Heyneke: I need help!


Springbok coach Heyneke Meyer says they must hold a national brainstorming session to figure out a way to beat the All Blacks.


South Africa ended 2013 with 10 wins out of 12 following a 19-10 victory over France in Paris on Saturday night.

However, their two losses this year came against the world No 1 team who Meyer is yet to beat since he took charge of the Boks in 2012.

“There must be an overall strategy put in place to make South Africa the best. I can’t do it on my own,” Meyer told Die Burger’s website.

“We’ll have to hold a big planning camp to decide what it will take to get South Africa to the next level.

“For example, every coach in New Zealand would be able to tell you exactly what areas they need to work on.”

Meyer believes tactical kicking and conditioning are the two areas the Boks need to work the hardest on.

“New Zealand came together in 2009 after the All Blacks lost three times to the Springboks. They came to the conclusion that they could only beat us with better tactical kicking. They then recruited Mick Byrne as kicking coach.

“If you look at the game at Ellis Park (earlier this year), they kicked 42 times and we 21 times. We broke the line 19 times and scored four tries. They broke through seven times and scored five tries.

“The big thing however is that they can beat you with clever tactical kicking. You can’t beat them by running with the ball, because they are fitter (due to better conditioning) and you can’t floor them with kicking. If we don’t work on our conditioning then we’ll struggle to beat the All Blacks.”

Meyer also said South Africa must try find a uniform style of play for all teams, from junior levels right up to the seniors.

“For example, the under-20 team must have the same playing style as the Boks. If Pieter-Steph du Toit was schooled in the same way in the lineouts, the he would have been able to slot in seamlessly with us,” said Meyer.

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  1. FOr sure he needs the money driven Unions with their coaches to buy in his plan and work with him with the players he got in mind.

    They also need to help him to rest our senior key players during Supershit and not play them into the ground like they do now.

    That is the difference between us and NZ

  2. Play like the Irish in their first half
    Quick precise skilled running at speed,
    Quick release and feed
    As opposed to hyping up your “physical”
    Play the game at speed .
    Have loosies who put the ball available without
    trying to show the world how tough they are.
    Wil almal more maar Kry die meeste geel kaarte van enige nasie.

    Stop this mediatisation of the fkn mediocre
    and play the game.

    That means learn how to pass and offload at speed
    and running into space and recycling
    As opposed to kick and fkn hope-our speciality

    Get a real back line and get rid of those two
    prehistoric defensive geniuses that cant pass or catch a ball
    on centre,.

  3. Look on the stats against richie Mcaw
    On turnovers first half.
    They took the ball that quick and clean
    Mcaw looked with wild eyes!
    He couldn’t fkn believe it!

    The Irish didnt hype
    the didnt tal about or
    try to be tough ,
    They played rugby at speed
    And FKN BLEW the All Blacks off the pitch.

    and Meier still wants to BRAINSTORM ?????
    Is he totally fkn blind
    or too into himself too see the obvious?

    Must we all bow to the Bok media machine?
    Fuck them.
    I have been watching four games here
    and I saw nothing but the same .
    New faces boshing it up as opposed
    to PLAYING rugby.

    All 15 all blacks can run at speed ,pass and offload.
    Are they Martians?
    Why are we struggling to simply catch the ball at speed?
    Too dumb?
    Ball skill stupid?
    Is there many men with two fkn hands?
    When are they going to show me
    The professional stuff?
    The stuff they getting paid fkn fortunes for.

    So far I’ve seen forwards being simply this.

    They didn’t set europe on fire
    they were the cheap guys All Blacks

    For some thats enough
    And so be it.
    And I’ll try a smile and nod along.
    Fkn ja broers.

    That springbok means something.
    4 nil se gat

  4. @Duiwel:

    Right. As I mentioned elsewhere:
    It’s not the style we play – it’s the
    poor execution of the style we want to

    And I’m still with HM: We need a brainstorming
    session with everyone agreeing to what we want
    to play and how to achieve that.
    And it’s much more than just resting players.

  5. Our biggest issue I saw this year was our inability to adapt and think for ourselves.

    When Meyer said to the aboks at Ellispark go all out on attack, we forgot about our defensive organisation. Hell, we forgot to tackle.

    When Meyer said kick and chase against France and Scotland we forgot to vary our points of attack.

    When Meyer says play territory we forget to take our chances.

    We don’t read the situation.

    We have proven we can attack, we have proven we can play territory, kick and chase and defend.

    We now need to put it in balance.

    Oh, and get fitter

  6. It’s not the style we play – it’s the poor execution of the style we want to play.
    Spot on.
    And will someone give the next guy to kick possession away
    on a aimless,up and under pray to god
    a am se PK

  7. @Duiwel:

    Even our highly rated loosies can be mentioned.
    Theyre good, but one dimensional and predictable.
    And none comes close to Kieran Reid.
    Maybe theyre also playing under instructions – will we
    ever know? Nobody has the guts to ask HM and publish.

