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Thank you for 2012


I have done so many of these I am wondering if I am blessed or a sucker for punishment!

But we have come to the end of another year, and again a very successful one for RuggaWorld and it’s time to say thanks.

I am not going to get all nostalgic on your asses, but I remember starting this site as a side project with a couple of like-minded psycho’s whilst still living in Namibia one December around 2005 – in fact, these days I am not even sure but Deon will correct me on the year.

Along the way we made some wonderful friends both socially and professionally but unfortunately, we also lost one or two along the way (rest in peace folks).

There were many times where we (the owners) said; ‘Fuck-it! I had enough, close the bloody site’ – but we always seem to pull through and come back!

Now we don’t do it for the money I can assure you (because no-one has ever paid us for any of this), we do it because of you, the readers and contributors, continue to come back and engage us.  So where I always thank you last in one of these columns, let me thank you first, because it is only because of you that we are still here.

To our friends, our readers and those who choose to engage in debates on this site, sincerely, thank you!

It is amazing to think that a site that started off as a hobby (and still is in fact) attracts over 20 000 unique visitors a month, has close to 6 000 followers on Twitter including an ever-growing Facebook page.

To our partners and sponsors who shares a like-minded love for sport and specifically rugby, your support over the course of 2012 and prior has been nothing short of awesome!  First on that list is Seth Hulley from Oakley South Africa who has not only become a good personal friend, but is always more than happy to part with some eye-wear every year for our competitions.  To Seth and Tshepo and the team over at Oakley South Africa who makes the best sports specific eye-wear in the world, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you and your families a peaceful and joyous Festive Season – stay cool bud!

Also not forgetting Daniel from Voltbet, Wayne from Gilbert SA, and Juan from Klipdrift Brandy who were all extremely generous in their support of Ruggaworld in 2012!  Thanks guys, you are all magic!

To all the folks at all the unions and clubs around the world who keeps us updated with media releases so we can keep our readers up to date, thank you for recognising that the RuggaWorld brand is not some piss-willy fly-by-night blog but that the folks running it is serious about promoting your brand positively through ours and that our readers deserves to know the uncensored truth from the horse’s mouth.

Lastly, but certainly not in the least, to my good friends Boertjie, Deon and David and their families who sacrifice a lot of personal time to bring us the stories and opinions, thank you guys, it has been one helluva ride so-far and I actually cannot imagine a day without this site.  All you hard work and sacrifices has made this possible, and I thank you.

I have to also mention the folks who contribute to this site all the time that breaks the boring tone we always offer you, Mike, Bryce and Brendon, your contributions are a breath of fresh air folks and I hope you guys will continue to contribute to this site in 2013 – along with any other individual that feels brave enough!

It is amazing to see how personalities have developed on this site over the years.  Whether we have met personally or ever will, each person brings something unique to this site and I am sure all of the other guys will agree with me when I say it is what makes us unique.  You don’t have to always get along, in fact, we almost never do, but the fact that we can debate issues in rugby and sport maturely and passionately is what we always wanted and somehow still managed to preserve.

To all of you and your families, thank you for a wonderful year, have an awesome (but not irresponsible) Festive Season and re-charge those batteries, 2013 is going to be a cracker!

Oh one last thing, and it’s something I could never say since we started this site so allow me this moment…


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  1. Hey Guys,

    Thanks a million for a geat site. I haven’t managed to spend as much time on the site this year as I wold have liked, but enjoyed it all the same.

    Hopefully we’ll see you all in 2013.

    Happy and safe holidays to all,


  2. Can but echo oLLies words!

    For sure Morne you and the gang must kEEp it going! Thank You for the eFFort!

    Congrats to aLL the Provins SuPPorters again!

    Hope everyone will enjoy a GREAT X-MAS 2012 and a very very gOOde 2013!

    Some on-field form from those gents in Oranje wont be tOO shaBBy at aLL!

  3. Ja my 2012 has been universally kak but all round thanks for the chats folks, thanks for the rugby, thanks for being good all round dudes and let’s see 2013 in with a smile and a hope for the better.

  4. Thanks Morne and the guys, hopefully the Boks will have a great year in 2013, and David and I can agree on something.

    Been interesting.

  5. Giddy-up 2013… may it be prosperous for all RugRuts… and may it become the year the AB’s (and the rest of the pack for that matter) cannot buy a win against the Boks…

  6. Thanks Morne. I still can’t figure out if you’re really Donner or not.

    I coulda sworn that YOC was Naka Drotske….alas, he is not – but that does not mean I don’t appreciate all his cheetah-ness.

    If that Mayan Apocaplypse thing happens – I look forward to meeting you all in hell

    If not I look forward to 2013 – which if I have my Chinese Zodiac right….is the year of the…Messerschmitt

  7. Thanks RW for an awesome and honest site. Good luck for the future and may you guys continue to grow.

    And Merry Christmas to all!

