Goosen crocked, again


Reports from Australia suggests Johan Goosen tore ligaments in his knee and will require surgery.

Cheetahs team management confirmed to Rugby365 that Goosen slipped an tore cruciate ligaments in what was described as a freak accident.

He will return home on Thursday where a further decision will be made whether surgery is required.

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  1. Ai bliksem – he was just regaining the form that makes him the no. 1 flyhalve in SA by proverbial mile! :support:

  2. What a pity. The Cheetahs are going to miss him hugely.
    Who is their 2nd choice flyhalf? I hope it isn’t Riaan Smit,
    Would rather play Francios Brummer or even Hansie Graaf.
    Goosens injuries will cut his carreer short if it continues at this rate. What has in been, 2 serious knee injurie, 1 serious shoulder injury and a heel injury. Not looking good.

  3. Reply to Craven @ 1:16 pm:
    I don’t think so. Goosen tested positive for methylhexaneamine(a minor stimulant similar to caffiene)in the end of 2010. That is the same supplement Chilliboy and Bjorn Basson tested positive for. At the time it was found in a lot of supplements and some energy drinks. It has nothing to do with building muscle.

    Unless he is using steriods. If he is then he is using some mediocre stuff as it doesn’t look like he is building any muscle. Someone probably sold him oros and told him it is race horse steroids.

    In my view it is either a case of being fragile like Johny Wilkinson, or he was rushed back to soon after his previous knee injury. His knee might have healed but it could be a case of his leg muscles not being conditioned enough for the impact of Superrugby.

  4. Wow. The vultures are circling overhead & some have even started picking at the Goose’s bones.

    While many colleseium goers are braying for Ceasar to give the thumbs down to the Goose’s career – I’ll remind you that he is very young & will do so again when he’s announced for the WC squad.

    This is very sad & can’t help but think one Messerschmitt is very emotional right now.

    Givem hell Goose ! :wave:

  5. Reply to Americano @ 3:06 am:

    No methinks it’s more a case of frustration from fans…

    Cheetahs could do with Ebersohn still after his match-winning performance against the Reds… that Riaan Smit doesn’t look too bad though…

  6. The Cheetahs have spirit. Hopefully a bit of luck as well…but good coaching a-la Jake White…anyways – we hold thumbs – you make us proud Cheetahs

  7. Force were good against Reds… but they haven’t beaten the Cheetahs in two outings now… Goosen or no Goosen…

    Going to be bitter-sweet for Sias…

  8. It is more likely to be as a result of cortisone injections which many doctors use for their anti-inflammatory effect to get sportsmen back on the field as soon as possible. While they give good relief from tendon inflammation, multiple injections cause weakening of the tendons, loss of bone at the site, thinning of tissue, etc. This is a problem for high performance sportsmen as they will not/cannot wait for healing to be complete, with minor injuries for example taking at least 6 weeks to heal, as they need to compete at the next match/championship.