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Die Pypkan


Or for our English readers,”The side-step”.

I have recently come across this tendency from young players where either the ball is kept in both hands (this by the way is the correct technique as advocated by Boksmart), or have the ball in the wrong hand (as seen on this GIF)

Step off right foot

This is in contrast to the old school philosophy whereby we were taught to have the ball in the hand of the foot that gets planted, and then to immediately transfer the ball onto the ‘outside’ hand, as you can see on this and countless other videos of a bygone era:

Old School

Or as seen here from our old mate Quade Cooper, who has a similar step to those Fijians who excel at Sevens.


What I do see is kids merely ‘changing direction’ as opposed to stepping. For example in a group of 20 kids I only saw one player step from 12 O Clock to 3 of clock off his right foot, whereas the rest all stepped to 4 and 5 o clock, which is nothing more than a slight change in direction. Is the ability to step still required in the modern game, and if so – are players today being coached this skill differently?






Dis nie net Bulls wat spelers oppot nie


Baie is gesĂȘ oor BRENDAN VENTER se storie oor die oppot (hoarding) van spelers. Dit strek natuurlik wyer as die Bulls.