Secret Mission for the Goose


johan goosen

Springbok and Cheetahs flyhalf Johan Goosen has secretly flown to France to explore possible future career opportunities, the Volksblad website reports.

The Cheetahs have a bye weekend in Super Rugby which enabled the 21-year-old to head abroad.

The club Goosen went to visit is believed to be Top 14 side, Racing Metro, who reportedly see him as an ideal substitute for Irish flyhalf Jonny Sexton.

With the eye on next year’s Rugby World Cup, Ireland coach Joe Schmidt reportedly wants to lure Sexton back to Ireland as he feels he is being overplayed at Racing.

Earlier reports also linked Goosen to French big spenders Toulon, while South Africa’s Bulls and a few clubs from Japan are also interested.

Goosen’s contract with the Cheetahs expires on October 31 this year and it’s unlikely that coach Naka Drotské will allow him to leave before then.

Outside clubs are only allowed to officially negotiate with players 120 days (July 1) prior to the ending of their contract.

The Cheetahs’ next Super Rugby game is at home to the Blues on April 5.

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  1. This is disappointing as Bunny may have imagined my reaction being.
    It sure would be a comeuppance if Goose splits for France vs Zee Bulls.

    Bulls then would have to live with their high priced fancy boy Hank Pollard whom they no longer feel it for.

  2. He very well may Bunny. From your lips to God’s ears, aye?
    I see Hank thirstily wandering through Zee Bulls desert.
    Perhaps this may be a way out for him & he’ll find himself in the land of milk & honey, in the “Vatican of SA Rugby”….Cheetah Field.

    The real draw would be to study under the Picasso of modern offensive rugby – Messerschmitt-Willie LeRoux.

    Contrast that with the current “Paint by Numbers” approach of Zee Bulls & it will be an easy decision for Hank to make, should it unfold from the unfortune of losing The Goose.

  3. @Morné:

    I agree, but it is exactly this attitude to players that make SA a bit-player in world rugby when we should dominate everything on every level.

    We are very quick to discard a player if he does not immediate live up to the hype at schools level.

    Maybe Heyneke is also a bit to blame here.

    If every player in SA gets to be nurtured the way Steyn was (behind Hougaard) and Bismarck was (behind Smittie) – just think how strong our game will be?

  4. The Goose is coming off a horrific injury plagued couple years.
    This is hi “back in the saddle” year.
    I’m still a believer.

  5. Brendon how in the hell is it Heyneke’s fault. Wait I repeat how in any way is it Heyneke’s fault? Is he Goosens coach at Superrugby level? No, so how could he nurture him? He had Goosen coming along on bok tours as understudy to Steyn and Lambie and then everyone complained about the fact that Heyneke didnt play Goosen. Now it is somehow his fault because he didnt nurture a player at Bok level?

    Wow I have now seen everything and somehow I begin to understand Dawie’s rants better now cos I had to seriously delete and retype to keep it civil.

  6. @Cheetah Glory:

    Dude, he has clearly decided to look overseas, nobody forced him. In fact, I think he has been given a hell of a lot more favours than other guys at National level without having been ‘nurtured’ through the ranks.

  7. @Aldo:

    Meyer fast tracked an injured and very young undercooked Goosen into the Bok team in much the same way Chillieboy was rushed early in his career. Dont tell me Meyer had no say in Naka always picking Goosen and at 10.

  8. @Morné:

    No you are not reading what I said. Its not about being given chances. In fact some players are given chances too early because coaches do not plan properly and are desperate.

    This ‘if he is good enough he is old enough’ bullocks hardly ever works.

    We should put our players through the entire system and properly plan their rise, not push some and if they dont make it be ‘happy to see them go’ – only because the next school boy is looking hot.

  9. So many of our provinces treat players like crap. France may not be the best example – but soon players will not only leave for Japan/England etc for the money, but also because their careers are better managed over there.

  10. @Cheetah Glory:

    Okay so what is the solution?

    Goosen has been part of the High Performance squads since U16. SA Schools, SA U20 and Super Rugby.

    At what point, or rather who, makes the decision that an apprenticeship has been completed?

    Personally I think he is not properly conditioned hence constantly injured. That aside, I have not really seen what all the hype was about in the first place.

