New Currie Cup format to save Griquas


The new Currie Cup format will see the premiership expanded to eight sides.









Six are what will be called “anchor” teams and bizzarely include the EP as an anchor side despite the latter not being able to field a side able to qualify for CC Premiership for ten years as opposed to Griquas which has…

SARU is going to have the “other two” as “qualifiers” and given last year’s Jimmy Stonehouse inspired heroics the Pumas (also a team that consistently beats the EP) will be included in Currie Cup. The other side will be a “qualifier”… out of the remaining six sides and one can safely assume that will be the plucky Griquas.

The eight will be divided into two pools of four sides each and this year one group will contain the WP, Lions, Bulls and Kings and the other the Sharks, Cheetahs, Pumas and probably Griquas.

The other B division sides will play in an away and home tournament before SR to determine who steps into “Qualifier” position on a single round three home and three away games. One good thing is that if one of the non franchise sides finishes ABOVE a franchise side they do not need to play a qualifying round in the next season… which is probably why the pumas and Griquas are not either grouped with the Kings as the PE bunch would undoubtedly continue their history of being last.

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