SR: Vodacom Bulls 34 Chiefs 34

The defending champion Chiefs will be angry and determined to put last week’s aberration behind them.

Their first loss of the season – to the Western Force – was probably their wort performance in three seasons.  And they are up against a Bulls team fresh from beating the table-topping Sharks and showing some championship form of their own.

The Bulls, who have made only one change to their lineup with veteran wing Akona Ndungane returning, will again rely on the leadership skills and experience of World Cup-winning Springbok lock Victor Matfield.  The Bulls, who will aim for their seventh straight win at home over the Chiefs, are not paying much attention to last week’s result. They are expecting a “brutal” onslaught from the New Zealanders.  Matfield admitted that the Chiefs will be a stern test.

Recent results:
2012: Chiefs won 28-22, Hamilton
2011: Bulls won 43-27, Pretoria
2010: Bulls won 33-19, Hamilton
2009: Bulls won 61-17, Pretoria (Final)
2009: Bulls won 33-27, Pretoria
2008: Chiefs won 43-27, Rotorua


Bulls: 15 Jurgen Visser, 14 Akona Ndungane, 13 JJ Engelbrecht, 12 Jan Serfontein, 11 Bjorn Basson, 10 Jacques-Louis Potgieter, 9 Francois Hougaard, 8 Dewald Potgieter, 7 Jacques du Plessis, 6 Deon Stegmann, 5 Victor Matfield (captain), 4 Paul Willemse, 3 Werner Kruger, 2 Callie Visagie, 1 Dean Greyling.
Replacements: 16 Bongi Mbonambi, 17 Morné Mellett, 18 Marcel van der Merwe, 19 Grant Hattingh, 20 Jono Ross, 21 Piet van Zyl, 22 Handré Pollard, 23 Ulrich Beyers.

Chiefs: 15 Mils Muliaina, 14 Anton Lienert-Brown, 13 Andrew Horrell, 12 Tom Marshall, 11 Asaeli Tikoirotuma, 10 Aaron Cruden (captain), 9 Tawera Kerr-Barlow, 8 Kane Thompson, 7 Tanerau Latimer, 6 Liam Messam, 5 Brodie Retallick, 4 Matt Symons, 3 Ben Tameifuna, 2 Rhys Marshall, 1 Pauliasi Manu.
Replacements: 16 Mahonri Schwalger, 17 Jamie Mackintosh, 18 Ben Afeaki, 19 Michael Fitzgerald, 20 Sam Cane, 21 Augustine Pulu, 22 Gareth Anscombe, 23 Tim Nanai-Williams.

Referee: Craig Joubert (South Africa)
Assistant referees: Stuart Berry (South Africa), Marc van Zyl (South Africa)
TMO: Shaun Veldsman (South Africa)

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  1. Jacques(Bunny):

    Still disappointing to see not so many supporters at the ground…..

  2. Jacques(Bunny):

    Chiefs on the Bulls attack with 5 meter scrum after some weird discussion between TMO an Referee

  3. Jacques(Bunny):

    Penalty Chiefs from scrum for collapsing …..

    Chiefs going for points….

    Cruden miss and score is 0-0

  4. Jacques(Bunny):

    Some hard hits on defence and on attack….this is going to be a brutal game

  5. Jacques(Bunny):

    Potgieter kick out on the full and give ball away to Chiefs

  6. Jacques(Bunny):

    Finally a ref that still look at putting the ball in straight

  7. Jacques(Bunny):

    Bulls with a 5 meter scrum from Chiefs line…..

    Penalty Bulls…these NZ players playing again offside over the ball to protect the try and rather give away the 3 pointer…

  8. Jacques(Bunny):

    Bulls lead 3-0

  9. Jacques(Bunny):

    Chiefs try attacking through the Bulls forwards and get penalised for holding on

  10. Jacques(Bunny):

    Chiefs with hand to hand passes get straight through the Bulls defence…..

    TRY!!!! Chiefs !!!!

    Mills the try scorer…..

