Brumbies chase Jake White


The Brumbies are chasing up to $25,000 from Sharks coach Jake White through the courts after the South African coach walked out on the club halfway through a four-year deal.


It is understood White was served papers in Canberra on the Friday before the Sharks’ clash with the Brumbies on May 10, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

According to documents lodged in the ACT Magistrates Court, the amount is understood to be the final portion of an estimated $200,000 White owed the Brumbies after violating a non-compete clause in his contract with the Australian province.

It is understood the balance of that amount was paid by the Sharks some time in late February or early March.

Under the terms of his agreement with the Brumbies, White was prohibited from coaching another Super Rugby side until the end of next year..

He announced his decision to leave the club last September, two seasons into his four-year deal, after missing out on the Wallabies head coaching role.

Less than a month later, the Durban-based Sharks announced White as their director of rugby. White, now in New Zealand with the squad, was contacted for comment.

”Yes, we are in dispute with Jake White but we cannot comment further as it’s a matter before the courts,” Brumbies chief executive Doug Edwards said.

White took the Brumbies to the Super Rugby final in his second year in charge and has taken the Sharks to the top of this year’s competition after less than eight months at the helm.

In a television interview three days before the Sharks’ dour 16-9 loss to the Brumbies, White said he took the Brumbies job in 2011 after then-ARU chief executive John O’Neill indicated the Wallabies coaching role could go to a another foreigner after Robbie Deans served out his two-year extension.

That same week he told Fairfax Media that ”the landscape changed” when he was overlooked by the new ARU administration.

”When I arrived in Australia three national team coaches were foreign coaches. When I decided to leave, there were none left,” he said. ”When I was living in Canberra, I bought a house, I moved to Australia. I’m the kind of guy who you’re either in or don’t do it.

”The Brumbies song goes: ‘Proud to be Australian with a Brumby on my chest.’

”I didn’t go quiet when that part of the song was sung. I’m an Aussie, mate. That’s why it was difficult to go back; my wife Lindy cried when I told her. In the past, coaching was the priority. But the landscape changed and, selfishly or unselfishly, going to back South Africa suited me.”

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  1. At some point all the asses he’s sold down the river to get to where he is and all the bridges he’s burned will turn and bite him…

  2. His tantrums are starting to hit where it hurts. He wanted to coach the Wallabies, they said nothank you and the toys went flying.

    Funny that they still value his opinion over here. Doesnt say much though. ARU in deep financial crap. They wanted to start charging their junior clubs a team levy this year to sort the financial mess. The clubs basically tolddthem to go stuff themselves. Imagine charging a junior club (u6 to u12) the equivalent of R200,000 to participate.

  3. His team’s handy lead on the log is likely to grow even larger.

    The Chiefs, the Brumbies and the Highlanders each have to play the Waratahs. The Highlanders and the Crusaders have to play each other TWICE.

    The Sharks’ last four opponents are 10th, 13th, 12th and 13th on the log.

  4. @Timeo:

    what you all fail to realise is that the sharks, like the stormers before them, simply lack the game to win this competition. They just do not have it. So huffing and puffing at the top helps fokkol.

  5. and tell you what right now I would rather play the 4/5/3 etc teams who still have stuff to lose.

    The Cheetahs, Stormers, Lions etc are dangerous now.

  6. Brumbies from last to the top of their conference in 2 seasons… Sharks from 3rd in their conference to the top and the top of the entire comp in one season…

    Jake White is a genius… the best South Africa have ever had…

  7. It irritates the hell out of me that he just cannot keep his trap shut. But that he is successful in managing players and executing strategy is absolutely certain! And yes, the best SA had in a long time. Mallet was great in adapting and executing strategy – but crap player management. Carel was just too nice, but actually has a great rugby brain. Pivvie just watched tapes in his hotel room with non-rugby-playing hookers and let John, Vic and Schalk carry on with the coaching. HakHak is trying his best to bring back Jake’s team – and in the mean time just kick and kick and kick…apparently he is great buddy to some players (those with Fortuners and blue pajamas).

  8. @Cheetah Glory:

    The Sharks have been held back by poor execution and sloppy mistakes, but are still top of the log. With a few very small improvements, they will become unbeatable.

    Don’t forget, that luck (good or bad) plays a pretty large role in rugby matches. The best team does not always win the competition. Finishing top of the log is often a better indicator.

  9. If the Sharks beat the Blues this weekend, they’ll be in a position to rest their players in the final round, like the Bulls did in 2010.

  10. The Stormers had a weak scrum and poor tactical kicking in 2011 and ’12. They relied on defense much more than the Sharks do this year.

    The Chiefs had easy games against travel weary teams in their finals. Considering how they struggled against the Bulls and Cheetahs earlier, it’s hard to imagine them winning a final in Durban.

    The Waratahs have been poor travelers this year and were embarrassed in Durban. The Brumbies, if they make it, will be on their 3rd game and pretty tired also. They scraped past the Sharks in Canberra, Durban will be much tougher.

    The Crusaders’ and Highlanders’ chances of making it to final are are pretty slim. They have very tough schedules in the final rounds.