Meyer hopes ABs are punished


MeyerSpringbok coach Heyneke Meyer says he hopes the All Blacks are punished appropriately if they employ negative tactics at Ellis Park on Saturday.

By: News24

In order to win the Rugby Championship, South Africa must beat New Zealand with a four-try bonus point and at the same time prevent the Kiwis from getting any bonus points themselves.

The Boks will therefore be out to score tries and will be hoping Welsh referee Nigel Owens is up to the task of punishing perpetrators where necessary.

Australia coach Ewen McKenzie recently accused the All Blacks of deliberately conceding penalties when the opposition are on the verge of scoring.

And it’s here where Meyer is hoping Owens punishes the All Blacks.

“The officials (picked for the match) are very good. We really want to score tries, therefore I hope there are yellow cards,” Meyer told the Beeld website when queried on possible negative tactics from the New Zealanders.

“We want quick possession, but then we also need to take our chances. But there simply has to be good officials in order to do that.”

Meyer also said he hoped Owens gives them a fair shot at accurately employing their driving maul from lineouts. The All Blacks are notorious for pushing players in the lineouts in an attempt to halt a possible driving maul.

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  1. Fairly rich of Meyer to hope for cards when its usually us who end up getting them.

    We come in from the side and spoil ball on he ground as good as any other team. We also splinter off mauls and never get penalised. No. This is rubbish talk.

    Lets go and score 4 tries using every weapon at our disposal and most importantly with a positive attacking mindset. None of this ‘lets give them the ball and see if they make a mistake so we can kick for goal’ rubbish.

    If we go out there to play we can win this game.

  2. @Brendon: The Difference Brendon is that we do get cards and the NZ do not, it was the same against the Pumas last weekend.

    They just get away with repeated offences.

    They are always playing for penalties in their own 22 rather than to let a try through. Most teams against them then go for 3 points.

  3. @Jacques(Bunny):

    I comment on this often even in CC games. The amount of teams who infringe in the red zone to give away a penalty instead of a try is becoming a problem. The punishment for red zone offences should be more than a mere penalty.

    Still, I see many instances where the Boks tactics around the breakdown is not all clean and very often when on attack we dont get blown for it either.

    In the last kiwi game I felt they were blown up a lot more than we were for breakdown offences.

    No. We need to stop looking for all these excuses and as a team create more scoring chances. We dont create enough and we dont convert the ones we don create. No-one else but us us to blame for this.

  4. We did not get carded for repeated infringements if I remember correctly,
    In the last few games it has been:
    Alberts deliberate knock down twice
    Flip – elow to the face
    Bismark – elbow to the throat

    Not mayn teams got carded this TRC for repeated infringements…

  5. HM is losing credibility when he starts quoting Ewen McKenzie to aid his cause. When McKenzie coached the Reds they became masters at preventing the opposition from scoring by conceding penalties in their red zone. He is not taken seriously outside of Aus especially when his side has taken 2 hidings from the All Blacks this year.

    Bunny you have also been taken in by McKenzie and Meyer if you seriously think the Argentinians lost because of the “Cheating” All Blacks. Think about the facts first. The All Blacks spent more than 5 minutes in the Pumas 22 to score their 4 tries, while the Pumas spent a miserly 52 seconds in The AB’s 22. So where were all these game saving penalties conceded by the AB’s in 52 seconds. If the Pumas could have scored 1 try in that time it would have been a lot. It is all just coach talk ahead of a game that he has to win with 4 tries and without conceding a bonus point. Don’t get fooled by it.

  6. HM has at last learnt to do what every other coach have been doing for years.

    Use the media to make the referee aware of opposition tactics.

    About time we do it.


    INTENT, it has everything to do with intent.

  7. @biltongbek: Yep you are right but good referees are only too aware of this and won’t be swayed by it. Of course one-eyed supporters are another thing and will be baying every time they perceive some penalisable offence and this apparently can influence some referees. Maybe Meyer is trying to whip the supporters up into some sort of frenzy with his comments?

    Head games played by many coaches as you say but it smacks of desperation.

  8. I have seen nothing by the Pumas to
    give me much hope for them in the Championship.
    Their backline penetration is even
    worse than that of the Boks.
    OK, the may beat the OZmob this weekend,
    and I hope they do.

  9. The day one of the All Blacks’ Samoan thugs gets a red card and they lose by fifty points to us or anyone else for that matter their little bubble will have burst and all other teams will be able to compete on a level playing field against them. Then stop them doing that stupid little dance before games…

  10. @Boertjie: No he means we should accept we’re playing against sixteen players one of whom is solely responsible for making the rules always against the All Blacks and then blame our own kak rugby prowess when we predictably lose against the sixteen.