Cheetahs gets bonus point win



The Cheetahs won their second Super Rugby match of the 2014 season when they beat the Stormers 35-22 with a bonus point in Bloemfontein.

The Cheetahs outscored the Stormers by five tries to three in the contest and they take five points in the standings while the Stormers take nothing. The result moves the Cheetahs above the Stormers who drop down to the bottom of the South African Conference and the overall standings.

The 2011 and 2012 South African Conference winning Stormers now only have two home wins to show from their nine matches after nine matches so far this season. The Stormers have played six matches away from home and lost all six and have also lost one of their three home matches.

The Cheetahs have played ten matches and have also yet to win away from home but in their five home matches so far they have won two and drawn one.

For the Cheetahs was Willie Le Roux his magnificent self as he was the catalyst in the Cheetahs first half performance. With Daniller covering the back Willie had more freedom in playing his natural game and put the Stormers defence under a lot of pressure.  Heinrich Brüssow played a deserving ” Man of the Match” game and his turnover made a 14 point turnaround in the second half which took the game away from the Stormers totally. His presence at the break down point gave the Stormers a lot of problems and his linking between attack and defence was world class.

For the Stormers it was again more a step in the right direction as they played more attacking and gave the ball air so that the backs could get into play. The Stormers is showing signs of were most supporters would like them to be and Jean de Villiers had a great second half. His hand in all the Stormers attack came more into play in the second half and scored his own try as well towards the end. 

Cole made a huge difference in the side when he came on in the second half and one had the feeling the Stormers attack was more direct and with purpose suppose to Grants play before that in the game. Grant had a shocker of the game with his kicking and general play and just could not get the Stormers backline away when they struggled to keep up with a ramped Cheetahs side.  

It was a great spectacle and great to watch from both sides and Cheetahs just showed that they are more evolved in this kind of open rugby than the Stormers at this stage. Bottom of the log teams this weekend played one of the best rugby as did the Brumbies earlier in the day.

For the Stormers, they can take some heart from their play and build on this for the rest of the season as they are now in a rebuilding phase after a poor start. For the Cheetahs, they should make a run for it now as they showed to themselves that they can play their attacking game and still keep their defence in tact.

Final Score Cheetahs 35 (20) Stormers 22 (10)


Tries – H.Daniller, R.Benjamin, W. Le Roux, C.Hendricks, T. Nyakane
Pen – E.Watts 2
Con – E.Watts 2

Tries – N.Carr. D.Williams, J.De Villiers
Pen – P.Grant
Con – P.Grant,. K.Coleman

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  1. Great game of rugga and for a change it was nice to see certain players stand out again…..

    Stormers must take heart from their last two performances and build on that and for goodness sake do not go back to that defensive shit they dished up in the beginning of the season..

    It’s time to let Grant stay in Japan…he is out of form and out of touch with the tempo of Supershit….

    I was worried about Le Roux for the past few weeks and glad he stepped up his game tonight and must keep that touch….

  2. HB Brussouw was refreshing & deserved the MOM.

    Messerschmitt-Willie? What will he transform after he is throught with rugby?
    If I had to guess…Cold Fusion or Middle East peace.

    Liked seeing Rhule take the ball inside where in the hell has he been all year.
    Colnel Hendriks….Finally. NakaDrotske & Fun-N-Gun strategy crew need to fashion ways to get that guy into broken plat ala Willie in previous years.

    Lastly – Super Pretorious taking gaps with intent and masterfully distributing.
    Will he get a chance at Bok shirt against some crappy team like Moldova?

    Cheetahs looke good today or maybe….Stormers just made them look that way.

  3. Here we go Stormers, here we go!! Here we go Stormers, here we go!! .. Oh wait.. wrong year… Americano – I have a Griquas jersey, signed by your idol (before he made it big) – what will you do to get it?

  4. Thanks Bunny. I am glad to hear that.
    I think Brussouw being out really stooped them early in year. Rayno Benjamen @ 12 is their ode to EEbersohn not Sias the Cheetah one but can’t remember his name – I think that happens when guys go to France.

    On Willie’s kick to henny penny Daniller nobody but that midget wing from Stormers was anywhere within 30 yards – even @ 5 meter I thought that a bit out of position.