    Score: Bulls 3 Chiefs 5

  11. Jacques(Bunny):

    Just pure brilliant from Chiefs as they score their second try….

    Score: Bulls 3 Chiefs 12

    Again from a Bulls mistake the Chiefs take the advantage and score

  12. Jacques(Bunny):

    Bulls needs to make sure not to give this Chiefs team turn overs…

  13. Jacques(Bunny):

    Bulls not kicking out and Chiefs attack again from deep…..

    Penalty against Chiefs for clean out which it was dangerous………..

    Bulls going for points…..

    Score: Bulls 6 Chiefs 12

  14. Jacques(Bunny):

    Chiefs on attack with brilliant inter passes again but lose the ball

    Scrum Bulls just outside their 22

  15. Jacques(Bunny):

    Jacques back from Ding Dong test looks like he passed

  16. Jacques(Bunny):

    Again the Bulls going for try and again Chiefs with professional penalty……The NZ players just too clever for these referees

  17. Jacques(Bunny):

    TRY !!!!! BULLS!!!!

    From the lineout Bulls drive over with ease and Stegmann the man over the ball

  18. Jacques(Bunny):

    Chiefs lead 12-11

  19. Jacques(Bunny):

    Bulls binding on the arm and Chiefs gets penalty which the Cruden miss again against the post…..

    Chiefs gather ball and on attack….

    Chiefs gets penalty which they take quickly…Cruden kick forward and TMO looking for knock……

    Ball goes forward from Mills……

    TMO needs to decide….

    TMO……..make the right decision no try….

    going back to penalty

  20. Jacques(Bunny):

    Cruden going for points straight in front…


    Chiefs now lead 15-11

  21. Jacques(Bunny):

    Priceless Vic need to tells ref that their is obstruction from the kick-off …..

    Bulls goes for the line…..

    Chiefs come in from side again and Craig does nothing…

    Bulls lose the ball for not using it

  22. Jacques(Bunny):

    Bulls demolish the Chiefs scrum and give the penalty to Chiefs

  23. Jacques(Bunny):

    Chiefs off the ball again and TMO again up here…

    Is Francois being taken out…..

    Professional again……

    Just a penalty on half time….

    Jacques is going for post….second time the same player is penalised for the same offence and third penalty against him in the game

    NZ getting away with a lot …….

    Jacques kick over and Chiefs lead 15-14


  24. Cheetah Glory:

    Hmmm Chiefs two nice tries. Bulls the usual maul try.

    I dont know what SA will do the day that maul will be allowed to be dragged down as I dont think our teams train any other attacking move.

    I hear you guys say its the SA way to play to our strengths and the scoreboard shows we are still in it, but hell this cannot be the only thing SA rugby is good at.

    And on that note I hear Steve’s song being played at Loftus. The wheel turns slowly in Pretoria.

  25. Jacques(Bunny):

    Second half to start and the Bulls will have to start playing if they want to keep the Chiefs out…

    Here we go

  26. Jacques(Bunny):

    @Cheetah Glory: I am actually with you on this one….

  27. Jacques(Bunny):

    Ref scream let it go White but then call scrum tackle ball…..I am a bit confused here

  28. Jacques(Bunny):

    Bulls with a brilliant scrum but let the Chiefs turn it over

  29. Jacques(Bunny):

    Penalty try someone needs to go to the Bin as well…..if he gives a penalty try….

    Correct call Chiefs player Simmons is send off

    Score: Bulls 21 Chiefs 15

  30. Jacques(Bunny):

    Bulls need to take this game now against 14 Chiefs

  31. Cheetah Glory:

    my words not cold and bulls get penalty try off maul.

    Again, its against the spirit of rugby that you cannot tackle a player carrying the ball.

    We will milk this until the ANC stops governing and fair enough that we do so, but its not why I love the game.

  32. Jacques(Bunny):

    Symons the man send to the Bin

  33. Jacques(Bunny):

    Basson Kick ahead and score TRY!!!!!

    Brilliant play from Basson put pressure on any kick and you have a change…something the Stormers never did this morning….

