SARU ensure players stay in SA



Ten Springboks awarded long-term contracts


The South African Rugby Union (SARU) on Monday confirmed the names of 10 Springboks who were awarded long-term national contracts in August this year, which will see them remain in South Africa until the end of 2015.

 SARU CEO Jurie Roux said this was the first step in ensuring a core of top players remain in South Africa, and that the process of contracting more players for 2014 and 2015 is already in place and will be completed in agreement with the South African Rugby Players Association (SARPA).

 “This is all part of our long-term planning to ensure we retain key Springboks in South Africa as we prepare for the Rugby World Cup in England in 2015,” said Roux. “The door is by no means shut for any other players to be awarded national contracts for the next two seasons.

 “To us, it’s important to do what is best for the Springboks and South African rugby. We are doing everything in our power to keep players in South Africa and reward them accordingly. The players, through SARPA, are fully part of the process to ensure the best possible workable model of remuneration.

 “Obviously we have some limitations. We’re working with the provincial unions, but times are tough financially and in some instances we simply can’t compete with what players are offered to play abroad. We’re also not in a position to contract 40 to 50 top players, although it would be ideal if we could do that.”

 The 10 Springboks who were awarded long-term contracts are Willem Alberts (loose forward), Jean de Villiers (centre), Bismarck du Plessis (hooker), Jannie du Plessis (prop), Eben Etzebeth (lock), Siya Kolisi (loose forward), Tendai Mtawarira (prop), Frans Steyn (utility back), Adriaan Strauss (hooker) and Duane Vermeulen (No 8).

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  1. On the other hand, very revealing that Pat was not offered a long term contract, final proof that he is not part of Heyneke’s long term vision?

    I would imagine someone like Pietr-Steph needs to play a bit more for the Boks before he gets offered some kind of contract?

  2. @Craven:

    This is bollocks really…

    These Boks (bar Kolisi) are already contracted as are many (some that cannot make the side)…

    The best Boks are not even playing in RSA now… and don’t need to…

    And can someone please explain how a guy like Kolisi, who is not sure to start in his S15 side now Burger is back… and cannot get a start in the Bok side… now gets a ‘long-term’ contract?

    Hmmm… bollocks to all of the above methinks!

    Ban foreign players… and contract THIRTY of the best players on different tiers of remuneration… on top of having a ‘real’ Emerging Boks side like the Saxons and NZ Maori!

  3. interestingly, Francois Steyn is in the long term mix. Hopefully @ 15?

    Better start polishing that right boot for 50 = meter dropgoals, ideally achieved from fullback with a bit more space and time to line them up.

  4. @Welshbok die Brandwag:

    I so hope Heyneke sees Frans’ future at fullback. But if the Sharks insist on playing him at 12 that may be difficult to achieve. Frans must also think about this, with JdV seemingly there for the long haul along with Jaque, his starting opportunities at centre will be limited while he can make the fullback berth his won.

  5. @Boertjie:

    On Spies, having him come on as a sub in the 7 position along with Willie and JJ could just be what the Boks need to make them up the pace in the last 20 minutes.

  6. @Craven:

    Paid match fees and squad fees.


    Union contracts also play a part, Pat will be contracted just not for 2 years.


    Nope, status quo remains in that department. This group mentioned above is guaranteed to stay in SA until after the next RWC.

  7. Obviously a move by Bulls-Worshipper Zee Meyer to get M-WLR to fly off to an overseas club – weakening the Bulls rival Cheetahs while still retaining his magic for the national side.

    Can Meyer really expect to have his cake & eat it too???

  8. @Morné: Morne it is a very dangerous game SARU plays if they do not contract certain players due to the fact these players have contracts with their unions.

    We see everyday Players getting released by their unions because they get paid big bucks for them.

    SARU needs to contract more players so that we are ensured that the players will firstly play in our competitions and secondly stay here.

  9. @Morné: Morne, If SARU contract the top 15 with them, I am sure SARU can force these players with the Bok contracts to stay in SA structure which will help unions to keep them as well.

    If SARU can contract the top 15 players we at least keep the core team HM wants to build for the WC, isn’t it?

  10. @Jacques(Bunny):

    Additional contracts will still be signed, it just won’t be for 2 years.

    The contracts above is basically the whole forward pack. Our front row plus an extra hooker, Eben, and all our current loosies (except Flo of course).

    Then add the captain and Frans Steyn and that is a pretty strong base or core for the RWC.

    Also, if you read the comments from guys like Fourie du Preez, Jaque Fourie, JP etc (overseas boys) – all of them are pretty keen (and making an international comeback) for one thing only, RWC.

  11. @Morné:

    on JF and FdP – they are clever, why work your ass off in the S15 when you get selected and have half the games at half the intensity at their age.
    If they played a full season of S15 rugby before the RWC they would probably end up injured :roll:

  12. SARU will only be able to run a pro outfit
    if they cut back the useless unions by making
    them part of the franchises. (Luyt cut them down
    from 23 to 14.)

    We have 14 unions with equal (2) votes, i.e. Border,
    Pumas, SWD etc. carry as much weight than the Bulls,
    Sharks etc.

    The 14 unions get an annual hand-out of R7,4 million
    and the franchises an additional R6,6 million. Imagine
    the amount of players that can be contracted by that
    R7,4 x 9 = R66,6 million.

    Yet SARU is forced to keep the country unions going
    on top of being owned R25 million by them.

    As it stands only 10% of SARU’s annual income of R688 million
    goes into the male Springbok team – the guys delivering the

  13. @Boertjie:

    That is something I could never understand, a case of the tail wagging the dog. I see the same thing at WP where the clubs wag the dog.

    My proposal would be as follows: We should have 8 fully professional unions which would also be the teams taking part in the Currie Cup (WP, Lions, Bulls, Sharks, Cheetahs, Griquas, Kings, Pumas). Geographically these teams would also cover most of the population centres.

    For Superugby Griquas can combine with the Cheetahs as is currently the case, and the Pumas can fall in with either the Lions or Bulls.

    Also ditch the Vodacom Cup and give more prominence to the Club Championship and Varsity Cup. If we pump more money into Club structures this can serve the development role that Vodacom Cup seems to be earmarked for.

  14. The number of clubs that will be part of this will have to be decided of course, but will have to be limited according to number of players in region and population.

  15. @Craven:

    So how does a smaller union get into the old boys pro club if they want to? Or is this structure just for the self selected few :whistling:

    We need a relegation/promotion system where teams/unions etc can climb the ladder and others who f-up drop down the ladder!

  16. No, we need to close down/incorporate unions
    that contribute very little and suck up the
    money that should be spent elsewhere.

    Het jy nie gelees nie?


  17. @JT_BOKBEFOK!:

    Why should we have 14 unions in SA? WHat about all the other unions that do not exist anymore like Stellaland etc? Why should we not bring them back and then they can have an opportunity to advance up the ladder and maybe end up playing Currie Cup?

    The game is professional now and we cannot continue supporting 14 professional unions. Keep the number at 14 if you want, but the non Currie Cup playing unions cannot be professional if they have to be supported and bailed out by Saru constantly.