    Good game and win for Cheetahs isn the “Vatican of SA Rugby”….
    Cheetah Field

  5. Stormers boys desperate for a 9 and 10 and 12. Seem to making good loosies and locks and always hot outside backs.

    That Benjamin can look a more established 12 than Jean just shows you how unfit the latter is for the jersey. Play him wing! Look at the try he scored! He is a wing!

    But without a world class 9 and 10 it will never happen for the boys from Cape.

  6. But I am not going too get hopeful for Stormers. They will stick with Old AC. Also to see so many Boland players perform for Cheetahs illustrate a big cancer in how rugby in the WC is run.

    Cheetahs can hire Venter as consultant and do wonders. We need a few more ideas.

    What is exciting about Cheetahs rugby is our black players coming through and becoming role models. Louis Botha is knocking on door of top 20 schools in country and will henceforth offer strongest challenge to Grey.

    That Rhule and Oupa and these guys are making it at the big stage…this is how dreams are created and how a great many african boys abandon soccer. Freestates only under 20 reps are both from Louis Botha.

    We need less reliance on Grey. We need to get our platteland more involved and support the Louis Botha revolution all the way.

  7. Always thought Lions could become the black rugby bastion that grows the game and have every Hillbrow kid born in Lagos dream about playing for the Lions.

    But Lions still run by tannie Willemse from Alberton. They simply lack the vision.

    Can Cheetahs become the big black hope, where every kid in africa swops his Man U and chelsea shirt for a Cheetah one?

    Seeing Rhule and Nykanne do that dance – is miles away from how the average white dude views the game – but this is the kind of thing that gets attention. The game looks fun. A space where the dark hue is welcome to show off its wares.

    We can only dream

  8. It never ceases to amaze me the change in tenor on this website after a Cheetahs win. Couple that with Messerschmitt-Willie putting in an otherworldly exhibition during & this place just crackles with electricity.

    Cheetahs really deserved their title of “South Africa’s Team” today.
    Bout time!

  9. Get it out of the way first…whahahahahaa.

    One team came to win it the other came not to loose…reminds me of the English in the 1980s…

    Fire the whole management or no sorry Stormers can take a breather cos they scored the last try so they win the game…LOL AA BEE kak breeds mediocrity.

    Unpredictability breaks the modern defence and it came in the form of Willie and some Chieflike ball handling skills and the score should have been bigger for some terrible goal kicking and a few dropped passes.

    The Cheetahs stole the little extra ground gained on the ground with a roll the Warratahs bought in recently. Smart takes out the fetchers and those always trying to take up the space or simply put those dirty c@nts who get in the way of the scrummie.

    The Stormers are poorly managed and coached. They were tormented by a player who could not make it through Western province achilles heel, you need to connected to be selected or POC of course. Willie former Paarl player….

    As for Brussow, wow steals, intelligence and beautiful connect play with the backline.

    Beautiful to watch rugby well worth the 130am wakeup.


  10. Here we go Stormers, here we go!! Here we go Stormers, here we go!! .. Oh wait.. wrong year… Americano – I have a Griquas jersey, signed by your idol (before he made it big) – what will you do to get it?

  11. Watched some highlights again of this game.

    I dont know how a major professional rugby franchise like the Stormers with literally thousands of players coming through every year, ends up playing a 10 like Grant in the twilight of his career.

    Its just not good enough, but will it be acted upon?

    The way Moyes was disposed off – will rugby learn anything from this? Thats how a multimillion pound sportsteam deal with mediocrity.

  12. MORNE !

    How cool would it be to get the jersey & find out who the heck that Donner guy really is?

    I’ll have to come up with something FedEx gets fussy over mailing body parts

    Maybe an in person handover @ the Vatican of SA Rugby – Cheetah field…..or maybe a test somewhere over there. Maybe a Ruggaworld summit that will be opposite of suurgat.

  13. Ya never know Bunny.
    Morne ( too small – Bryce too and the cursed missed tackle stats EVERY freakin’ WEEK) was one one of the most stubborn holdouts to the ascendence to Springbok that was Willie’s destiny.
    He’s got a grip on him.

