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NZRU not keen on TMO powers


There is little appetite within the New Zealand Rugby Union for increasing television match officials’ powers for next year’s Super Rugby season.


The International Rugby Board’s rugby committee will on Friday review two television match official (TMO) trials in South Africa’s Currie Cup and the English Premiership, but NZRU boss Steve Tew said there were dangers involved in giving a TMO too much to do.
Match officials could become reluctant to make decisions, he said, and besides, viewing replays of incidents – such as the lead-up to tries – was time consuming.
“It’s a bit of an unknown,” Tew said. “It’s like anything else, if you bring something in it has to add real value.
“It does come at an extra cost, it does take more time, so to add value to the game, does it discourage the referees from making intuitive calls on the paddock which is actually what we pay them to do? Does it improve the experience for the fans or the TV audience? All of those questions need to be weighed up.
“There’s still a large number of decisions that are not clear cut no matter how many times you view them.”
Greg Peters, the chief executive of Sanzar, the global body which runs the Super Rugby competition, is also cool on the idea.

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  1. I agree somewhat… the game is slow enough as it is with scrum resets etc etc.

    Simply ‘force’ the Assistant Refs to be more a part of the game via holding them accountable for missing foul-play, PK’s, infringing etc etc after more education…

    They have been far too quite for too long…

  2. Geez Morne and Mug Punter, it is Christmas, stop been so mean to Ritchie and the World Champs. Scrooge would be proud of you miserable buggers – why do those who know a thing or two about rugby award the guy so much if he is so bad? As has been said before, it is the opendsiders job to play to the limits of what the ref will allow.

    Bryce, I think you have it right. There were occasions last year in the ITM cup here in NZ when refs went up to the TMO even when tries were scored right under their noses. As you state, this wastes time and ticks off spectators and armchair critics.

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