Is it just plain ugly?


Is 2014 the year of bad taste?

Sport24 readers have nominated these three jerseys as if not a little bit unusual or in bad taste, just plain ugly!

The Bulls looked to the safari trail for the inspiration for their their new jersey and with many Bulls players being avid hunters it is sure to go down like a house on fire with the Loftus faithful.

The catch-phrase for the new InvisiBulls jersey was: “The nature of the Bulls – You’ll never see them coming.”

But good luck trying to blend into your surrounding in this jersey, you’ll be about as conspicuous as a rig of flashing disco lights!

Now made with genuine cowskin (Blue Bulls via Twitter)

The Stormers decided to add a lightning bolt to their away jersey, while their home jersey displays crooked stripes.

DC Comics’ superhero, The Flash, may just decide to sue for copyright infringement …

The new Stormers jersey was shocking … ha ha, geddit … SHOCKING? (Stormers via Twitter)

The Blitzbokke on the other hand finally decided to can their “who spilled the jik?” look for a lime green effort.

The lime green and gold Blitzbokke... (Blitzbokke via Twitter)

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  1. I hope the Bulls Babes are going to do the camo outfits also. It will look very sexy on them. I would have bought one for my wife, if only the vodacom logo was invisible.

  2. I like Bulls notion with these. They imbue their militaristic approach ( not kicking enough must do more ) & given the 70’s late VietNam jungle pattern show they at least glance at past for inspiration.
    I’ve never been in those parts but surely they could have snagged a more location appropriate pattern from like that used by Rhodesian commandos or something. Too foresty for those parts.
    Overall though….Like the notion & think they will sell many. Good on ya Aldo !

    Stormers are very cool. Get Alister Coetzee talking after a couple bourbons & he’ll admit the new design was inspired by Messerschmitt-Willie LeRoux & his ability to throw bolts at any point on the field. Ironic they have such flash uniforms yet play like WWI trench warfare. Perhaps that will change?

    As far as the 7’s getup? Who cares its 7’s they could wear bikinis and it wouldn’t matter

  3. Bulls win this contest hands down, that said, the Stormers jersey looks utter shit. Don’t mind the Blitzies jersey, should be a bit more colourful than the 15’s jersey with its own identity. They had this lime green effect before and it did not look bad.

  4. Well I love the Bulls jersey. I love camo’s as well, so cant see the reason for complaints. I have about 10 friends allready sporting the camo jersey and it doesnt look half bad to be honest.

    So go InvisiBulls!

  5. Stormers look like participants in beauty pageant – with sashes indicating “Miss Scrumpet 2013”etc. Given their relative time spend between rugby practice and golfing, I was expecting a golf T-shirt!

    Aldo, we all knew you would like the Bulls kit…enough said. Are you following your pin-up’s career in Franch – seems they recognise Morne is crap (does not even make team….and we all know how crap the French league is actually!!!)

  6. Hehe watse k@k smaak boertjie? Ons favourite musiek kom uit steve se rakke, ons drink groot hoeveelhede brannas en coke (wel actually nie meer nie, ek drink eintlik nie meer nie). Hehe watse k@k smaak?

    Yeah Bekke, Im going to say a player is crap because idiots in France, who if I recall lost to the Boks with Steyn on the field?, do not pick Steyn? Try again, but not now, I think I hear your mommy calling.

  7. It’s to be expected.

    Superior rugby nous and talent presides at Loftus.
    When a player arrives, he gets better, when he leaves, he goes crappo again.

    Case in point: Habana.

  8. I have to say honestly I don’t see the issue…

    All three look fine to me.

    As a matter of interest in Menlyn and East Rand Mall and Eastgate and Alberton City and Greenstone and Festival Mall this summer I’ve seen PLENTY Bulls green camo jerseys already!

    These are going to be a big hit with fans.

  9. @Timeo: “Superior rugby nous and talent presides at Loftus. When a player arrives, he gets better, when he leaves, he goes crappo again. Case in point: Habana. ”

    Funny how Habs was the best Springbok for the past two years and was named the Player of the year the year before, try of the year and French spend the second most highest to get him there.

    Ja Habs went shit when he left Bulls.

  10. Haha Oom boertjie, jy vat nou die oos rand thug en die boerethug aan op een slag. At least is die beste ding ooit uit ons geweste nie n pad wat weg van ons af lei nie.

  11. @Timeo: Bull(s)shit, Habs was a very important part of WP and Stormers and he added value to the team and he played some brilliant rugby, no one player will play 100% total rugby forever and ever. Look at Hougie, he is crap now.