  14. Two things.

    There in the beginning, Rhule was off his feet when he latched onto the ball and prevented a certain try. It should have been a penalty try plus yellow card.

    Offloading in the tackle is not risk free. Had Burger held on for the ruck, Brussow would have been off-side and out of the play. Instead he off-loaded and conceded a try on the other end of the field.

  15. @Timeo:

    yes timeo, its called risk, and its what gives the sport its appeal. If every player holds on (which would mean no try at other end) there will be no spectators left in the game.

    I respect pragmatism but I think you are using it to deflect south african shortcomings in the game. No one wants a stupid team to chuck a ball willy nilly, and the Cheetahs won yesterday not because they were adventurous but because they defended really well.

    But please stop trying to find an answer for what is evidently a problem in SA rugby. We have stopped using all our weapons – we now only use the safe ones, and you dont win wars that way. Ask America.

  16. @Cheetah Glory:

    I don’t agree regarding the spectators. I think the primary driver attracting spectators is results not risk taking. The Bulls after all have been pursuing the low risk approach for a while and have done well maintaining spectator numbers.

    It’s a mistake is to equate risk taking with success. Because history is filled with successful risk takers, people mistakenly assume it was the risk taking that lead to the success. Problem is, we never learn (or hear) about the more numerous failures and their their equally risky behaviors.

    In my opinion, it’s the same in life as in sports, the surest way to success is to minimize risk. Or at least know the up and down sides well and limit risk taking to situations where the down side won’t hurt much.

    Taking a risk 10m from the opponents try-line is not such a bad thing. That it went wrong so spectacularly was just poor luck.

  17. @Timeo:

    Think of it though.

    The score was 15-23, with 10-min to go.

    Setting up the ruck and playing phases could have lead to a Stormers try (1), or more likely a penalty (2). Worst case scenario would have been a ruck penalty to the Cheetahs (3).

    (1): 22-23. Bonus point plus chance to win with a PK or DG.
    (2): 18-23. Bonus point plus chance to win with a try.
    (3): 15-23. Chance for a bonus point with a PK, DG or try.

    Instead they went for the spectacular play (4)…..
    (4): 15-30. Chance of winning match gone.

  18. The Bulls were in a similar position. They opted for the safe plays and came away with outcome (3) and a BP.
    Nothing to get excited about but still better than outcome (4).

    The Brumbies are a great example of managing risks.
    They’re pretty good at protecting the ball at rucks and will take 10 or more phases left-right in front of the posts until their opponents concede the penalty.

    They took this low risk approach all the way to final last year and doing it with less talent than the Waratahs or the Reds.
    They’re not doing to badly spectator wise either.

  19. @Timeo:

    Yes the Stormers risked and it it did not come off, but over the long term, the teams who go for it tend to get it more often, which is why a Chiefs or Canes or Saders team can free-score when they need to. They have putt themselves in positions where they took a more risky approach and in time narrowed the risk by being in this position in match situations.

    SA sides are like the school kid,, so scared to try anything in case it fails and they get dropped.

    A player like Le Roux might have been dropped by most unions but at Kwas was allowed to make 5 mistakes for every 5 brilliant things he did.

    And by doing this in enough games he narrowed it to 6/4. Now even in big games he is probably on an 8/2 ratio of brilliant/dumb.

  20. Most coaches will tell you that at the highest level games are today mostly won by individuals doing extraordinary things in a single moment.

    How smart is it then for SA teams to not improve the likelihood of players doing extraordinary things, by allowing guys to make their own calls?

    And what is Super Rugby anyway if not a chance to chuck the ball about a bit?

    Come TRC time the kiwis are full of flair while our guys, bar Willie, have been taught for 6 months to play the percentages?

    We need more weapons.

  21. Le Roux is only 8/2 against a hapless team like the Stormers.

    He was mostly ineffectual against the Sharks last week and a few weeks ago against the better NZ and Aus team he was mostly 4/6 or worse.

  22. I see Rob Houwing is criticising Matfield’s comment of going back to basics. My answer directly has relevance to Timeo and Brendon’s conversation here.

