Schalk contracts bacterial meningitis


Schalk Burger has contracted bacterial meningitis following an operation on his calf.

The latest setback for Burger means that if he recovers successfully, he will only be available for selection in about 8 weeks time.

The Burger Family released the following statement:

“We as a family herewith would like to advise all the fans, supporters, sponsors and employers of Schalk that he was yesterday afternoon diagnosed as having contracted bacterial meningitis following an operation to reduce pressure on a nerve that was influencing the performance of his calf muscle.

“Given a successful recovery, he will remain in hospital for the next 14 days and where after it will be at least another six weeks before he will be fit for playing.

“We would like to thank the specialists looking after him, and are doing a marvelous job, as well as everyone who has sent their best wishes, given the tough time he, his wife Michele and son Schalk are going through.

“We will issue a further statement as his condition improves.”

– The Burger Family
March 28, 2013

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  1. Jis but having just been in a private hospital I am seriously worried at the quality of private healthcare in SA…

    I was given a cardiologist as a specialist because there are no gastric specialists in our area… and the drip in my arm had to be reset three times because they did it so poorly. Since Friday, my bed was remade ONCE, and that was when I was having a shower yesterday as I was getting ready to leave…

    I am not surprised Schalk caught some foul brain bug in a private hospital.

  2. DavidS – they gave you a cardiologist – for a GI issue?
    Thats wild I hope you’re feeling better.
    Infections at -any- hospital, -any- country are a scourge.
    Glad its not that flesh eating Staph.
    Hope he gets better fast. Hard luck of late for Burger