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Great Falls Rugby Club
Development of the game is something all of us needs to be a part of. This can be in helping out at TAG rugby for the little ones or getting involved in coaching for junior or senior teams. If you are really desperate you can even get involve in refereeing. One such man is Gary Coetzee who is putting his mark down in the USA with the Great Falls Rugby Club.

Gary Coetzee have been a regular on Ruggaworld but not many know the good work Gary is doing in the USA, the club started with twenty two players in 2011 and have over ninety two registered players with the club now.

Here is a bit of back ground on the good work that has been done with Great Falls Rugby Club.

This past summer, there was new group marching in the Fourth of July parade – 40 or so kids and parents affiliated with Great Falls Rugby. The Eagles even brought along a candy tossing mascot. Reaction to the new organization varied. “I didn’t know Great Falls had a rugby club;” “I want to sponsor you next year;” and “Do those little kids tackle?” were all overheard. The answer to the later question is, “not the little ones.”

Great Falls Juniors

The club’s first appearance in our community’s annual, patriotic event was (in a way) symbolic of a breakthrough year. Under the leadership of head coach, Gary Coetzee, and with the financial and laborious support of numerous parents, coaches, and community businesses the club has begun to make its presence known to Rugby Virginia and the greater Great Falls area.

Every age group from U7 to U19 placed either 3rd or 4th in Rugby Virginia’s annual summer tournament. This was quite an achievement for a three years young club competing in a Commonwealth-wide, USA Rugby sponsored organization.

The club proudly displayed their new kit this season, a major improvement on the previous seasons. Each player received a top quality sublimated practice jersey, and matching (custom) shorts, socks and a ball. In addition, the club provided match jerseys for each team at all games. No other club in the Virginia league has managed to match this. “It is important to build a sense of pride and achievement amongst the members and parents of the club,” said Coach Coetzee. “We want our kids to wear their jerseys outside of rugby and encourage their friends to join!”


Founded in 2011 by Buzz McLean, the club’s first year was marked by a grassroots spirit among a mere twenty-two players. This year Great Falls Rugby has ninety-two registered members ranging from age 5 to 19. Coach Coetzee would like to see registration soar past 140 in 2014. “This is an ambitious but achievable goal,” he said.

“The problem is that for the younger age groups we are purely a summer sport competing with swim team and family vacations.” The sport also competes with a perception of violence. But, those who know the game see a youth program that teaches teamwork and provides an exceptional workout.

The younger age groups play “touch rugby.” In this version of the game if a player is tagged below the waist he may take two steps but then must pass the ball. Tackling starts at age 11.

According to several studies, the concussion rate in tackle rugby is, surprisingly, lower than for American football. This is due largely to the style of tackle. In fact, some football programs are now promoting and educating young players on rugby style tackle techniques in an effort to reduce injuries.
Looking toward the 2014 season, the Eagles seek opportunities to promote the club throughout the Herndon, Great Falls, Reston, McLean and Sterling areas.

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  1. Thats a great write up for what seems to be a very ambitious young club. Maybe Ruggaworld should try and get a game organised between those softies at Innsbruck and Great Falls?

  2. Jacques thanks so much, really appreciate it. Passing this to all my members & contacts! Innsbruck could be a tour-destination some time in the future! THANKS!

  3. @garyj1-Bulls:

    Would love to host you guys! Best time of the year would probably be mid September because then you can take advantage of the Octoberfest in munich and others in the area! The smaller Octoberfests in smaller towns are often better than the over run one in munich… Just an idea

    Anther time would be end of March/April – you can then take advantage of some skiing/snowboarding!

  4. Methos still with Bedarrides? How is the season looking?
    Hey looking at your site I see someone I played with in Marseille, believe it or not. Fabrice Sargeant. He cant still be playing, no? Ye gods! He’s over 40!