Dobson lauds new quota rule


326b2c5c89144106a36530bb2da6817a Western Province Vodacom Cup coach John Dobson has described the SA Rugby Union’s (SARU) new quota rule as “absolutely brilliant”.


SARU last month announced a new quota system for next year’s Vodacom Cup competition. Teams will be forced to field seven players of colour in their 22-man squads, with at least five players in the starting team, while at least two of the seven will also have to be among the forwards.

Dobson’s WP side were one of the few teams, along with Boland, Border and SWD who this season already reached SARU’s proposed targets. However, teams like the Pumas, Golden Lions and Griquas were serial transformation offenders, often selecting only two or three players of colour in their match squads.

“I think this new rule is absolutely brilliant,” Dobson said in an interview with the Cape Times. “I think teams in the Vodacom Cup this year tested everybody’s patience. When we played the semi-final against the Lions, they had two players of colour in their team, and the same with Griquas in our quarter-final.

“I think rugby has to be very careful about testing rugby’s administrators and government’s patience if they continue fielding all-white teams, especially at development level. That’s what the Vodacom Cup competition is – it’s about tomorrow’s Springboks today, and if you play a team which has one player of colour, then I can tell that it sat very uncomfortably with WP in the Vodacom Cup playoffs.

“I’m sorry that we have to count to show that we have the high ground at least, but we fielded at least seven or eight players of colour in our match squads.”
Dobson went on to say that he “didn’t like quotas”, but it is necessary if transformation doesn’t occur naturally.

“It is better than having no players of colour in a team. That’s just not possible,” continued Dobson.

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  1. @Jacques Nortier:

    Only what, 10/12 clubs in the premier league and of that only the top 6 are really competitive?

    It is tough for everyone – WP is helped by having two Universities in Varsity Cup however – that is a huge advantage over any other union.

  2. 18 years after liberation and we need to do this now? Players are been penalised for the incompetence and corruption of politicians. This should have been the year we proudly announced it was over!!!!
    Besides entitlement attitude and stigmas, to be the best we have to play strength versus strength.

    I still want to know what is the criteria for been a quota?

  3. Quotas are as bad as demographic representation.
    The WC has 70% coloured folk, yet the ANC wants
    only 7% representation in Correctional Services –
    following national demographics.

    Some provinces just don’t have black players of
    note, plus no money to lure and train them.

  4. @Boertjie: What defines you as coloured? Ethnic African yes I can understand. Since it takes a mix to make coloured then are there percentages? Cos I know people who are by definition but up bringing, cultural and appearance are not.

    Sadly this is a political failure of the last 18 years punishing those on race above ability just like Apartheid.

  5. I think you guys are missing his point. How can one of our top 5 unions like the Lions, in a competition like Vodacom Cup, which was expressly created for development, field a team with only two players of colour?

    The reintroduction of “targets” or “quotas” or whatever was inevitable in the light of this. At Vodacom Cup level, not making the effort to broaden your player base is inexcusable.

    At Bok and Super level I am all for the mantra of picking the best 23 players for your matchday squad, but for development competitions they have no excuse, absolutely none.