks and say most of their players will or should be in there.

    The reason for that is due to their collective play which make each and every player look great, however put Habana in Savea’s shoes or JP Pietersen in Corey Jane’s shoes, Frans Steyn in Ma’a Nonu’s shoes, all outside of Dan Carter where they get opportuntiy to run ball in space and they will all be better players.

    Put Bismarck Du Plessis, Eben Etzebeth, Frans Louw, Andries Bekker, Duane Vermeulen or Schlak Burger in their squad, and the same will apply.

    In my humble view the All Blacks are the sum of their parts. Dan Carter, Richie McCaw, Israel Dagg and Read are the stars, the rest aren’t much better than ours.

    They play a game plan that makes them impressive, and they are a settled team. But their individuals not that much better apart from a few.

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