Horwill escapes the IRB’s attempted Bloody Azizes


Horwill will play despite the British media’s trial.

The Pommie media is having hysterics like a Mossad agent watching a plane take off with a wanted Arab terrorist waving from the window… or Max Du Preez hearing people laughed at his lecture about Zimbabwean land reform.

Independent legal expert from Canada, Graham Mew, ruled this morning that Horwill was correctly cleared despite the IRB folding like a pack of cards to British tabloid pressure. This brings to an end the British tabloid’s ridiculous attempts to get the Aussies to lose one of their best players and sets the Lions up for their next series loss to leave them with a 20 year drought…

In related news Lions skipper Sam Warburton is history due to a ligament tear…

Tough luck scumbags…

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  1. Man I am loving how sour the Poms on Twitter are about this…

    Will Carling and his little posse trying to rip into me is making it more fun…

    Light entertainment…

  2. far be it for me to want to argue with you more than what is currently the case, but what is your Twitter handle?

  3. Still a bit pissed off this side that some of the Samoan fornicators got away with all the off the ball crap.

  4. He should be banned like Gary Pagel/Tordo incident. You make contact with a players face with your boot you do time, same with the Samoan Player.

    The issue in rugby law. Have a good lawyer walk free.
    There was the Lions (RHODES) player taking a player AROUND THE NECK. The player got up and punched Rhodes 4 times but walked away. The law states you cannot punch let alone retaliate but it was deemed to ok. Really WTF!!!!

    If this was Baxxies the Ausssie press will be doing the same.

    Add a little spice to the game.

    P.S. He should get red for f@cking crying every time he wins a game. Sook.