    That’s one reason I enjoy McGregor’s books. Unlike
    the rugby scribes, she can speak her mind without
    fear of any retribution.

  8. Maybe he should think of how the All Blacks view the Boks? These are comments that I hear often in relation to the Boks.

    They are not as fit as us.
    They play 10 man rugby.
    They are big….and lumbering.
    They are slow to get to the breakdown.
    They kick too much.
    Their ball handling skills are poor.
    They have poor discipline.
    They fall off tackles.
    They’re dumb.
    Their ref bribes are not big enough (just joking!)

    Their line out is one of the best.
    Their set pieces are good.
    Good defence.
    Good kick and chase.
    Good aerial skills.
    Morne seldom misses.
    Endless numbers of big players.

    They know that with patience they will tire the Boks out and then take the ball wide and get their tries. They score when they have the opportunity whereas we waste many opportunities through dumb moves, poor passes, poor handling (hanging on to the pass), repetition of the same things that haven’t worked before, etc.

    In a nutshell – We broke the line 19 times and scored four tries. They broke through seven times and scored five tries. – Why? Because they have so many support players on their shoulder to off load to rather than going to ground or getting isolated….and this is all done at speed time and time again.

  9. Interesting. So how on earth did Jake and Nick managed to beat the All Blacks? The Maaier bende / praise singers will argue that the game moved on, but Jake and Nick were actually LEADING the change. Maybe Meyer is just not good enough on this level – maybe something more than “player management” is required?
    Suddenly Meyer’s first year is now our benchmark of Bok rugby – so compared to that we had a good year of course. But as many of you say (and it’s quite obvious), our skill levels are consistently below par. That is supposed to be part of Coaching 101? Or is it “just select all the yesterday heroes and hope for the best”? Meyer’s strategy seems to follow that of Pivvy way too closely…

  10. Kieran Read = Messerschmitt-Willie of Loosies.

    “When Meyer said to the aboks at Ellispark go all out on attack, we forgot about our defensive organisation. Hell, we forgot to tackle.”

    This situation was set up by that crappy call in NZ. I apologize for doing this to you, but think about Soccer.

    Tell Germany that they only win if the score 4 goals vs Brazil – The krauts – like the Italians are reknowned/notorioius for their highly efficient shot down/control game. They normally score a goal then stall the game into submission or mistakes. Not making a judgement on this as the goal in International is to win not to make the nightly sport highlight show….

    Ya think the premise of scoring 4 goals vs Brazil wouldn’t readically alter the Germans approach to Brazil? Ya think that wouldn’t leave them wildly unbalanced for taking on such a top notch side?

    That is the circumstance that SA found themselves in. It was no litmus test. SA vs NZ was festival not test rugby.
    My premise from the start is that the SA team is radically different/dangerous with Messerschmitt Willie abilities of distribution.

    Definitely not last year’s Boks. The above can be plausibly used to say that indeed SA is undefeated in standard play with Willie on the pitch. That is likely to continue next year as well so Bunny’s post about going undefeated is not all that far flung….at all.

  11. @Bekke: No go and read the threat, 2013: Year for Bok milestones.

    You will see that this year compare with 1995, 1997 and 2007 Bok teams.

    HM is on the same win ratio as Nick, he has beaten every one in the top 8 except the AB. From last year to this year we improved against the AB as well.

    Cannot understand all this :” We are crap and will never get to beat the AB from”

    It is like talking in a circle with some people on this site. If you do not agree with statements then put your point across and discussed it.

    We do not all have to agree but we can damn well respect each other opinion.

    All the facts and stats shows that this Bok side has improved from Last WC and from last year, we score more tries our defence are better and we have a great group of youngsters that HM brought into the frame.

    All in all people like Bokkie Gerber wants to get reaction and does not believe to look at the facts before he make statements.

    If you believe the Bok side is kak bring your proof and state it, otherwise except the stats that is provided.

    To just hammer on 4-0 loses against the AB is like trying to convince the Pope that sex before marriage is ok.

    Nobody is saying we are behind the AB, I believe all except that. But to try and convince people that HM is kak, Bok team is kak, backline is kak and we will stay that way is just plain stupid as the stats for the past two years with HM shows a different story.

  12. 4 – nil
    No we are not behind…
    oh no.
    Next year we hope at beast
    For 5-1 because to beat New Zealand at home
    is the holy grail.

    What a load of bollocks.

    The most physical thing about the. Bokke
    and their best passing
    Is in fact
    The Bok media circus.
    If our centers or back line could pass
    The ball
    Like they can pass the buck
    We be no 1

  13. I would love for a Codessa type thing to take place where we all plot a way forward.

    Crusaders play like All Blacks and it makes sense. Chiefs a bit more daring and so too Canes. Difference is the players dont then go into their shells come test season to ‘play percentages’ because its ‘test rugby’.

    They just play the same style – now with best players in the land.

    Our ‘blueprint’ cannot be top-down dictated to by the Boks because they play a pragmatic style that in my opinion stifles many of south africas naturally playing attributes.

    We need to aspire to something bigger than just winning games by whichever means possible. Asking a Cheetah fan to watch Stormers rugby is hard enough.

  14. many will argue Willie has now proved he can be an international 15 because he can play conservatively if the situation demands.

    I counted at least 5 times that he opted for up and under when he had space and players outside of him. In my opinion he has therefore already been ‘coached out’ of the skills that make him the player he is.

    By then end of next season he should be another Kircher.

    This type of thinking is what screws our game.

  15. Small things like that I miss from our game today.

    we would have had another forward take that ball, or have it shifted along a flat backline. No one running from deep at pace.

    You cannot honestly tell me the Boks and many SA rugby franchises has not been ignoring these types of basic things?

  16. I hope in 2014 Goosen and Willie and Meyers once favorite son Sadie has a great season and changes the direction the Boks hope to take also.

    I also hope that we select at least one dynamic loose forward to link with the backline, but my fear is that Heyneke will forever prefer the Anton Leonard type cause it worked for him once.

  17. Far be it from me to critisise
    Herr Heyneke and the physical boks
    But with forwards like we have
    Its a shame we cant catch a ball at speed
    or run onto at speed
    Or offload at the tackle at speed
    As opposed to up and under and hope
    and the incessasant handling errors
    that is our game since 1998.

    We have one great,aging scrumhalf
    another who cant pass,kick,release quick ball
    or kick out consistently.
    the one who can is in france and
    won’t be considered.

    We have a mercurial fly half who plays well
    when it suits him
    of late ball slips right through his hands.
    His understudy cannot decide which position he wants to play at.
    After 30 odd caps.

    We have two centers who have absolutely
    no dimension except bosh it up
    They manage to catch it.

    Our backs have for more than a decade
    proven that they have had the rugby coached out of them
    and under pressure,at speed
    are unable to catch and pass a ball.

    Our coach who have acces to one of the largest talent pools
    In the world
    cannot manage to win one game
    In two years against the All Blacks.
    But hope for a win in the future.

    And all that means we are having a dream year.

  18. Duiwel I think the evolution of Bok play is now pretty much where it was in 2007. But our players are now older.

    In 2008 Snor tried to change course but made the fatal mistake of not changing his player personnel to do so.

    We have spent so much energy laying a great forward platform but one feels in the last 5 years not enough was done to now translate the good ball we get to an all out backline attacking weapon.

    It worries me that Heyneke sees tactical kicking and conditioning as the two big areas of concern when I see a 10/12/13 axis that does not create play, and a 2/6/7/8 axis entrusted with using most of our good attacking ball to gain half metre by half metre.

    We make attack look so hard and cumbersome?

  19. The result is that we totally dominate teams as we have done most of the year, yet the games are still close for the most part. We dont see runaway victories because we cannot free-score.

    And as many have noted, once we fall behind its nigh impossible for us to get back because under pressure our players dont have the skills to free-score their way out of shit.

    McCaw in post match interview after Irish said something that stuck with me: he said they dont panic when they are behind because the players trust their skill-set to create try scoring opportunities under pressure.

    Now go watch that try before half time at Ellis Park to understand what he is talking about.

    A try scored from a few deft passes at speed usually happen in a few seconds. A Bok try stat starts with us slowly grinding our way to a penalty to then be kicked for a line-out from where we then maul (which more often than not yields a 3 pointer and not a 7 pointer) just takes so much more effort and control and dominance.

    We make rugby look hard. Now remove every try this year scored from the sheer individual effort of Willie Le Roux and suddenly our progress seem much less convincing.

  20. Shieldsie,
    You and Oudste see it.

    But we seem to harp on how tough and physical we are
    as opposed to how good we play the game.
    if our forwards spent as much time on the ball
    As they spent niggling the oppo
    for no gain
    we would have 90% possession in some games.

    What is tjhe point of gaining possession
    if our backs can only kick it away?

    We have had a great group of u21 come through
    And we all say its down to HM

    Our back line is known for dumb
    Willie and Brian our only saving grace.

    He has done nothing to advance the
    Basic skills of our national team.
    We are playing with half a side
    But winning
    Imagine witn a full side!

    Is it unfair to expect a back line
    with so many caps
    To look for space,
    Run at speed,
    Be able to pass the ball
    Swerve and step
    Offload in a tackle
    even simply catch a ball at speed?

  21. @Brendon:

    Brendon can you change your handle back to YOC when S15 starts?

    I think that would be a treat.

    Anyway – no way the SunKing they call Willie will be a Kirchner. I think the saying is you can take an orchid out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the orchid.


    So to Messerschmitt. It’s in his DNA to be a swashbuckler. His buttoned down performances are just him nodding to tradition & pomp. As if he’s wearing a tux to a ball or something – we here at Ruggaworld all know there is a flight suit underneath !