‘AB’s are not thugs’ – Hansen


All Blacks’ coach Steve Hansen says his players are not thugs and claims they would not intentionally injure an opponent.


According to stuff.co.nz website, while Hansen was coy about pre-empting Andrew Hore’s punishment for the ugly swinging arm which left Welsh lock Bradley Davies hospitalised last night, it is clear the All Blacks expect their hooker to get a lengthy suspension.

“If there is an incident and if you’ve done it, you’ve done it. You’ve got to take accountability, ownership and responsibility for it,” Hansen said today as the All Blacks departed Cardiff for the final week of their tour London.

“But what are the mitigating circumstances around that?”

The immediate outcry to Hore’s act implied the All Blacks used thuggish, cowardly and disgraceful tactics. That perception in the northern hemisphere came to a head in 2010, after Keven Mealamu’s head-butt on Lewis Moody.

“That’s what happens every time we come up here. I think they think we’re thugs or something but we don’t play the game any different to anyone else,” Hansen said.

“We don’t go out there to do things intentionally.”

Hansen stanchly defended the All Blacks’ disciplinary record in the calendar year as he moved to add some perspective to the niggling issue that will surround his team this week.

“We’ve shown plenty of times over the last 12 months that we’re a disciplined side. You only have to look at the incidents that have surrounded Richie where we’ve not jumped in and made it a big scene,” Hansen said.

However, on the European tour that clean image and emphasis on discipline has been tarnished by Adam Thomson’s minor stomping incident in Edinburgh and Hore’s king hit on Davies in Cardiff.

“We pride ourselves on playing good rugby. Yeah we’re physical and we don’t take any backward steps and we don’t expect our opposition to do that either,” Hansen said.

Hore’s likely absence means changes are certain for the final Test of the season at Twickenham.

Mealamu has a history of problematic calf injuries and that could lead to a start for Dane Coles in just his fourth Test.

The frontrow could face further alterations with the All Blacks most capped prop Tony Woodcock carrying leg and hip complaints.

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  1. It is time someone takes the ABs on discipinarily.

    Hard to believe they’re the only Top Ten team that has never had a player red carded…

    Refs intimidated.

    Time is up.

  2. Burger Geldenhuys – Andy Dalton, 1986:

    Geldenhuys claims he was hit from
    behind. He thought it was Dalton.
    In the next lineout he broke Dalton’s jaw.

    It was rumoured that Craven gave instruction
    never to select him again. Selectors denied
    Geldenhuys next surfaced vs the World Team
    in 1989.

  3. Reply to Boertjie @ 5:06 pm:

    Met jou Boertjie

    My Oupa het teen almal van hulle gespeel en gereken dat die All Blacks was die grootste vuilgatte van die lot gewees en dan die Franse.

    Maar het het ‘n spesiale haat gehad vir die All Blacks.

    In een van die WO2 games het Felix Du Plessis (wie Oupa beskou het sy rol model as gentleman) vir my Oupa gepunt na Fred Allen en gesê

    Boet byt sy fokken hand af!

    Volgens Oupa was dit die enigste keer hy ooit vir Felix hoor vloek het.

  4. I hope they come down hard on him, that’s a real bad shot.

    And if one stops the clip at 0:32, you’ll see a real good example of illegal tactics by McCaw at the tackle.

    I don’t think the ABs are thugs, but I do think they are deliberate cheats.

    Perhaps Hore was, just like McCaw, trying to prevent a player from joining the ruck. The knock-out was incidental, the illegal tactics were not.

    Hansen should rather tell us whether he coach his players to play illegal like that or not.

  5. The posts here are generally balanced but also reflect exactly what was said in NZ yesterday that this incident would incite all manner of anti AB sentiment. Andrew Hore’s actions were unwarranted and even if the Welshman was entering the fray from an offside position this should have been left to the referee to sort out. Hore should not have taken on the law enforcer role. Whether the Welshman was knocked out by the hit or during the subsequent fall to the ground is immaterial and the majority sympathise more with the poor bugger who has landed up in hospital than with Hore who most conclude will get a lengthy ban whether it was out of character or not.

    I am keeping a low profile on this though as it is rather churlish for Saffers to make a noise about misdemeanors like this when one looks at our recent record of players taking the law into their own hands.

  6. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 4:59 am: Lol Bryce – old Horey likes his odd pint of beer but drugs don’t sit well with the tough sheep farmers in Central Otago where he comes from :pot:

    Rugby is not tiddlywinks as Tana reminded us and what got me and others revved up way more yesterday was the bloody biased cricket commentary we had to live through while Faf du Plessis and Morne Morkel heroically saw off the Aussie attack in the Adelaide test. How do you live with buggers like Ian Healey? All he needed was to start that horrible Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi chant during his biased one-eyed commentary. Bring back gents like Richie Benaud and Tony Greig and fire the amateurs I say.

  7. Did anyone watch the varsity sevens? Awesome stuff the final, played between Pukke and Maties. Went into extra time with maties finally winning. Very good skills by the youngsters.

  8. So now seeing as how my work is paying for me to study through University of Stellenbosch, I guess it’s yay my team won. Feels and sounds wrong for a guy from PTA, staunch Bulls, Titans and Tuks supporter.

  9. Hore is a dope – I’ve heard him interviewed. But I was expecting to see something far worse from the comments on it here.

    Now if it were Richie McCaw or someone on Samoa ( because that’s their MO) or ANYONE touching Messerschmitt-Willie LeRoux or his wonder-twin The Goose – I’d be braying for the gallows.

    But given that it’s Hore and knowing he’s a dim unmeaning sort….meh.