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Lion Kings a S15 reality?


Despite their respective bosses denying it, the Kings and the Lions appear to be locked in negotiations about a possible merger into one team in Super Rugby next season.


According to a report in Thursday’s Cape Argus, rugby administrators from Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg are considering joining forces and forming a team called the “Lion Kings” for next year’s tournament.

The two teams are set to square off in two Super Rugby promotion-relegation matches after the Kings were confirmed as the lowest-ranked South African team in this year’s competition.

The matches are set to take place on July 26 and August 2, but would become redundant if the negotiations proved successful.

Lions president Kevin de Klerk and Kings boss Cheeky Watson have both publicly denied talk of combining, but sources with insight into the talks confirmed to the Cape Argus that both parties are exploring all avenues to avoid the prospect of relegation.

Furthermore, Kings coach Alan Solomons is believed to be packing his bags for a post in Europe and, if an agreement is reached, Lions coach Johan Ackermann is the leading candidate to guide the Lion Kings.

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  1. It will be a logistical nightmare. But probably the best way to get another competitive team out there.

  2. I agree biltongbek, but funny how now that the Kings have had their team, and are probably gonna lose to a Lions team full of confidence, they now consider a combo team, where last year they said no way. Now they stand to lose their place and they suddenly willing to talk.

    Having said that, it is probably the only way to field a competitive 5th team for SA.

  3. Reply to Aldo @ 4:27 pm: well that is politics and negotation for you. You first see what you can get away with, when the getaway doesn’t seem as clean as you expect you start negotiating.

  4. Reply to biltongbek @ 4:40 pm:

    that I know, doesnt mean I have to enjoy it though. Last year it was impossible to the Watsons, they demanded, now they received but when it comes to them fulfulling the next part of the agreement, they want to change the rules again. Protestor mentality

  5. Please, if this happens don’t call the team the Lion Kings. How unimaginative, and also feels very childish due to the movie :S

  6. hahaha Lion Kings sounds like a joke to me.

    I like the kings and more than happy to relegation type matches but some work will need to be done on making the team competitive as CC is way off the mark of S15.

    But fair relegation seeing the top team and not some political fakers posing in BEE/AA clothing. I hate these BEE/AA fakes and there are so many companies in South Africa who fake their concern for change.

    So flip flopping lying political hungry Watson Snr is doing the typical BEE/AA victim thing and getting promoted above better candidates who would do a better job and not even having enough black players to be even called transformation. You company would get a big fine if it were not so connected.

    All for the wrong reasons

  7. It will be very sad day when the Lions team have to be mixed in with the Pukesons Team. Very sad indeed. Well what ever is better for Puke snr will happen because he has the connections in the “new order” …At least the name “Lion-Kings” will tend to make any one puke fairy easy

    cest la vie!!