Stormers showed improvement



Stormers coach Allister Coetzee says that his team showed a massive improvement when they beat the Highlanders 29-28 with a bonus point on Saturday.

The victory was the Stormers second one point victory at Newlands this season as they also beat the Hurricanes by a point earlier this year.

A licence to run the ball rather than stick to robotic playing patterns brought the best out of the Stormers.

The Stormers hardly looked by a bottom-of -the-standings team as their well-known defence-based game gave way to dynamic patterns which could have brought more tries had it not been for the New Zealand visitors’ superb cover defence at the Railway Stand corner flag in the first half.

After the match, Stormers coach Allister Coetzee praised his team’s transition from defence to attack.

“The transition from attack to defence showed a massive improvement,” said Coetzee.

“We’ve been in a tough place (after several defeats), both players and management, and it has been more about coping mentally. It was a necessary win.”

The Stormers’ biggest test in pursuit of this win was their ability to bounce back after they surrendered a 26-14 lead by letting in two converted tries in quick succession just ahead of the hour mark when they were left trailing 26-28.

“When things turned against us, the (onfield) leadership took control.” said Coetzee.

“They knew how to get us out there, and this was against a team that scored four tries against the Sharks last week. Our intensity was right up there and that’s what you need against any New Zealand side.”

The Stormers’ defence wide out on the flanks was an area which the Highlanders tried to exploit by using tactical kicks and the ploy nearly paid handsome dividends.

“We tried to play an expansive game and we were able to do that because we did the basics right,” said Coetzee.

“This was the team’s most polished performance this season and we managed to cut down on the rate of unforced errors.”

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  1. The Stormers seem to have rediscovered how to play hard but enjoy the game scoring 4 tries at the same time. Still smiling about Schalk’s Sonny Bill style offload to Malherbe to score. Some good Highlanders tries too. Oh to have been at Newlands.

  2. Its seems there are two schools of thought on the game right now.


    versus the


    The laws currently favor the first.

  3. @Aldo:

    Must say the Bulls milked their mall for penalties (whereas Cheetahs tried to make ground with it to attack) and Bulls used scrum as a means to earn penalties (and not to secure good ball for an attack)

    Look at the scoreboard and you can see why this is the ‘clever’ rugby you speak off.

    Its so bloody sad a defeatist – just short of a footballer holding his face in agony to earn a free kick, but right now this is how you win games.

  4. @Cheetah Glory:

    my dilemma is do i want my team to also start doing this so they can win more games?

    all i know is that I get great satisfaction when kiwi teams beat ours by just being better and nullifying our teams propensity to milk penalties instead of play the game.

    I wish my cheetahs were good enough to also do this.

  5. @Cheetah Glory:

    Mauling is a skill that takes weeks and months of practice to achieve and become good at and it’s governed by a set standard of laws known to everyone.

    Like obstructive running or any form of foul play, it is penalisable if you offend in this area of play.

    Similarly, you only earn penalties at scrums if the other team is guilty of breaking the laws.

    Rugby is about being good in all aspects of the game, not just certain areas.

  6. I see everybody is going on about Brussow again….lets look at him and Carr this weekend….

    Carr does not give away as much penalties as Brussow, Brussow had one turnover, 3 penalties conceded, 13 tackles 1 meter run, 4 carries, and Carr made one turn over, 8 tackles no penalties conceded, 10 carriers 29 meters run……he cost a team more than what he is worth for the team….look elsewhere as other players are bigger, stronger and have a better game in all

  7. @Morné:

    no I get it.

    and I can understand why you would want to use these set pieces as a means to earn penalties and why this is clever play. It makes the game more strategic and thats a good thing. I dont like it, but I understand why its clever rugby.

    I just think that once maul is stationary it needs to be blown. Too often do we see attacking team stall or move backwards, then regroup and once they move forward they earn a penalty? So they just hold off until an opposing player gets overzealous.

    This is also fine – provided the opposing team is allowed a fair contest. I cannot see why the attacking team is allowed the leeway to first stall and then regroup. The ref says ‘use it’n and often 3 seconds later you see slight movement.

  8. and the cheetahs were dominating the scrums big time, yet were being penalized for walking around every time, even on their own ball. Bulls simply anchored one side so scrum wields and penalty goes out.

    Its easiest way to earn a penalty, but again is the equivalent of a soccer player holding his face to earn a free kick.

    If a scrum dominated another you would want to see the advantage, not be penalized every time you shove the opposition backwards.

  9. @Jacques(Bunny):

    Stop seeing brussouw as a fetcher. He is, like Burger, a player with intel and influence so many small facets that the big stats mean very little. He is also the one flanker that can truly link with a backline and has a great passing game to both sides – something few backline players have.

