Jafta, Roos not ‘suspended’, just removed!


jafthaReferee Jason Jafta and TMO Willie Roos won’t feature in the next few weeks of Currie Cup action, but neither official has been suspended.

By: Jan de Koning

Social media has been abuzz with rumours that Jaftha has been suspended for three weeks, apparently as a result of some howlers by the match official during the Sharks’ 31-25 win over the Lions at Ellis Park last Friday.

The same people on these social networks also claimed that the TMO, Roos, has been suspended, after some poor performances in recent weeks.

“It is nothing unusual that referees are removed from, or added to, appointments, within our structures,” AndrĂ© Watson, the Manager of Referees for the South African Rugby Union, told this website.

Watson explained that some of the appointments were made well in advance, months in some cases.

“However, as we get closer to the business end of the season we have a system of appointing the best referees for the important matches and that will reflect in the appointments for the next few weeks.”

While Jafta and Roos’ errors may have cost them a place in the list of appointments, it is a far cry from being “suspended”.

And while Roos’ form may well have cost him a place on the list of appointments, his situation has been complicated by the fact that he is no longer available as a result of another commitment.

“Just like coaches make changes to their teams, we have and will continue to put out the best performing officials.”

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  1. Sorry Andre, but if a referee is taken off the panel for the important stages of the competition, it means the same as being suspended, just another words that you use.

    All in all I am glad we won’t see Mr Roos in the rest of the CC, he is poor even as a TV official.

  2. @Boertjie: Oom I really through he is close to go s step up to Super Rugby next year, he communicate nicely to players only thing that did irritate me from time to time with him was that he was very technical sometimes, but that is his right to be not his fault that other refs let certain things go and then we get use to that rather than what the law state.