Kockott: Boks don’t need me


b9f1dcf51ce348fbb27992cb14334511South African scrumhalf Rory Kockott believes Springbok coach Heyneke Meyer is not interested in his services.

The former Sharks and Lions scrumhalf has been a revelation since joining French Top 14 side, Castres, in 2011.

Last season, he was a key member in the Castres team that won the French Top 14 for the first time in 20 years when they stunned big-spenders Toulon 19-14 in the final.

He has continued that form this season, with several big French clubs now hunting his signature.

Sport24 reported last year that the 27-year-old has a burning ambition to play Test rugby.

In September 2013 he told the Rugbydump website: “I’m a strong believer that if I’m playing the best rugby of my career, I’ll catch the attention of the selectors back home. But if that doesn’t work out, I hope to do well enough to get into the French team. I’m still very young and I’d like to have an international career,” said Kockott.

Since then, Kockott seems to have changed opinion slightly, and now believes France may be his only option.

“Certain coaches believe in certain players. It doesn’t look like Heyneke Meyer (Springbok coach) needs me. He has Fourie du Preez and rates Ruan Pienaar highly. He also picked other scrumhalves and sees potential in Louis Schreuder,” Kockott told Die Burger’s website.

Kockott will become eligible to play for France when the Southern Hemisphere teams tour Europe at the end of 2014 and said he would strongly consider playing for the Tricolores – should they pick him.

“All that I can do is to play as well as I possibly can. The one thing I’ve seen here (in France) is that  there is a place in a team for someone that gives their all.”

Source: Sport24


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  1. Congratulations Bunny.
    You have just posted the most explosive article of 2014.
    I really don’t understand this. Does Kockett owe one of Zee Meyer’s Bulls mafioso cronies money or something?
    Will cooler heads prevail?

  2. I hate saying this, but Rory should just make himself available for France and let the men at SARU know he has given up on playing for the Boks.

  3. Okay apparently you guys dont read to well. SARU policy, an overseas based player can only play for the Boks if he was capped while playing for a South African team. Rory hasnt been capped yet and plays overseas. He needs to come back and play for a South African team, then Heyneke can pick him. Not official policy but those are the rules in which Heyneke has to pick his team.

    So it’s pretty easy, come back and perform in superrugby or play for the French. Would hate to see it happen, but that is what is going to happen. Hopefully our nines in SA puts up their hand this superrugby season.

  4. Naka Drotske
    ( who surely reads this blog in between making bad fashion choices ) needs to step up to the plate.

    Offer RK he can’t refuse with a condo overlooking the “Vatican of SA Rugby”……Cheethah Field.

  5. Why would Cockott come back to SA for the off chance that he might be picked by Meyer?

    Surely if Meyer was considering him he would have told Cockott that he had his eye on him and was bound by the selection criteria.

    Rory would not come out and say this if Meyer had shown interest.

  6. @biltongbek:

    and miss out on all the media attention his none selection is creating? His value as a player increases with him doing nothing at all. Yes he’s been brilliant but add to that media hype and you are suddenly a very attractive prospect for any club out there and get to cash in on it. Nah he wouldnt say a thing is he wants to play for the big money in France. He’d just sit back, feed the media bits and pieces, excactly like he is doing now. And watch his value grow.

    Hats off to him though, but dont think for a minute that he would come back to SA for less money if Heyneke said he might be interested in him, but only if he performs for a local club. Also dont think he would say that, that is what Heyneke told him, but chose to stay in France for the big bucks.

  7. Dont get me wrong, Im a fan of the guy, even when he was with the Sharks I was a fan, but dont think for a second that he feels like a victim. All this makes his market value sky high.

  8. @Boertjie:

    Either write down in black and white as policy or don’t apply it, especialy as it is from SARU. Like the unwritten quota’s policy in past years.

    It’s professional sport, you know, professional as in I do this for a living and have to make my money where and how I can considering the short career time in rugby. Choose the best man for the job and all that.

    He’s no victim, as Aldo points out, he gets asked a question, he answers, reporter reports.

    Professional in all walks of life sit in the same scenario.

  9. Just take the French Jersey and
    stop expecting SA clubs
    and national coach,
    To lek jou gat.

    Or move back and take the risk.
    But stop talking about it and do it.
    Use it or lose it.

  10. @Boertjie:

    reminds me of Luke Watson in a way…. If a player holds the national coach @ ransom, tell him to pissoff, no matter how good he is.

    Watson was also a brilliant player, make no mistake!

  11. Reading the comments by Kockott, I don’t see any whinging. Don’t know what you guys are on about actually.

    Certainly not holding Meyer ransom: “Certain coaches believe in certain players. It doesn’t look like Heyneke Meyer (Springbok coach) needs me. He has Fourie du Preez and rates Ruan Pienaar highly. He also picked other scrumhalves and sees potential in Louis Schreuder,”

    Says it like it is. Chill pill time