    That said, I like Carr, but he is another in a long line of big SA flankers, when we yearn for someone a bit smaller and a bit more cunning.

  10. Right now an Alberts, Burger, Brussouw combo will be deadly.

    One wrecker, 3 great defenders, 2 players with serious intel.

    I swear we will murder even Kiwis if we pick that trio.

    Make it even better and move Alberts to lock to bring in Vermeulen as wrecker. But Burger and Brussouw right now will cause absolute havoc with the form they are in.

  11. The Cheetah scrum was their own downfall, the only reason it seemed they were dominating, was because the props every scrum first went left then in. It was pointed out in the first scrum allready and they just continued.

    As for mauling to milk penalties, if the cheetahs didnt give away said penalties, the Bulls could’ve used their maul to create attacks. 2 ways of looking at it and I reckon you play the game to win. Whether you do so by penalties or tries.

  12. What irked me most about the game was that every time the Bulls had frontfoot ball in the Cheetahs 22, the cheetahs gave away a penalty. So if you cant score tries you win by kicking penalties.

    What was the same as a football player clutching his face to get a free kick was Brussouw almost pulling Victor into him when the Bulls almost scored their first try. He tried so hard to get Victor to look as if he’s obstrcuting him, that it made me laugh.

  13. Because the Cheetahs won against a struggling Stormers side who tried to play a new game he has made a difference? I do not think so, the fact that the Cheetahs play with Hennie Daniller fullback made the difference in this team which give Willie and backline more freedom.

    I do not rate him and don’t believe the hype around him…..he cost you when you do not need it….

  14. “Good enough” being the key phrase there.

    If your players are bigger, stronger, faster, fitter and better skilled than most others, then you may play with more freedom and less fear and it will be beautiful to boot.

    If your players are not….then all you have is playing clever.

  15. Kinda surprised Meyer never gave Henny Daniller a sniff. He must be long in the tooth because defensively, the guy is just locked down. High ball, tackling, howitzer for a leg.
    Never seen him kick for posts or do anything offensively but who’s perfect right?
    Uh oh…I just remembered :-0

    Anyway it will be VERY interesting to see what Stormers have to give to Aldo’s ghouls in their Temple of Doom next week.
    This is Stormers season Saturday!

  16. Jou tannie se moftus man! It is Loftus Versveld, stadium to great rugby teams and every so often a soccer team sneaks in and plays there.

  17. Happy birthday to the East Rand THUG! Hope you have a great day and the Lions win this weekend. In honour of Dawie’s big day, I’ll pray for a miracle and back the Lions on Superbru this weekend.

  18. @Jacques(Bunny):

    Boks can be great if we pick a diverse loose trio that can do it all (not just carry ball and tackle), but I forget in SA we dont really want ‘great’ do we?

    May you enjoy many a loose forward just dumbly making contact. Lets leave the exciting stuff to the Kiwis.

    This way at least we dont have to lose by too much.

  19. i often wonder ho long the kiwis spend on studying the attacking prowess of a Vermeulen/Alberts/Coetzee trio!

    2 minutes?

    Flo adds spark, and Brussouw is same player with a bit better hands. Those two simply have to be there.

  20. Heard it was a cracker of a game so the viewer is the winner certainly beats the game played mostly on the predictable League boot rugby. You know its coming.
    Variation is good and horses for courses of course but to offer 1 dimensional predictability to easy to defend.

    AC we did not get relegated so we win and I keep my job.

    Fetching is no longer a position but a skill. Like the look of Rhodes and Whitely and that Monster DuPlesis is a comen a knocking. Kwagga Smith…

  21. Love Love Love Whitely,

    Just last night was making a ‘skills’ dream team and he was my 8, with Deon Fourie my 6 and Brits my hooker.

    I then need to remind myself that SA detests these players. Deon Fourie does 100 great things in a game but heaven forbid he misses a line-out throw – then he risks non-selection.

    Absolute absurdity.

    And Whitely is too skinny. He just does not look big and scary enough and is probably not a ‘safe’ player.

  22. We dont have manically skilled locks. Hargreaves now also a bit of a crashballer.

    I remember years ago Jake White illustrating that the most effective ball carrier lock was Albert VD Berg because his technique and skills were just more effective than the bruisers.

    Matfield probably still the most skillful lock we have now, even in open play – even though Oupa Mohoje is also a footballer

  23. It is one of Fourie’s main functions. In work and play, it doesnt matter if you do one hundred things good but fail at your main function.

    It’s like a CEO saying ‘Yes the company’s profits are down since I’ve taken over, but look how much the people enjoy free lunch Wednesday’s.’