  11. You mean to tell me you seriously believe Heyneke had the power to pick Naka’s team? If you believe a Bok coach has that power then you believe in Santa Clause and the tooth fairy as well.

  12. @Morné:

    All is good Morne if he has been brought through those youth structures, but the kid is what, 21?

    Why is a final judgement necessary on whether he is good or not yet?

    And why the animosity towards a player for not making it?

    If SA had less players we certainly would not treat the ones we have like this. Thats my point.

    We cannot sustain 6 Super franchises despite having loads of talent, because we do not properly plan or develop players – always too happy to give the next big shot out of school a chance to be a hero, and if he is not – we go onto the next one.

    We can do better is all I am saying.

  13. @Aldo:

    No Aldo, dont be so dramatic. Meyer has a good relationship with Super coaches and thus could have asked gently for Goosen to be selected, a wish Naka would be happy to grant.

    I just find it odd that Goosen has been hurt and to be honest not in form for a good while, yet come Saturday his name is first on the sheet.

  14. I agree with your comment that we should not just discard a player, Goosen really has the talent to make it far and a great boot.

    I actually hope he comes to the Bulls as he would fit in to our structures and gameplan.

  15. @Aldo:

    I hope so too. I think he is a Bulls style player anyway.

    In NZ they would have played him 12 at a lower level to make him strong.

    Juts find it funny that Morne Steyns development model is not emulated far more often. When the time came that kid was primed in every way for the role. Not many other players are afforded that kind of privilege.

    ..which makes it even more odd that Meyer felt it OK to rush Goosen in the first place.

  16. Maybe Naka believes in him. I just find it funny how we are allways so quick to blame the Bok coach for everything. Even in Pieter de Villiers’ time. We allways say the player needs to perform in that position in superrugby before he can be picked by the Bok coach. So now Goosen get given an extended run to try and regain form, now we complain again. No way I can understand that. Never will.

  17. Haha Brendon, I dont find it hard to believe anything God does. As for the tooth fairy and santa clause, those are urban legends.

  18. @Aldo:

    I dont think Meyer has made too many mistakes and surely every coach is allowed a couple, but you cannot say his call on Goosen was a good one.

    No single Cheetah fan will say for sure thay were sold on Goose yet. Next thing, while still injured, the kid is a Bok?

    Anyway, the mistake has been made – now everyone involved should re-assess the situation and put Goose on a 2 year re-development mission. Instead we are too happy to see him go elsewhere.

    And yes a lot of it is the players choice, but you have to question, aside from money, why he would go abroad and not go to Bulls or Sharks?

    Its as if players know that a move abroad is a better career option to develop ones game, because locally players are not looked after that well?

  19. @Cheetah Glory:

    Who is discarding the player? He is looking to go overseas knowing full well the Bok coach rates him very highly.

    Goosen comes with a reputation which might have been well deserved in junior ranks, I have just not seen it in senior rugby. No animosity, a simple observation.

  20. @Morné:

    I’ve never heard of him or saw him play until his 1st SR match a year or so ago.

    His physical talents were clear to me within minutes.
    He is tall and fast, has a good pass and his kicking mechanics seems almost perfect. The motion is effortless, but the ball travels far and straight.

    No other SA 10 comes even close to matching all those attributes. Whether they translate into a successful career is a different matter. He needs good coaching and he needs use rely less on brawn and more on brain.

    If he leaves we will lose much. I agree with Shieldsie, we are too eager to discard a player for the next wunderkind. Let the next generation be understudies to Matfield and Burger and Steyn and Steyn and de Villiers for a few years more.

  21. @Timeo:

    When you get to top flight rugby, Super Rugby and Springboks, there are only two things that really matter – your conditioning (which goes hand in hand with your professionalism as a rugby player) and what happens in the top two inches of your frame.

    I am all for investing in real talent and no one doubts Goosen is a great talent, but I am also of the opinion that if a player wants to go, then he must go.

    We can only speculate around the circumstances and thinking behind this from the guy, and to ease the tension around such a move at least he is capped so he won’t run out for another country, but if he wants to go, he must go.

    I am just not going to cry much if he does.