    Score: Bulls 28 Chiefs 15

  34. Jacques(Bunny):

    @Cheetah Glory: I think it is a case of the Bulls doing the basics right get a lead and then go for it

  35. Jacques(Bunny):

    Ref now penalise the Chiefs for off the ball tackles and holding ….

    great that the ref sees this now

  36. Cheetah Glory:

    eat my words. Bulls now playing great rugga

  37. Jacques(Bunny):

    Bulls now full on attack with some nice straight running and interplay….

    Another try for them will make a huge difference

  38. Jacques(Bunny):

    Chiefs finding it hard now to keep the Bulls at bay…great turn around from the first half

  39. Cheetah Glory:


    Thats right, but the maul still spoils it for me.

  40. Cheetah Glory:

    monster scrum and making the extra man count!

  41. Jacques(Bunny):

    Bulls demolish the Chiefs scrum and penalty for Bulls…..

    This is against 7 men though…

    Jacques goes for poles…..


    Bulls lead 31-15

  42. Cheetah Glory:

    I want to see the bulls now open up and make the domination count. Dont sit back now and let the Chiefs play. Murder them!

  43. Jacques(Bunny):

    Chiefs come back with some great running play but get tackled out on Bulls line Bulls take quickly and kick back to Chiefs half

  44. Jacques(Bunny):

    Bulls defence are brilliant as the Chiefs attack from everywhere…

  45. Jacques(Bunny):

    @Cheetah Glory: Agree but that is not their gameplan, coaches dictate the plan….but at least they try to do it in the right places in the second half

  46. Jacques(Bunny):

    Potgieter with a brilliant kick..Chiefs must not get into a kicking contest with the Bulls they will lose it for sure

  47. Jacques(Bunny):

    Shit but JJ hands are shit this year, would like to see how many balls he has drop on attack…

  48. Jacques(Bunny):

    Penalty in scrum for Bulls going for lineout

  49. Jacques(Bunny):

    Bulls mess it up

  50. Jacques(Bunny):

    Greg looking for Professional foul…TMO

  51. Jacques(Bunny):

    Not sure Bulls and their supporters if you think a few weeks ago Willie’s yellow

  52. Jacques(Bunny):

    Bulls with a free kick…..

    Bulls making a lot of errors now

  53. Cheetah Glory:

    Bulls be happy with this. Its a good Chiefs side and Loftus once more is becoming a kak hard place to win!

  54. Jacques(Bunny):

    Chiefs run from their won 22 to score a try……


  55. Jacques(Bunny):

    TRY awarded …..

  56. Jacques(Bunny):

    Score: Bulls 31 Chiefs 22

  57. Jacques(Bunny):

    TMO in again after a kick ahead from Bulls…don’t know why…

  58. Cheetah Glory:

    Man these kiwis just make such great calls on attack.

  59. Jacques(Bunny):

    5 meter scrum for Bulls

  60. Jacques(Bunny):

    Bulls can seal this game

  61. Jacques(Bunny):

    @Cheetah Glory: Their skills is unbelievable

  62. Jacques(Bunny):

    Bulls lost ball forward but Chiefs players keep playing the Bulls after tackle…ref should look at that…

  63. Jacques(Bunny):

    7 min left

  64. Jacques(Bunny):

    Penalty Bulls in the scrum and Bulls goes to the poles….Cruden a bit irritated now….

  65. Jacques(Bunny):

    Over Bulls lead 34-22

  66. Jacques(Bunny):

    Chiefs attack from deep…..

    Penalty Chiefs for deliberate knock

  67. Cheetah Glory:

    must not give chiefs a bonus point now!

  68. Cheetah Glory:

    fuck sake

  69. Jacques(Bunny):

    Chiefs 10 meters out…….

    TRY!!! Chiefs!!!

    Fool the Bulls at lineout and score through Symons

    Score: Bulls 34 Chiefs 27

  70. Jacques(Bunny):

    Draw on the cards

  71. Mug Punters Organisation of South Africa:

    Om Craig so that one is a knock down but the other is not. And please do us a favour the hooker cannot takes two steps across to the side because the ball is not longer going down the middle not try.

