Jake White: Suur druiwe?


Pleks van almal te blameer, moet Jake White dalk hand in eie boesem steek vir die Shark se nederlaag teen die Stormers.

Article by Boertjie

Maandag was die dag vir verskonings nadat die Sharks en die Bulls die haas onmoontlike vermag het deur teen die Stormers en die Lions te verloor. Die Sharks s’n het ‘n nogal ‘n sterk klankie van suur druiwe en swak beplanning.

Die Stormers het op Kingspark opgedraf sonder ses eerstekeuse spelers – wat die hele voorry insluit – en met ‘n derdekeuse kaptein. Hulle het ook twee baie onervare slotte gehad onder die drie wat aangewend is en was ook sonder Schalk Burger, Kobus van Wyk en Jean de Villiers.

Jake White blameer die nederlaag nietemin op die feit dat sy span agt wedstryde na mekaar moes speel en toe nog tien spelers in die Springbokkamp gehad het.

“Dis nie net die agt weke of die kamp nie, dis ook die bank wat ons moes aanwend en die spelers se moegheid,” het White gesê.

Maar nou kan ‘n mens ook vra: Waar was die beplanning vir so ‘n gebeure, wat tog al aan die begin van die seisoen op die kaarte was?

Die Sharks se Springbok-voorry het vanjaar elke enkele wedstryd saam begin, behalwe die een toe Bismarck du Plessis beseer was. Willem Alberts en François Steyn het ook elke wedstryd gespeel.

Die weervraag aan White is dus: Hoekom het jy die spelers nie beter geroteer nie ná die droomseisoen waarin die Sharks se eerste klomp wedstryde, behalwe die een teen die Bulls (wat hulle verloor het) op hul tuisveld gespeel het?

Terselfdertyd kan hy dalk ook sy wedstrydplan onder die loep neem. Die nederlaag teen die Brumbies en die groot gesukkel om die Blues te klop, het reeds in hierdie rigting gewys. Net vir die rekord: Van al die Superspanne het die Sharks (24) die minste drieë gedruk. Die getal vir die ander voorste spanne is Hurricanes (46), Brumbies (41) en Waratahs (40).

Ook die Bulls het net 24 gedruk, teenoor die Cheetahs se 32 en die Stormers se 28.

Die Sharks moet waarskynlik nou die Cheetahs en die Stormers in wegwedstryde klop as hulle nog bo-aan die puntelys wil eindig.

Die besluit om Victor Matfield te rus, was die groot fout wat die Bulls teen die Lions gemaak het, het Nick Mallett gesê.

“Dit was ‘n baie dapper vertoning van die Lions en die Bulls was die meesters van hul eie ondergang. Hulle het leierloos en sonder motivering gelyk, nie na ‘n span wat desperaat probeer om die uitspeelrondes te haal nie.”

Die Bulls is nou in die 9de plek met 33 punte en vier punte agter die Hurricanes, wat sesde is.

Hul oorblywende wedstryde is op Nuweland teen ‘n Stormersspan wat heelparty beseerde spelers sal terughê en die Rebels op Loftus (11 Julie.)

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  1. Under estimate your opponents at your peril.

    The Bulls are now out. Three teams above them have to lose twice for them to make it.
    Better luck next year.

    The Sharks will be very lucky to finish top of the log. They can win it from 2nd or 3rd place, but it will be very difficult.

    S15 is another bust for SA. Here’s to a better Bok season.

  2. I dont think the frustrating thing for bok fans is what Jake said, we understand that as franchise coach, he is expected to win every week.

    The frustrating thing is that Jake was where Heyneke is now, he understands how difficult it is to get player to gel into one team in just a week, yet he still complains.

    I also question the decision to play Frans Steyn every minute of every game for a whole season, yet he is injured? That is not proper management of a player.

    The Bulls knew the risk they took when resting Matfield and still took it. Might be stupid but then we also know that the believe in rotation of players and also that Matfield needed a break after he wasnt supposed to play on tour. With the internationals coming up and then the rest of the super series, there wasnt a lot of choices open to them. We lost, we were outplayed and it proved that the Bulls are in dire need of leadership as Matfield wont allways be around.

    But then to blame the loss solely on Matfield not being there, is unfair to the Lions. They were simply that much better and I dont see the Bulls coming up with excuses. They probably know in the camp that they were outplayed and that is where we should focus. It happens that a bottom of the lof team beats semi final hopefulls on any given day, it is what makes rugby a beautifull game. The Lions came out fully charged up and the Bulls were poor. Analysis done.

    As for Boshoff, I was fuming when they let him go and good on him for proving his worth against the very team that let him go. Most of he guys the Bulls let go off, were doing really well against our so called ‘bigname’ players on Saturday. I didnt enjoy it, but in sitting back thinking about it, the Lions played really well.

  3. Question! How the hell do you get to the top of the log and stay there, plus win in New Zealand (twice) if you don’t play your strongest team?

    The franchises don’t have unlimited cheque books to pay for massive quality player depth and nor do good players want to sit on the bench too often, they’d rather play for a team where they get regular game time.

