Sharks hold on to beat Rebels



The Sharks recovered from their loss to the Highlanders at home last week by beating the Rebels 16-22 in Melbourne at AAMI Park.

The result makes the Sharks the first South African team to cross the Indian Ocean and win away from home after matches from the SA teams so far in 2014. Some controversial referee decision kept the Rebels in the game up and till the last play of the game. It is just so irritating that we talk more about referees these day than the players or the game.

Sharks will have to put in a much improved effort if they would want to have any change in winning the big clash against the Brumbies next week. The Sharks general play is poor and with so many handling errors or poor passes you leave a hell of a lot of points on the park which you should take to build moment and confidence. This is important more so for a team on tour. 

The Sharks have now played the Melbourne Rebels three times and won all three matches.

Final Score Rebels 16 (6) Sharks 22 (15)


Tries – P. Leafa
Pen – J.Woodward 3
Con – J.Woodward

Tries – J.P.Pietersen
Pen – F.Steyn 5
Con – F.Steyn

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  1. They were lucky to strike the weakest team
    in their opening match. There were some nice
    glimpses of support play, offloads.

  2. That was the shittiest refereeing I’ve seen so far this year.

    The touchie and TMO tried to delicately guide the poor bastard to award the penalty try, but he just didn’t get it.
    And then to award that try with the improper tap kick. Rugby laws 101.

  3. @Timeo: agreed terrible ref, mistakes for both sides but he really did try, not as professional as others, to hand the game to the Rebels but lucky they are too shite to even win.

    Hands in the scrum twice by the rebels, skew throwins and 3 missed forward passes.

    Bitching about the ref is usually my defaults so I am pleased some one else bought it up first.