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True to form for Aussies

Digby Ioane is a desparate criminal on the run from the law.

This after he failed to attend a court appearance on an assault charge in Melbourne. Apparently Digby flapped someone in a bar after the Reds / Rebels match… The Reds have “stood down” the star winger fro his next match in mock indignation at his emulation of Australian culture. Get drunk, start a fight and fear courts… yep he’s an Aussie

Bizarre disciplinary application saves Scumoans

Scumoan dirtbags were at their very best against the Springboks this weekend, with late tackles and armless shoulder charges galore. Only one got into trouble for a transgression so obvious my mother in law lying in hospital recovering from a stroke who only has sight in her one eye could have called it.

The one that stomped Francois Louw’s face was not even “mentioned in dispatches” whilst the ball groper was let free with little more than a grin of sheepishness… had it been Bakkies fingering someone’s marbles his career would have been ended…

Horwill cited and cleared

As our Twitter friend Mindy Pawsey said… cue British media rags’ outrage in 5…4…3…2…1…

Pommo media squeal in horror as James Horwill was found not guilty of any wrongdoing… how strange of them.

Is there anyone who can play rugby in the stands?

Speaking of Aussies… geez but they took a staff hammering on Saturday? What was there some missing Scumoans secreted amongst the Lions? McCabe, Ashley-Cooper, Ioane, Leili’afano and Berryck Barnes were stretchered off. Jesse Moggs, George Smith from the Brumbies and Ben Tapuia have been SOSed into the Wallabies squad for this wekeend’s decider.

Ons must wonder if there are enough union players in Australia to make up a full team by the third test? I thought this crap usually happened to the B&IL not the home team… except in South Africa of course where we have such an inferiority complex we worship the Lions and let them play crappy “Invitation” sides instead of doing what Aus and NZ do and use hard non test games to whip the Pommos and write their players off.

No Global Season says IRB

The IRBs CEO, Brett Gosper says there are no plans afoot to create a global season despite the players, coaches and players unions begging for one…

Apparently the reason is that administrators “can’t agree” on a global season. Ja well maybe “administrators” should not be doing any discussion about a global season then. Let players and coaches decide.

Enland win JWC, Boks third

Baby Boks came from behind to annihilate NZ scoring 40 points in an hour… where the hell was this team last week?

England, whom the Bokkies despiteĀ  playing poorly after a 30 minute blitz, managed to win the thing. Surely something is wrong with the world and those global climate change ice bergs are on the way from the poles now that England and Wales contest the final of a rugby competition where South Africa and New Zealand were involved in…

Could the housebreaker be back

Robbie Deans reckoned that O’ Connor had a “difficult match” against the B&IL. Could Quade be back? Probably not. Quade burned his bridges there. Likelier is that suiplap Beale getsh called up tshoo be zhe flyhalf… sheesh… he flew through the twelve steps so maybe he’ll fly into the ten step… hopefully not the yellow banana he slipped on taking a crucial kick to win the game on Saturday… anyone remember Morne Steyn doing the same in the second test in Pretoria… silencing a stadium filled with red clad toffee nosed classist, public school buttwipes… pity Beale was not Morne Steyn…

NZ “new game plan” needs work

NZ coach reckons the “new” Kiwi game plan needs more work.

What you mean you’re going to play a gameplan that resembles rugby union? Without forward passes or loose forwards sealing off ruck balls and collapsing onto rucks from the wrong side to slow down opposition ball. Maybe then the other sides will have a fair chance of beating the Islands’ perennial cheaters.

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  1. This the one thing that I hate about rugby is the inconsistency.
    Really grab a guys balls but ban for biting. Rather bite me than a ball grab anytime.
    Then Census was on RWC semi-final meltdown trying anything to hit Coennie.
    Kicking a player is pretty kak and is a red card and making contact with a players face with the boot is really F@cked.

    But that swinging arm has had more dirty hits than Dewet Barry could ever dream of.

    Ironically the pass was a skip pass for an unmarked Habadonna who was in clear for the try. JJ Engelbrecht at least could read the game with such little international experience and JDV not.

    Feel for Kurtley, good player but battling demons. There are some awesome piss takes already in the email world.

    Full version of the Junior RWC Semi South Africa v NZ

  2. And with about half their team off to
    Japan, the Bulls are on the point of
    signing P-S du Toit plus one more from
    Sharks and Stormers. For the time being.

  3. Pieter Steph is good news Boertjie. Seeing as how the Bulls are leaking Boks like a municipal pipe, wee need some good signings for next year.