Sharks net vision guru


DocDr. Sherylle Calder, the world-renowned Visual Skills and Performance Specialist joins the Cell C Sharks as a consultant, on a two-year contract, effective immediately.

Having assisted many athletes and leading international sporting teams, including the Springboks during Jake White’s successful tenure, she brings a unique perspective to the field of visual motor performance, blending her knowledge of being an athlete, coach and a clinician.

Commenting on her role with the Cell C Sharks, Director of Rugby Jake White said: “Sherylle will be helping us with Eyegym to improve peripheral vision and awareness.

“She will also be assisting the kickers, which is a massive boost for us, as well as the youngsters in the Sharks Academy who will be able to learn a top range of skills from one of the best in the business.

“My association with Sherylle dates back to my earlier coach roles and I look forward to working with her again”, added White.

The Sharks CEO John Smit added: “I would like to welcome Sherylle to the Sharks family.

“She is a leader in her field and her expertise and experience will be invaluable to the team’s ambitions going forward.”

Sherylle is associated with winners and her appointment is in line with John and Jake’s vision to create a winning culture at The Sharks.

Source: Sport24

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  1. Only a matter of time.
    Jake rounding up the “usual suspects” preparing for another heist.

    Start the Eddie Jones / Gert Smal countdown clock please

  2. @Americano:

    I think HM should have / could have fired some of
    his 27 assistants and contracted this woman.
    Then again, do you need peripheral vision if all
    the plays are carried out on numbered moves?

  3. All those assistants i thought was a joke.
    I guess its true?
    Had to be something Zee Meyer picked up from his time @ Bulls, who seem bent on pushing the limits of decadence ever forward.

    There was some fitness guy who always talked about how the players played too many games – I bet he snaps that guy up too.