  72. Cheetah Glory:

    you see, these freescoring teams….

  73. Jacques(Bunny):

    Chiefs on attack …..

    Chiefs score in corner through brilliant play and passing…what vision…..

    Cruden score the try

    Kick to draw

  74. Jacques(Bunny):

    Chiefs kick over and match draw…at Loftus

    The Bulls through this one away…..

  75. Mug Punters Organisation of South Africa:

    Shocking for the bulls defence…and what a brilliant Chiefs team. What do they feed them?

  76. Cheetah Glory:

    Its a draw yet the chiefs won cause they get bonus point.

    Why when Bulls had all the dominance could they not make it count?

    Maybe because our teams cannot score if we dont get total forward momentum in our own 22, whereas kiwi teams can easily score from pretty much anywhere. One slipped tackle is usually all they need.

  77. Jacques(Bunny):

    @Cheetah Glory: Yip

  78. Cheetah Glory:

    Best example was with 8 minutes to go Bulls went (A-fucking-gain) for a maul to score bonus point.

    Maul got snuffed, yet 5 metres out and all that forward momentum you’d think we can score.

    What does Bulls do? Run a backline move with 12 cutting insise 10, as Meisiekind always did with Morne.

    Never works. Another phase set up and inevitably knocked on by a forward who lounges around with the skills of a tapeworm.

    Problem is, all the players only trained to score off the maul. There is no ‘what if the maul does not work’ move in SA rugby.

  79. Cheetah Glory:

    pisses me off

  80. DavidS:


    Not the Bulls but CG

  81. Cheetah Glory:


    Dawie you happy with that? Thats the classic scenario of Boks versus kiwis. How much more physically dominant must our teams become before this is reflected on the scoreboard?

  82. Aldo:

    Bad to lose a game from being 12 points ahead with just 6 to go. Yes I said lose, we lost that game, draw is just like losing from the position we were in. All those subs at once brought all continuaty an end. Suddenly the team started dropping passes and just didnt seem to gel.

    I really dont understand the wholesale changes when you are ahead and have all the momentum. One change at a time, not 4 at once and hope all 4 will immediatly fit in to the game.

  83. Jacques(Bunny):

    @Aldo: Vic showed he is a better player-coach than what you guys have at the moment…..

    I wonder if Jean can do the same for the Wynsuipers… :fishing:

  84. Timeo:

    @Cheetah Glory:

    I’m not happy with the Bulls blowing the lead, but in the greater scheme of SA rugby, it’s not so bad at all.

    The Bulls are a new inexperienced team, not rated by anyone only a few weeks ago and the Chiefs are reigning champs and still the premier NZ team.

    The game-plan, you so love to deride, is what put them in the position to win in the first place.

  85. Timeo:

    And this is for Craig Joubert.

    When a player knocks-on and an offside team-mate next plays the ball, the offside player is
    liable to sanction if playing the ball prevented an opponent from gaining an advantage.
    Sanction: Penalty kick

    Piss poor

  86. DavidS:

    @Cheetah Glory:

    BUD a week ago you derided the lack of talent of the Bulls… due to poor succession planning

    At the beginning of the SR after their Sharks game in Durtbin you laughed the Bulls off as useless dray horses incapable of executing a game plan.

    After their second game you called their gamplan poor and pathetic.

    So here you have a bunch of young nobodies mixed with a bunch of hasbeens playing an outdated gameplan… and pulling off in consecutive weeks a win against the top team in SR and a draw against the defending champions…



    The maul that gave rise to the penalty try was a thing of beauty was it not?

  87. Cheetah Glory:


    lauding the Bulls for their achievements would be like lauding the Stormers for their good seasons a while ago. I just did not like the way they play and I dont think that game plan is ambitious and balanced enough to make them Champs.

    But you have a point – fair play tot he Bulls for still being able to sell this idea to their players and have them buy in.