When props can pass


Earlier this week I asked you guys about the tackle and which key factors influence it.

Today I want to share with you (even Methos) something that offer me great excitement about the future of this game.

This is a random Skillset video of a 15 year old Tighthead prop in one of the Leinster prep squads i have had the fortune to work with.

Look at his pass, especially to the right. The only comment from his coaches was that he is a monster in the scrum, so you can imagine how I felt what I saw this.

….ah to dream of a day that props wont butcher backline ball….



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  1. The age group Leinster development coach, one Dan Van Zyl, reckons this kid will play for the under 18 squad next year already. I dont want to hype the kid too much, but he did also score a perfect 100% in his chip & collect off both feet!

  2. Great pass.

    When I grew up we never learnt to pass both ways. Only after school I decided to teach myself that – got a small rugby ball and everywhere I went I practised spinning it both ways. Nowadays I can pass 20m both ways.

    SA schools rugby is very little about skills and more about giving the ball to the biggest kid and letting him run over everyone.

    Cheetah – Say hi to Dan for me – I had the luck of playing a few games with him when he played for Kraaifontein. Great player – Will never forget him smacking the Hamiltons flyhalf on the cheeck after a late tackle. Dan got the ball away and the opposition 10 game clattering into him. Our centre shot through the gap that the 10 left in his haste to tackle Dan and scored. Dan got up, helped the opposition 10 to his knees and gave him a few light smacks on the cheeck to console him and remind him of his place.


  3. Timeo – The bloke is 15 – and a prop.

    Why is there so little talk on Ruggaworld these days?

    Let me liven things up.

    The Bulls are kak – they need a flyhalf.

    The Stormers are very kak. They lost to the Lions.

    The Sharks are Ok – but lost to Saracens…

    The Lions shot their bolt.

    The Cheetahs thought they were awesome – but came back down to earth with a BANG!



  4. @Timeo:

    True. The passing philosophy varies. One school reckons you worry about execution and accuracy in pass and give away a bit of the ability to swing is quickly.

    Others, like Grey College coaches believe in the ‘stop hand’ where you basically fling the ball like cooper in one smooth movement and maybe lose a bit of accuracy.

  5. @Cheetah Glory:

    and also because of the Oscar trial and load shedding. When Eskom cuts power DavidS and is Boksburg bende usually go live in caravans by the dam like theit grandparents did before apartheid preserved them jobs in the post office….