    Rob says it is because of the Bulls gameplan being to basic that they are unsuccessfull. Bullsh*t is my answer, it is because they did not do basics correctly. All 4 games on tour they lost by less than 7, not because of poor gameplan but poor execution. Hurricanes game we dropped the ball 15 times in one half, 2 of those with the tryline begging and at least 5 other with the defense under serious pressure. Convert just 2 of those 7 and it would’ve been a bp win for the Bulls and everybody would’ve said it is a good gameplan.

    Minimizing risk is the most successfull way of playing, players and basic skills have let the Bulls down on tour, not gameplan. Our gameplan has kept a massively inexperienced side in it in most games, with only mistakes costing us those games, maybe panic, I dont know, but I dont think the problem lies in our gameplan.

    On another note, I’ve joined a group on facebook called ‘nou die blou’, a group for Bulls fans, does anyone know how to leave groups on fb? Jees I now see why people say Bulls supporters blame the ref everytime we lose. I’ve never seen anything as horrible as this, it really irritates me when people use excuses rather than focus on mistakes they’ve made. Uhg, as If the refs cost us any of our games on tour, we should’ve won at least 2 games if we had basic bloody skills.

  23. @Aldo: I agree with you…..and it is not just Bulls supporters by all supporters in general in SA….I think Nick was right in saying SA supporters do not know the laws. I have ban News24 from myself as I have not see an worse site than sport24…..the comments made on that site makes all our teams supporters a bunch of idiots who looks like we come from the bush and all they can do is insult people in their one minded approach….

    On Facebook next to groups heading you have more…if you click on it you go to a new window….then you can click on the little gear icon to remove the group….

  24. If you have an international center (Springbok capped) that cannot pass accurately both ways your problems lies much deeper than game-plans.

    There is virtually no difference in game plans between all 14 sides in this competition. It is very simple.

    Make your tackles.
    Secure your first phases.
    Have a solid exit strategy.
    ‘Play’ on their side of the field.

    Once you get those 4 things right, you will be more effective building phases and forcing turn-overs from which to capatilize.

  25. Win thats why we watch and they play…should I say blood sweat and tears for them.
    The game is evolving with culture and the laws applied to make it more appealing for commercial value, for that it is now.
    We need better skills, we need to change the player culture of size and technique and run the fucking ball.
    I see the running game in the right conditions far more appealing to watch. Dont like watching the Bulls games but they are getting the change too.
    @Morné: Morne is right you have to do the basics thats a given & been paid so much.

  26. @Morné:

    mate our bok captain cannot pass to his right. but we dont get nearly angry enough over these things.

    See Vermeulens pass to selfsame De Villiers as case in point. WP with monster overlap. Ball just needs to go through hands at pace. Vermeulen flings a pass a meter behind De Villiers’ back.

    If we were serious about skills, that mistake would be absolutely frowned upon and a player would be openly lambasted.

    But its ‘yster’ vermeulen and passing should not really be is strong suit so we let it slide.

    Yet we will cry for hours over a missed tackle or a mistake at a ruck, but these basic things we are happy to comb over.

  27. I urge all of you to look at the next match and ask one question: how many tries are NOT scored due to inaccurate passing breaking the momentum of an overlap?

  28. @Cheetah Glory:

    We know the answer.

    SA players generally, do not have the physical attributes nor the skill set for a wide ranging, fast paced, running game against NZ teams……

    Wisest to play to our strengths then. Kicks, mauls, rucks, line-outs and so on.

  29. @Cheetah Glory:

    Typical thoughtless moronism from Brendon as he gets stuck in his 1990s mindset… thinking that somehow The Lions is a Louis Luytist coalition of West Rand rugby clubs.

    Lions more run by like the “Willemses” from Eldorado Park” and with death of rugby schools in Johannesburg no future…

    Coupled to which the vastly overrated “Soweto Rugby Club” and its influence and you have the West Randers wondering what happened, RAU and Wits no longer really playing rugby because all the white boys who used to go there are at Tukkies and Potch, the horrifyingly poor inner city types struggling to even exist never mind play rugby… at Berae sports club public grounds the homeless liive in shacks so no sports…

    Johannesburg was never going to develop black players because its elite cannot attract players to schoools that play rugby so they just assimilated soccer.