Luke will miss Kings’ tour


The Kings will depart on the big adventure of their first Super Rugby overseas tour without their appointed captain Luke Watson.


The Kings will face the Crusaders in Christchurch on 23 March before facing the Hurricanes and the Brumbies on their tour.

“There are a few bumps and bruises that need assessment and we will look at those before finalising our tour squad,” said Alan Solomons, director.

“We have 35 players in the group that are on standby to tour and we will whittle it down according to who is fit. What I can tell you is that Luke Watson won’t be touring. He has visited a specialist and we won’t be risking him as he is not 100 percent fit.”

Asked if Watson, who received a blow to the neck against the Force and has been in discomfort ever since, would require surgery, Solomons said he didn’t think so.

“Surgery is something you always try to avoid if at all possible,” he said.

There were other injuries during the game, including fullback SP Marais, and Solomons said he was pleased with the way the replacements had come on and shown they could play Super Rugby, thus sending out a message about the depth available.

The Chiefs took five points from the game as they won and scored four tries, but their coach Dave Rennie acknowledged that his men were in a match afterwards.

“We should have put them away in the first half but they kept coming back at us and refused to lie down, so while we weren’t completely happy with our accuracy, you have to give the Kings credit,” said Rennie.

“They clearly play for themselves and are a well-knit unit and I can see them bowling over another team or two during the course of the competition.”

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  1. Reply to Craven @ 6:47 pm: I agree, it doesn’t bother me in the comments, but as an official post it’s in bad taste and out of character for Ruggaworld.

    Did anyone watch the Wales game? what a brilliant performance by the Welsh!

  2. Will support Kings while Puke is injured – will NEVER support team with him in. And I have no problem if anybody call him Puke – he was quite proud to express his puking feelings publicly.

  3. Eish, I hope some of you are either perfect or that those that know about your mistakes are forgiving. Life is too short to hold grudges for so long.

    “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

  4. Yup.
    Only, when I look at ghandis life
    It’s truly a message
    When I look at Watson’s
    I see a simple ignorant doos

  5. So what should this site call him? ?? He FULLY deserved and EARNED the name Puke Twatson…PLEASE keep on calling a spade a spade …They asked general (Stormin Normin) Schwartzkopf once if he can forgive the Taleban for 911 – he replied – forgiving is God’s job – our’s is to arrange the meeting…same goes for Puke – ..he made his bed – nou slaap jy in daai kots jou sleg etter!!! en ons sal jou herrinner tot jy wegtrek en nooit weer terug kom nie… Good bye en Good riddance!!

  6. Reply to Odin @ 9:52 am:

    Sheesh, you must study from the same text book as Davids when it comes to exaggeration. Comparing a terroris attack by flying planes into a building (killing thousands) and some youngster talking about puking on a rugby jersey.

    Perspective mate. Ever heard of mistakes, second chances, spur of the moment, context etc.

  7. Wie het jou aangestel as die moderator? – die verlyking is “beeldspraak” – Dumkopf! Daar is die wat saam met Puke Twatson is en die wat teen die kakhuis is…Dis baie duidelik waar jou sentimente le..ha! die lekker is jou ou kak spannetjie met Puke en kie gaan hulle gatte sien – sonder ‘n spieel – en ons gaan lekkkerrrrr kry daaroor!!! :pot:

  8. Reply to Odin @ 11:45 am:

    Absolutely nobody, so I don’t moderate, merely supply an alternate possible balanced viewpoint.

    And actually I am neither against nor for Luke Watson, I support the Kings. Which are actually touring without Watson at the moment, meaning you hatred is actually misplaced.

    & :Ollie: boys

  9. Reply to Odin @ 11:45 am:

    Nie so rof nie, Boet. Kom ons hou die
    debat op ‘n effens hoër vlak.

    Saru made a total mess of the way the Kings franchise
    was established. I feel for the players, who all
    seem to be giving their utmost best.
    On de udder hand, the Lions also got what was
    coming their way.

  10. Shees odin, relax boet. Dis nie ons werk om n ontmoeting met God te reel nie vir n begin.

    To not forgive and forget is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.

  11. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 1:26 pm:

    The Lions even had a few people in the stands!

    No idea what they are up to re the USA tour.
    That will be quite expensive . . .

    BTW I wonder if the Kings sponsor realises it
    is getting very little exposure on the jersey,
    with the Kings logo in the centre, taking up
    the space?

  12. Ollie, At first I thought I wont answer – but then again…So your viewpoint is “balanced” – and in who’se opinion is it balanced???Yours?? wow!!!
    Lets keep it to the rugby rather, I agree on that ..and I am not going to “crinch” because you play the “hate card”…that is your opinion again… Wow Guru!! Niemand het eendag opgestaan en besluit Puke is ‘n doos nie …hy het self bewys hy is ‘n doos…nou moet hy die gevolge dra – amen! Aldo – lees die konteks boet…vokkit please …niemand wil die ontmoeting reel nie – dit was BEELD VOKKON SPRAAK eish!!..Ek weet jy gaan nog nie verstaan nie – so …dis nie muy “job” om neer te val en te vergewe nie – dis al… :Rule 9:

  13. Reply to Ollie @ 11:02 am:

    It’s hyperbolic analogy Ollie. It is something you may have learned if you were educated at a university. It is use of a very big and clear example to illustrate a smaller truism.

