The World’s Schools in Union


Ruggaworld today launches an exciting Facebook campaign whereby we ask school kids and coaches and parents from around the world to post a picture of their first team rugby jersey on our Facebook page.

We will then compile a ‘digital quilt’ from all these thousands of jerseys, that we will donate to the IRB in the hope that they can print a giant Billboard to celebrate the 2015 World Cup.

We today ask that you, our readers, get the ball rolling and get as many jerseys loaded up here:

You can do so by telling anyone you know about this campaign and by tweeting and facebooking about it. The campaign will run until February 2015 and we hope to get at least 5000 pictures of jerseys loaded up!

You can help us achieve that and help us create something truly unique. We thank you in advance for your support!

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  1. for printing purposes the pictures should not be too small. Any picture in decent light taken with a smart phone will suffice.

    Obviously its easier for us to work with the picture if the background is white, but its not an absolute must.

    Its going to be great!

  2. Kudos – great initiative! Good luck, and I’ll try and find out if someone can rustle up a pic from this neck of the woods.