Kings responds to media speculation


The Southern Kings responded to media speculation that SA Rugby will not allow them to field more than 2 foreign players in their squad.


Following the article that appeared in the Rapport this morning, which states that SA Rugby have dismissed the Southern Kings request to field more than two foreign players, President Cheeky Watson wishes to state the following.

“The Southern Kings have not received any official confirmation from SA Rugby on this matter as yet, but we have no reason to disbelieve the report.”

“If this is the case, we will accept and abide by the decision of SA Rugby. We know that the region has never been fed with a silver spoon, and have no reason to expect any different going into our debut Super Rugby Season.”

“The path for this region to get a Super Rugby franchise has been fraught with challenges, and yet, despite all the odds, we have overcome them and Super Rugby is a reality, with our first game against Western Force less than a month away.”

“We accept that this opportunity comes from a loaded deck of cards, but the bigger the challenge, the bigger the task, the bigger the team and the overall success.”

“We will not be releasing any of our foreign players, however, as there are still ample opportunities within our structures for them to contribute.”

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  1. Oh now acting

    Ag shame poor us…

    We tried to build an Eastern Cape version of Barcelona and got f***kall

    But we expected it…

    How about a translation into real English

    We knew the rules but because we’re special we expected our ANC BEE connections to pull it off for us. This didn’t happoen and we’re horrified that Australia and New Zealand are such racists not to understand that going against what the ANC wants is actually treason…


    ps. Who is main jersey sponsor of the Kings?