    Certain things are not forgiveable in our societies.

    We execute serial killers and jail rapists for their whole lives. We make shop lifters carry a criminal record for their whole life.

    We take drunk drivers’ licences away fro life…

    We don’t forgive Andre Markgraaf his racism or that of Verwoerd…

    Want perspective…

    Well there I didn’t use Nazis… or go OTT

    And your whole theorem falls flat…


    Do you believe the book that says that judge not lest ye be judged?

    Second… our free democratic societies have a system of three tiers of power. Legislative that makes law, executive that impleents law and judicial that JUDGES WHETHER LAWS ARE OBEYED so uhum… there goes that one too… we judge ever day…

    When you think Pizza or Chinese? You’re judging… when you look at a model and reckon… Naahhhh I prefer a blonde not a redhead you are judging… Ever said someone is a poor rugby player because they [insert shortcoming here]…. is that not judgement? Of course it is..

    Ollie’s post right above this one.. judgmentalism….

    Just saying

    Double standards ROOLZ Okay!

    ps. Ghandi also said that Europeans in South Africa should use Indian labour because Indians were intelligent, hard working and industrious and not stupid, useless and lazy like the k****ers – and yes he used that word to describe black people… so yes… take the whole package… he also said Western Civilization would be a good idea when he came from a culture that forced married women to burn themselves to death on the funeral pyres of their husbands… and still practices caste class racism to this day.

  14. Reply to DavidS @ 4:15 pm:

    saying a rugby player does not apply himself and played poorly is an observation.

    In 2012 I said Spies is not applying himself and is poor and I would not want him in the Bok side, 2013 he is apllying himself and I think if he keeps this up the Bokke would be better off with him there. You see, I evolve my “judgement” if you like…

    BTW – you should know me by now – :pot:

  15. Reply to DavidS @ 4:15 pm:

    Thanks for enforcing what I already know, it’s just a little bit of overkill on the hyperbole part in my opinion, in context of course.

    Uh, my post above yours is judgemental????? WTF

  16. Okay, nie om die n gesprek van Geloof te maak nie, maar as jy n Christen is, is dit jou werk om te vergewe, Jesus het nie gesterf net vir my en jou sondes nie, maar ook vir die wat teen ons gesondig het. En nou is ek weer weg Odin, maar gaan dink oor dit.

    En Davids, ek glo in die Bybel en elke woord wat daarin staan. So wees kwaad vir my, doen wat jy wil, bring al die ‘bewyse’ teen die Bybel, ek weet in wat ek glo en dat dit waar is.

  17. jesus i leave SA for one day and already there is a bitch fight on ruggaworld?

    But what am I if not a giver of opinion so here it is:

    life is too short to harbor any ill against anything you do not have the power to change. It will just make you age quicker.

  18. Jip, ek is nie ‘n Christen nie, ek is ook nie ‘n Moslem, Boedis of enige iets anders nie – ek glo nie daar is ‘n ou (by the way blanke) man met ‘n groot wit baard wat in die stratosfeer lewe nie – daar is nie….ek “glo” dat ek hier en nou “ordentlik en verantwoordelik” moet wees sonder om te kots (lol) – ek kannie K@K aanjaag en dan vergewe word en alles is “honkie dorie” daarna nie…Rugby uit die aard van die saak is nou maar ‘n emosionele ding – veral in SA. Maar terug na die game toe…dis nog vroeg in die seisoen – die hele Kings ding is op ‘n ongesonde fondasie ingeforseer…en ek het gedog dit gaan oor “local is lekker” Daniel Adonga – niks teen hom nie lyk na ‘n formidable speler maar hy is nie rerig local” nie is hy? Gaan dit oor swart of oor local – geez selfs die Argentyne probeer hulle nou as “local” klasifiseer…buig mens die reels tot dit jou “pas”? Lower your standards – we are in a 3rd world country – mentalitiet??

  19. Reply to Odin @ 10:36 am:

    Seeing as you bring up the word “responsible”, would it be responsible for the Kings to throw a bunch of youngsters from their academy into the Super 15 and expect them to book results that would realistically give them a shot at staying in the competition?

    Grow up man, and look at the reality of the situation of the Kings. Would you actually have done it differently if you had the task of getting Eastern Cape rugby into the S15?

  20. mmm Jip ek sou…maar jou liberale sienswyse is te eng om dit te verstaan – en ek is in elkgeval nie lus om in Ingels te skryf nie…so einfach wie das!! Die punt is dit – is die reels vir almal BEHALWE die Twatson span afdwingbaar?…dis die punt! Volgende sal die skeidsregters seker “voorgee” soos in golf beginne blaas om die arme “baby” kings te akommodeer ?? – dan sal jy seker bly voel ne Ollie? :tpuke: