SA Kiwi fans spat at Bokke


South Africans supporting New Zealand reportedly spat at team members of the Springbok Sevens team after they beat the All Black Sevens side in Port Elizabeth on Sunday.


The Blitzbokke beat New Zealand 17-14 to win the third tournament of the IRB Sevens World Series in what was a timely tribute to recently deceased former president Nelson Mandela.

However, celebrations were somewhat soured when a few South Africans misbehaved while the Blitzbokke were doing a victory lap around the field.

SuperSport rugby writer Brenden Nel, who was at the stadium reporting on the tournament, revealed the following via his official Twitter account:

“Bok Sevens team members tell how they were sworn at and spat at by South African All Black supporters on their victory lap. Classy.”

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  1. Sounds like those Cape Spanish are at it again. Ever since Boertje brought that whole concept up I keep asking myself “wow wonder if they actually speak spanish & does that mean that area is blessed with the cuisine ya know nachos, burritos, tapas?”
    I hope that all involved let go of their demons and embrace seeing the world in a loving manner.
    How can this happen?
    My suggestion is to have the watch a looped highlight reel of Messerschmitt-Willie LeRoux for about 8 hours then set them free into the world to do good works with their new found inspiration.
    Aldo, if I took this suggestion right out of your mouth before you could post….I apologize.

  2. @Americano:

    Nope, they speak mainly Afrikaans or a sort of
    dialect of Afrikaans called “Kaaps” – very similar,
    but with some very funny and original idioms and sayings.
    The majority of the upper classes (approx 25%) bring their children up in English.
    Mixed race – European, Khoi, San, Malayan and a few
    others thrown in.
    Not sure why we started calling them Cape Spanish –
    probably to steer away from a racial classification
    like “coloured” or “people of colour.”
    They claim under apartheid they were not white enough,
    now they are not black enough – and there is a lot of
    truth in this.
    You must be aware that there were and still is quite
    a few coloured Boks. There are also those that are
    true Boks supporters – probably the majority.

  3. Thanks Boertje. I looked up the Khoi & San did not know before.

    Timeo, that Eagles v Lions game/blizzard ruined me in fantasy football. Can’t beleive Celek didn’t go in for TD on pass from Foles but that’s one way I think football is different than rugby.
    Teams go out of their way (generally – if not they are considered poor sports) to not rub it in.

    I was mad because the qb Nick Foles was on my team – but wouldn’t a mattered.