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Pretoria – Governing body SANZAR has confirmed that Television Match Official Deon van Blommenstein made a critical error in awarding Cobus Reinach his try during the Cell C Sharks 31-16 win over the Bulls in their Vodacom Super Rugby match in Durban on Saturday.

According to the supersport.com website, SANZAR referees boss Lyndon Bray confirmed the try – which led to repeated replays – should not have been awarded as the ball was knocked-on by Sharks lock Anton Bresler.

Bray didn’t agree with Van Blommenstein’s assessment that Sharks lock Anton Bresler had not played his Bulls counterpart Paul Willemse in the air, as many – including the SuperSport commentators – believed he had. As the knock on had come first, that should have been the decision and if not, a penalty because of the infringement in the air. The try should never have been awarded.

The decision could turn out to be crucial in the long run as the Sharks scored their fourth try shortly before the end of the game to get a bonus point. That bonus point could play a major role in the outcome of the South African Conference at the end of the tournament.

“We unfortunately got the TMO decision wrong. The Sharks forward did knock the ball forward out of the Bulls player’s hands. Also, there was consideration to the fact that the Sharks player obstructed the Bulls player in the air,” Bray said in reply to a question from supersport.com.

“Deon has accepted that the right decision should have been a knock on and scrum to the Bulls.”

The decision would not have influenced the result, as the Sharks were clear winners on the night, but with SANZAR giving referees an instruction to “own” the decision by referring to the big screen, this situation should have been avoided. The TMO and referees are encouraged to have conversations so that their decisions are clearer to viewers who are listening over the broadcast stream.

Brenden Nel – SuperSport

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  1. I don’t think the knock-on was clear at all.

    The guy hit the ball into the Bulls player, which means it must have been backwards.

    The more pertinent issue is interference in the air. How much are allowed? He did touch the Bulls player, but he did not effect his position at all. Neither did he grab his arm.

    If it’s about interference or danger, then the try’s okay. If you are not allowed to touch the jumper in any way, then a penalty.

    At least there was a clear interference at the previous LO, that the referee missed.

  2. A very balanced comment, Timeo. Easy to get emotional and unbalanced by these things and Mr Nel whose report I see emanates out of Pretoria, sees the TMO’s decision to have been a “critical error”. The adjective critical is usually used to indicate a turning point or crisis – hardly the case in this game. Maybe Brenden is just pissed off that the Sharks won – something you seem to have come to terms with more easily. Well done.

  3. In all fairness to the ref, he did refer it to the tmo but more than once said he couldnt see the replay on the big screen, so not really peyper’s error. I must be blind, but except for the lineout interference at times, I thought peyper had a real good game. The Bulls were never ever really in the game, despite having most of the possesion, hardly the TMO or peyper’s fault. The Sharks were better, a lot better and that is it.

  4. Critical. Shees critical my ass. It didnt even rob us of a bonus point. If Lambie kicked any better the score wouldve been 44-16. Take away the 7 and it is 37-16. It did help the sharks get a BP, but oh well shit happens

  5. Yep, the day of the blog has come and gone. Superrugby has started and will be up and running in full earnest this weekend, yet it is as quiet as the Bulls trophy cabinet here. No a soul in sight. Have to go back 3 years to claim anything of importance. Yep, looks like it to me.

  6. But you know he’s such a kak player we can easily toss him to Europe, criticise him because perceptually the Boks fail to score tries when he is at ten for the liking of the rugby god writers in Durban and Cape Town…

    I said it before that the only reason he cops as much flack is because he’s from Pretoria and that we are going to realize how good he is when we no longer have a Morne Steyn..

    The Bulls already are… the Boks will now later this season…

    But then it will all be Heyneke Meyer’s fault.

  7. @DavidS:

    Morras is not from Pretoria and he is an yster. One of the few backline players in the Bok team with good hands.

    Too bad he is instructed to either kick or pass to Jean for a crash ball or feed some fat arse for, ahem… another crash ball.

  8. I’ve been saying this for quite some time… Francois Steyn should take more kicks at goal (not just the thumpers) if Morne is not there…