  8. Thank you Morne and all the other contributers. This site is a breath of fresh air as far as rugby blogs go. It is good to read some more constructive and less critical know it all opinions for a change.

  9. I can’t add to what PisMier – as he was known then –
    has said.
    In the end it is YOU – the blogger – that keeps us
    This site has done al lot to enlighten me and
    broaden my insights into the game.

    Here’s to all for a Merry Xmas, an eventful 2013
    and friendship.

  10. To all at Ruggaworld, have a blessed Festive Season and some good off time.

    We’re all rugby nuts, with our own opinions, and here same as at my possie, at least it happens with respect and dignity.

    Gooooi Mieliessssssssssss!


    Quote of the year Morne, quote of the year!

    Thanks to you guys and the effort you put into this site.

    All the best for the new year and have a blessed festive season with your families.

  12. Miertjie,Oudste,Oom D and all others
    Thank you for the endless hours
    And then some.
    God bless in 2013
    Ruggaworld ROCKS!!!!

    Fok WP man
    SH :mrgreen: RKS!! !!!!’

  13. If there is any online junkies
    See you at
    Modern Combat 3 fallen nation
    Sniper vs sniper
    A few saffas there alreadysmile
    Look for old Duiwel

  14. Hah oomD,no man,I still remember
    Rsm Landman at the bats saying
    “Kallie,vat hulle eenkant toe
    En fok hulle op”,
    everytime I hear SADF.
    The problem with multiplayer online games
    Is the server kicking you out.
    Both the above mentioned games have
    no such problems.
    They are very diffirent
    Mc3 very quick and busy and great graphics
    And maps
    And the sniper one great for
    Observation/reaction time
    I don’t play after sport cause I get mullerd
    But late night as opposed to telly(I only
    Watch sport)the rest in oenglish on the net
    News and such on the net
    They are both very addictive

  15. Nice game but slow online.

    Get 32, Bats or 61 Mech…. I’m a bit of a traditionalist so always 61…

    LOve the game though. They reallky got the mods right with the F1, III, Ratel, Oliphant and the troepe uniforms and weapons.

  16. As a matter of interest…

    Here we go for competition for rugby and even other sports.

    EFC Africa (our professional MMA organization) and in particular MMA is now the most widely watched sport television exported from Africa, being watched in over 110 countries whilst 4N and S15 comes in second being watched in just on 50 countries…. and PSL soccer third and ODI cricket fourth. To think this has happened in just 17 fight nights over a period of four years… is frightening. EFC started 2012 as fourth and with just five shows EFC 12 – 17 went from fourth to first in terms of television coverage and broadcasting rights. So in FIVE fight nights EFC beat out rugby, soccer and cricket as the most watched African sports event in the world.


    Scary stuff for rugby and other pro sports.

  17. Old Ruggaworld, my love and companion.

    Thanks for everything.

    If we were not all such a bunch of drunkards and losers and hotheads – and had we known even the slightest about the game, this site would have been Great!

    But we can dream, and 2013 will rock.

  18. Hi Guys

    Thank for all the nice chats on the blog. Still the best way to speak to people who love the game as much as I do.

    Let’s hope HM can build a nice team next year.

    Happy Happy to all and hope you all have a good festive season and proper 2013. I will be watching from Zambia buit wish I could have been in CT.

  19. Hi everyone, thanks for all the contributions and a big thanks to Morne, Boerman en die :Oos Rander: . I don’t have alot of time to post these days, but I do read.

    I pray everyone have a peaceful Christmas and a very prosperous 2013. Soos ‘n ou vriend van my altyd se: Mag die voorspoed jou verveel.

  20. Hoessit, Tjops.

    Ja swaer, bietjie stil my kant en vang net so die gatkant van alle rugby-dinge! Maar oorleef sover my 1ste wit Kersfees, was annerdag -15º – amptelik die koelste weer wat hierdie Duitswester nog beleef het.

    Thanks as always to PappaPiepieMier, onkel D, oom Boer, Donner, all the rest of the admin trolls, all the punters and of course the teams that provided the ups and downs in 2012. (Special thanks of course to Prrrrooovince for starting the silverware collection!)

    Anyhow, wishing everyone a blessed Christmas with family, friends or however you are spending it. Kuier mooi but please travel safe if you do.
    All the best for 2013 too, now that we know the Mayans’ abacus was calibrated incorrectly….I suspect it was a few coca beans short…


  21. Mayans were wrong, lets see if Bill Gates is better at it. 31st Dec 2099 is when the windows calender ends. Luckily we’ll be all dead then. He he looooong way to go. Anyway have a good 2013 and may HM the Boks be moerse succuessfull and may we have 2 of those 75-14 scores by the Bulls over the Stormers

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