Toyota Cheetahs first win over Vodacom Bulls




Toyota Cheetahs got their first win over the Vodacom Bulls in Super rugby with a game that never really got to its full potential.

Most of the blame can be placed on the wet conditions but as professional rugby players the effort from both sides was just not up to the standards that we expect from these two teams.

The Vodacom Bulls surely is going to have a tuff season with both number 10’s, Pollard and Fouche struggle to get their team on the front foot. Fouche had one of his worst games I have seen from a fly half and his general play is almost showing that he is not up to standard for this level.

Pollard had a better game on attack and gave at least his backline better ball to run but overall he has still a long way to go in Super Rugby.

I just cannot understand how the Vodacom Bulls can sit with players like Basson, Serfontein and JJ and kick all their ball away. Handling errors was expected with the wet conditions and both teams lost momentum due to the handling errors.

This kicking game too nowhere is the most stupid game plan I have seen for a long time. You can stand on your head and proclaimed that it worked for you in the past as much as you want but the sooner the Bulls realised they do not have the players anymore to execute it the better this young team will be.

On the Cheetahs side, they will take heart in the way they defend for the past two weekends and not letting through any tries. The scrums the Cheetahs also had more ascendancy and had no problem most of the time in the lineouts.

Next week the Toyota Cheetahs will go to Australia and the Vodacom Bulls will have to face the Xerox Lions which look like a difficult prospect.

Atleast the Bulls got a away bonus point.


Penalties: Johan Goosen x 4
Drop goal: Johan Goosen

Penalties: Handre Pollard x 2, Louis Fouche





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  1. Can’t believe this is the first victory over Zee Bulls in like what 15 years?
    Thats an acheivement but it also is a testament as to how good Bulls are as an organization over the long term, they are the standard and that streak is really remarkable.
    I still see them of course as the Evil Empire of rugby in SA but you can’t argue with their all out committment to excellence.
    Bulls looke bad – but the conditions were awful. How important was Steyn to them? They would have won today if he were still @ 10.

    Even though I like the ball thrown around in S15 – i like that Bulls stick to what got them there with the gameplan. i don’t think they should chang – stick to the horse that brought them & let the chips fall where they may.

  2. I like the idea of Goose @ 15. What do you guys think? If Willie was @ #10 he could swap a lot with Goose.
    I think this would help preserve his health & always be liable to knock a drop goal….maybe daft idea but would like your toughts.

  3. Damn I had money on the Bulls… good win… seems losing Spies has signaled the same as when they lost Spies last season!

  4. Just watching the game on replay…


    a> No teams in RSA use the blind-side attack from a scrum anymore no matter how huge the gap?

    b> Why do the Bulls and the Boks ‘still’ fight for mauls/resets only to kick that hard-earned possession/territory away?

  5. @bryce_in_oz:

    I will give this game a pass on those kicking questions – the conditions were so bad that playing without the ball in opposition territory was the better option.
    I hope it was down to the conditions and they will show more intent in better conditions.

    On the blind side… They may be blind to that option?