Stormers fall short again


I think there is a song called “The one that got away” from that girl with the purple hair, but this song will ring in the ears of the Stormers and their supporters.

The Crusaders stole this one from the Stormers with a 14-13 win as both teams could only score one try in the game.

These two teams started this game as two teams that struggled to get of the starting blocks and more so from the multiple champions from New Zeeland.

Defence was always going to be the one phase that would have kept the Stormers in touch with the Crusaders and they had to defend like demons in the first 20 minute of the game. In some way they could feel lucky that they did not go further behind as the Crusaders went for scrums and lineouts from kickable penalties close to the Stormers line.

The Stormers had to be happy with no ball as Scarra Ntubeni could not find his locks and they struggled to get any forward ball in the scrums with the Crusaders scrumming them off the ball and the referee with penalties against them. The time has come for Coetzee and Kie to realize that Scarra is not the best in the number 2 jumper.

In the past three weeks we show the Stormers losing most of their own lineouts and had to live with his bad lineouts as he cannot find his locks. Liebenberg made a huge difference when he came on in the second half after Scarra got injured which looked like a leg injury.

This Stormers team have enough good players to fair good in this competition but the brain trust must select the correct player in the correct position. As we expect from the Stormers so far this year they create enough scoring changes but do not look like they have the ability to land the final punch and pull away from teams when they get into that position.

Damian de Allende and Schalk Burger was the outstanding players for the Stormers and De Allende is one for the future if he can go on and play the way he has done so far for the Stormers. Demetri had a bad game for the Stormers and his kicking game was the worse I have seen from him so expect Grant to start next week for the Stormers.

The less said about the referee the better and both team will look at some of his decision and his friends on the sideline and think did the IRB changed the laws without telling them? I am starting to agree with some that our biggest threat in the game today is the inability of referees to manage the game and be consistent with their calls week after week.

The Stormers have still a long way to go to be a team in this competition that the top teams will worry about, but at least they playing better each week. You would hear the supporters scream this week for them to be able to land the knock out punch in their attack as they do create enough to score the tries they desperately needs.

Next week they will face the champion from last year on their second game on tour down under and just maybe they will surprise us all.

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Better known as Bunny, Took over after Pissant went over to the "Dark Side"


  1. I really hope Coetzee will see that Scarra is not up to standard and give Tiaan now his fare change to prove he is the best they have, better scrummer and lineout number 2 by far in the Cape.

    Number 9 and 10 still the single biggest problem for the Stormers and do not know if Bash will make the difference they need as their number 9’s have failed in all three games

  2. Bunny, this game was always going to be frustrating to the supporters of the side that lost as it was that close with two S15 teams that pride themselves in their defence. I was at the game and didn’t think the Stormers were that hard done by officials. The ref penalised the Crusaders heavily at the breakdown and some of the locals sitting round us were bitching at the ref but that had more to do with the calls going against their side than it had to do with the ref getting it wrong.

    The Crusaders are struggling to get their game going this year with their backline crabbing across the field on attack but the Stormers did damn well to take an away point off them and to come so close. The Crusaders have won 33 games in a row against SA opposition at home but came so close to losing that record last night. Jean dV had a great game in defence and attack – that weighted chip kick for the exciting de Allende to score was a beauty.

  3. Ha ha Timeo, missed that as I was at the game. I usually like Justin’s comments as he speaks his mind but he can sometimes go off at a tangent. He pissed off quite a few supporters outside Chiefs country a while ago with his over the top going on about how great Cruden and various other Chiefs players were.