    It’s not JW with the suur druiwe. He practically says the team did not play well and gives the reasons for it. Live with it.

  4. @Ollie:

    Punters clearly think that as a former Bok coach he should rather be ‘mum’ on Bok camps… despite it being a valid contributing factor on top of several more for a rather flat performance… once asked by the media to explain…

    The other minority (it seems) simply see it for what it is… answering a media question in a matter of fact manner…

  5. The Bulls made no excuses and heaped praise on the Lions.
    Full points to them.
    I still feel it’s what Jake could also have added.
    How often does a bottom dwelling team full of
    rookies beat the top dogs?
    This calls for a bit of retrospect.

    Thanks to Gert Smal the Stormers are earning some
    respect again.

    Having said that, I’m sorry for both losers, but
    things like this do happen.

  6. @bryce_in_oz:

    Diplomats, Politicians, Athletes and even Rugby Coaches generally know that one do not answer media questions in a matter of fact way or speak your mind.

    Wise men use vague meaningless stock phrases:
    -we were flat
    -give credit to the Stormers
    -i take the blame

    Media interviews are always boring, except when the interviewee is being stupid.

    Like in this case.

    JW made himself the focus. Caused, and will cause his players to be even more distracted. Sharks players in the Bok team will be scrutinized in the context of his comments and they will be rehashed in a month’s time when they play at Newlands.

    …….you have the right to be silent…….everything you say, can and will be held against you!

  7. @Timeo:

    Even If I am a minority of one, truth is still the truth.
    Mahatma Gandhi

    Why have interviews if we always get the same canned answers?
    Besides, Nick Cummins would be nowhere near as interesting either.

  8. @Boertjie:

    Who’s to say he didn’t say anything about the Stormers, which “accidentally” was omitted from the article.

    It was great to hear Mallet on the radio echoing exactly what White said about the reasons for the Sharks being off their game.

  9. It pretty straight forward… Jake White polarises… particularly when he’s succeeding… even more so now he’s back at the Sharks and continuing his form from the last two seasons at the Brumbies… he sells column space… Ludeke is relatively boring in comparison…

    If I were a Bulls fan I’d have been expecting a much more in depth explanation for them throwing that game and with it their season… saying the Lions played better just doesn’t cut it… their handling was terrible and their attack sideways… they should have scored at least two tries in that game… they didn’t… they blew it… and it wasn’t simply the Lions having a good game…

    But they’re more interested in getting sucked into anti-JW emotion by journalists… and of course Stormers fans are back to being wind-gat after a few decent wins and a lucky one against a JW team…

  10. @Ollie:

    on this matter, I could care less about the truth, the Stormers or Jake White’s opinions. I do care about the Sharks’ prospects and the harm that may be done to it by unnecessary controversy.

    I also care about the Boks’ prospects and the harm that could be done to it by controversy.

  11. The only truth in an opinion is whether it is truly the speaker’s opinion.
    More relevant is the wisdom in always speaking one’s opinions.

    A rugby coach may truly hold the opinion that some of his players are to blame for a loss, but it’s not wise to say so in public because it will harm team morale.

    He may truly hold the opinion that a win was due to some clever tactic, but it’s not wise to say so because it will aid the opposition.

    He may truly hold the opinion that a loss was due to his players being tired and distracted, but it’s not wise to say anything that may result in further distractions.

    A wise coach will say as little as possible in interviews because what he says may sometimes harm his cause but never help it.

    The logical action for a reasonably intelligent fan is to not watch the interviews because they are unlikely to provide any value.

    Fortunately for rugby and the broadcasters few fans have the insight.

  12. @bryce_in_oz:

    You should understand the concept of avoiding situations with downside only.

    For the Sharks the possible downside in JW’s public comments is that they motivate the Stormers in the rematch.
    Upside: None.
    Action unwise.

    For the Boks, there is the issue of a number of vociferous Sharks fans that blame any and all losses of form or failures by Sharks players on Heineke Meyer. Some of this may have reached the players and even a hint of such by the Sharks coach may reinforce it and may cause harm in cohesion at the Boks.

    It may very well not, but it’s another situation with possible downside only.

  13. You’re reading FARRRR too much into it…

    I very much doubt anyone in the the Bok setup from juniors to seniors really give a toss what the South African media write… particularly when it’s something as nothing as this…

  14. @Morné:

    Yes I would be… if the Bok team of mostly seniors that have played together forever… is riled/divided over a simple answer (which was only a bit part) on why the Sharks had appeared so flat in their defeat… then I’d call them weak as piss… they deserve to capitulate this season…

    After years of reading the drivel we see from journo’s and SARU antics… I very much doubt they give a toss what’s written in the paper… particularly something so inconsequential…

  15. @Timeo:

    Agreed… there would always be some… particularly guys that have been copping it relentlessly since they made their teenage debut…

  16. @bryce_in_oz:

    But what Frans and some other’s have endured with the personal vitriol and character assassinations is not quite the same as the scenario you’ve detailed in the slightest.. ie worrying about what the public thinks about what your coach’s bit-part reasoning was for a loss…