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Kings touring squad


The Kings have released their squad for their tour down-under, and as reported, no Luke Watson.

Southern Kings Touring Squad


Andries Strauss

Bandise Maku

Cornell Du Preez

Daniel Adongo

David Bulbring

Demetri Catrakilis

Elric Van Vuuren

George Whitehead

Grant Kemp

Hadleigh Parkes

Jaco Engels

Jacques Engelbrecht

Johannes Franklin

Kevin Buys

Marcello Sampson

Nicolas Vergallo

Ronald Cooke

Rynier Bernardo

Schalk Ferreira

Sergeal Petersen

Shaun Venter

Steven Sykes

Tomas Leonardi

Virgile Lacombe

Waylon Murray

Wimpie van der Walt


Alan Solomons

Bradley Mooar

James Fleming

Johannes Pretorius

Konrad Von Hagen (Dr)

Matthew Sexton

Omar Mouneimne

Philippe Doussy

Sydney Goba

Theunis Steenkamp

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  1. Ja. Kicking coach, ball inspector,
    liasion officer, discipline officer,
    transport manager, baggage boy, foot
    doctor, arms doctor, medical officer,
    physio, fitness trainer.

  2. Reply to Boertjie @ 5:03 pm:

    I don’t care how many they take, if that is what it takes to keep showing SA teams what “never giving up” means.

    Give some credit where it is due, try and drop the granite block on your shoulder, it might be enlightening (see waht I did there?)

    & :Ollie: boys

  3. Is Puke se gorrel nog seer? Mens speel mos nie rugby met nou keel nie …Aaaah tensy jy kots ook as deel van jou SA rugby opvoeding het…toer maar lekker – die “honeymoon” IS oor!!

  4. Yeah the Luke hating is so 2010… the guy has grown up… his father on the other hand…

    Yet to have seen him in a game so far though…

  5. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 10:08 am:

    Sy moer man!

    no matter how much he has grown up, he still remains an arsehole, I had some encounters with him in Bath, which absolutely confirmed his behaviour in SA, and justified the hatred he received by virtually all in SA (Afrikaners and English).

  6. Reply to Ollie @ 11:04 am:

    We met him in a social capacity through some locals we know in Bath. Strong personality, hence him being a good captain, but an ego that will make the sun shrivel away.

  7. Reply to Welshbok die Brandwag @ 10:17 am:

    For what it’s worth, also met him both professionally and personally. In both instances I was impressed by the person. Strong personality as you say, but that is what you want from a leader.

    I found him pleasant, easy to talk to.

    His dad on the other hand is a first class #%$^