Super Rugby Expansion



SARU is set to get their wish in the expansion of the Super Rugby competition from 2016. This was the major discussion points with the addition of an Argentinian team as well in the new format.

A scheduled meeting of SANZAR’s Executive Committee took place in Sydney on Thursday where the future of Super Rugby was among the agenda items.

SANZAR CEO Greg Peters said, “Today’s meeting was another important step in deciding the future of Super Rugby. Encouraging progress was made and we now have a preferred model that involves six teams from South Africa and a new team from Argentina.

“The model will now be taken to the National Unions for approval before SANZAR presents its final position to broadcasters and fans in due course.”

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  1. Bring-It-On

    This Americano will never be cowed by the chorus of Negative Nellie’s denigrating THE premier exhibition of rugby in the world.

    Who would complain it the Lourve were to announce the addition of another wing?

    So to SuperRugby. Rejoice !