Quota plan on ice – report


833b903583c44e2d897addf5154ea06fThe sports department’s plan for top sporting codes to implement 60-40 quotas favouring black players would be postponed until next year, the Beeld newspaper reported on Tuesday.

This follows a meeting between Sport Minister Fikile Mbalula and representatives of athletics, cricket, football, netball and rugby in Johannesburg on Monday.

“After 20 years of our democracy, we should be ashamed of ourselves that there are still fundamental fault lines in society,” Mbalula said at the meeting held at Olympic House.

On April 5, the SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) and Mbalula announced far-reaching measures to address the lack of transformation and development as indicated by a pilot study on the status of transformation in sport.

The quota system, as instructed in the national Sports Plan of 2011, would be aggressively implemented before the May elections, he said at the time.

“We will insist on a change from a 50-50 proportion to a 40-60 representation both provincially and nationally,” he said at the beginning of April.

He warned of harsh punishment if there was any form of resistance to these measures including possibly withdrawing funding to bodies that failed to comply, withdrawing national colours to federations, and barring sponsorship.

“If rugby for instance has not adequately transformed a year from now, we will start to take action,” Mbalula told the newspaper.

Source: Sport24

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  1. Seems a bit more reasonable than the first announcement.

    What is more worrying is that Wallabies jersey he wears under his black jacket.

  2. Because Bunny, it just takes one idiot with conviction to push through harsh rules on the sport we love. I dont read this not happening anywhere, what I do read is that it is on hold for now.

    Time for SARU, the unions and supporters to wake up. These are serious warnings and if we do not act accordingly, we could see our teams evaporate. Yes their is allways the option of forming a breakaway body where quotas is not enforced, but if we want to keep the springboks and the teams we love we need to start acting that way. And it is not that drastic. Take Bongi at the Bulls for instance, Callie Visagie has done nothing to prove himself better than Bongi, yet we see very little of Bongi. Why not start him and bring Maku in on the bench? Visagie is a cc player in my opinion, cant see that he is any better than that and there are other examples.

    If coaches just get over the mentality of a black player is a wing or fullback, then we could see an influx of young talent. This is not the only problem obviously, but it is a start.

  3. @Aldo: I agree with your statement, we need to wake up I was saying the same thing about Bongi from the start of the season….I do not rate Callie….we need to start filtering through the players that came through our systems and our systems under Supershit is good enough and will produce these players on merit.