Heyneke Meyer lashes out at breakdown lottery


Bok coach is very annoyed at Scotland’s brazen cheating and referee inconsistency.

From 365:

Scotland used negative tactics against South Africa, where they slowed down the opposition’s ball without referee Romaine Poite paying much attention.

“We need to standardise the breakdowns, because it is totally different on how the referees disagree [with the interpretation],” Meyer said on Monday.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in the northern hemisphere, and I knew what to expect from what I’ve seen and from speaking to the coaches there.

“I just believe if you want to have a good game and play attacking rugby you need quick ball.

“You will never get quick ball if the breakdown is not sorted out.”

The Springboks were particularly vulnerable around the fringes, which was also due to some underhanded tactics by Scotland.

South African defenders fulfilling the role of pillars around the rucks were often taken off the ball, which allowed space for Scotland to manoeuvre.

The inconsistent officiating of the breakdown by northern and southern hemisphere referees is a long-standing issue which has been raised by several national coaches in recent years.

Meyer confirmed that he will be taking up the matter with South African Rugby Union Referees Manager, Andre Watson.

Ja ja Heyneke…

Maybe if our forwards were hitting the flipping rucks en masse and not standing off like primadonnas in the backline waiting for crash ball we would not have to worry about ruck inconsistency because we’d be cleaning out our rucks properly in the first place!

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  1. When we play against the NH sides we need to change our game at the break downs, HM needs to know this. We can not have the forwards standing in the backline and not clearing it.

    A good team play towards the ref, so we should have played the way he saw the game go.

    What pissed me off was the off the ball shit which he was happy with. I do not know who the lines men were but they were useless. If they yellow carded the Scots earlier in the game the game would have settle down.

  2. Was Strauss on the wing ( or close to) a whole heck of a lot in that game or what?
    Love Strauss, just saying he’s out there quite a bit.

  3. This was a good game for the Boks to have. They will play NZ who cheat too, check the French game. Valuable experience.

    You can clear out but when the tackle player does not release all you have is rucking.

    As for the kick and chase and blocking that’s life but what is wrong is our mindset of giving away possession. In that case we deserved it.


  4. Surely the ref should be held accountable for a very poor performance. Players and coaches get sacked but refs get away with such shockers.

    Those pods or lurckers should be hitting the ball at pace or decoy.

    Enough bitching from me.

  5. WE can’t continue to blame the referees for teams cheating against us.

    If we are going to wait for a fair deal to win we might as well give up now.

    We need to take control of the things we can, and the numbers we commit to the breakdowns are one of them.

    We can wait for the referee to blow against players who block or we can remove them ourselves.

    We’re all beginning to sound a bit schizophrenic.

  6. Reply to JT_BOKBEFOK! @ 8:38 am: Well it aint going to be Marcel Coetzee, Kolisi and Spies as a combination.

    Spies these days are a flat track bully, Coetzee is like a headless chicken who realises he must do something so runs around but simply is not up for it, and Kolisi the only one who might make an impact has no chance with those two.

    We need Beef in the backrow, not Bambie.

  7. Reply to biltongbek @ 8:43 am:

    agree on that – Spies is bullied all over the park. There is no balance. I never thought I would say this but damn I miss Danie Rossouw!!
    Flo is ok but needs support, Coetzee is not it. I think Kolisi/Flo can work with a bruiser at 8 – Maybe Alberts?? I am no fan of Vermeulen but he is a damn sight better than sPiel!

  8. Reply to JT_BOKBEFOK! @ 8:57 am:

    Well you have to look at who we have lost.

    Rossouw, Burger, Smith, Bakkies and Vicki

    Now you have Kruger (25) who is not the most physically intimidating guy, Etzebeth (21) inexperienced, Kolisis (21) debut, Coetzee (21) poor, Spies (28) the most experienced incompetent international 8 in the game.

    There simply is no comparison.

  9. Start taking out the illegal blockers. If they are standing on an offside position – come in at pace and tackle them bacl over the ruck onto their own side – If the ball is slow coming out then send in the heavies to bruise a few of the blockers – Aim for their ribs – and try and break them – sooner or later they will get the message. Simples…


  10. Reply to Methos The French Stormer @ 9:23 am: totally agree make them miss their mommies.

    Take Strockosh as an example, he is a journeyman in Scotland, but he was up for the match, you only need to take him out a few times and he will sit back in his pod waiting for us to come at him, he got bolder and bolder as the match went on, because he was allowed to.

  11. Nice article by Gary Gold on Supersport site on the breakdown.

    Especially the bit on Bryce Lawrence and the analysis they did on him.

  12. Did you read the one by Brendon Nel?

    Van Graan suggests that they will adapt, he also says it is not always about numbers, true, if you run away from your support and you aren’t there to clean out then numbers won’t help.

    If you do get there in time though, man up and clear the ruck, don’t wait for the ball to come so you can also then get isolated.

    :Rule 9: