White: Bok Camp cost Sharks



Sharks boss Jake White felt that last week’s Springbok training camp contributed to his side’s loss to the Stormers in Durban.

A Jaco Taute drop-goal on the final hooter helped the visitors snatch a dramatic 21-19 victory at Kings Park, leaving the home side hanging on to their log-leading position by a thread.

“Playing eight games in a row isn’t easy and then the Springbok camp this week didn’t help,” a disappointed White said afterwards.

“It’s the reality of what we had to sit up with. It’s not ideal, the boys have spoken about it, but it’s one of those things you just have to adapt.”

The Sharks lost ten players to a three-day camp held in Durban at the start of last week, with national coach Heyneke Meyer calling up a 36-man group ahead of the four-game June international break.

What made things more difficult for the Sharks was the fact that their players stepped off a plane back from Australasia and straight into the camp.

“I knew that the eight weeks would take a toll on the players” White explained.

“History has told me this team in all the competitions, whenever there’s a Springbok camp we lost the next game, so it’s not just with me.

“If you look at the Lions, who had one guy out, they ended up getting a great result against a Bulls side that would also have been disjointed will all the guys they had at camp.

“It’s not just the eight weeks, it’s not just the camp, it’s everything added up. It’s the bench we had to use, it’s the fatigue that came in, the form from the last two weeks, we thought that might carry us over this weekend. It’s one of those things that happen in sport.”

The hosts had led throughout the game and scored the only try through scrumhalf Cobus Reinach on the stroke of half-time.

But Frans Steyn missed two crucial penalties when the lead was brought down to a single point just after the hour and Taute capitalised on the final whistle by landing his drop goal.

The Sharks’ lead at the summit has now been whittled down to two points over the Waratahs and four over the Crusaders, both of whom have a game in hand.

“It’s not all doom and gloom,” said White, whose side clinched the domestic conference and a play-off berth after the Bulls fell 32-21 to the Lions.

“There’s a lot more rugby to be played, at this point we’re still top of the log and I still believe there’s enough there for us to win this competition.”

Stormers boss Allister Coetzee was delighted, describing the win as their best of the campaign.

“It comes close to one of our biggest wins in the Stormers jersey,” he said.

“Considering the amount of players that are missing, it’s fantastic and a really big one for us.”


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  1. Really Jake? Next thing we’ll hear that Heyneke is behind a great plot to help the Bulls win the competition and that he called the camp because he knew there would be a bunch of ‘Engelse ouens’ or rather afrikaans ones playing in an english team, cos he hates the english. Yeah jake, nice one.

  2. Sadly heyneke’s great plan came unstuck, as in a moment of foolishnes, he picked a bunch of Bulls players and they came unstuck as well.

  3. Every time he opens his mouth :poop: come out and as one of his huge supporters before…he makes it difficult not dislike him in total…..

    JW you are and idiot for these comments…..

  4. @Ollie: He blames everything else, travel, bok camp and playing eight games in a row…than himself and his players, the reason they lost is he had the same shit gameplan and bad decisions by his players on the field.

    He is playing his players into the ground and expect them to raise every time a game is on.

    He underestimate the Stormers and should take the responsibility for his kak gameplan against a Stormers team who was as useless on the day as the Sharks.

  5. @bryce_in_oz: :poop: :poop: I think WP supporters are one of the only ones that do criticized the coaches and coaching staff….AC tried this same shit talk when he tried to hide behind the injuries and we all screamed that even with injuries you can play a better game-plan. Once this was change the Stormers started winning with all these so called injuries

  6. Did the Bulls not make a similar complaint way back when Jake was Bok coach? I recall, some controversy about tests that caused injuries to some players.

    Jake is just settling a score with Heineke and in the process throwing out a bone for the more rabid Sharks fans out there.

  7. Of course the bulls did the same – but don’t expect any of them to remember anything prior to yesterday. Especially not the demolition job by a team with a few players that were chased away by the same Mr Hak Hak himself.

  8. @Bekke: @Timeo: Guys, if you listen to HM you would see that all this was communicated to them throughout the year and he has said that he has a close relationship with the Suprshit coaches.

    JW planned kak and his gameplan backfired against the Stormers and now he blames someone else….

  9. So you would rather that JW gave us the standard bs about “we will learn from this” and “we will train hard for the next game”? Do you really think any CEO will admit publicly that he had a kak plan or that some of the employees are idiots? It’s like we expect Hak Hak to publicly state that he has no idea what to do, but he just tries to bring back JW’s RWC winning team, kicks everything and hope and prays? Of course he will never admit that publicly! And he is not an idiot for not doing that (he has enough other reasons …)


    He didn’t blame, he gave reasons. He also said they had to accept.

    Although you have a point, he must be a really sh*t coach, leading the table and South African conference. 2 successive wins on the road in New Zealand. Better sack him now.

    Bryce, careful now, that might be cutting a bit close to the bone.

  11. Still would have been nice to hear JW say
    they were fooked on their home ground by
    a bottom dweller playing a rookie front
    row (one has not even played Vodacom) and
    two rookies amongst the three locks used.
    A team with their third choice as captain.


  12. @Ollie: Most important reason they played kak…nobody said anything about him being a shit coach, nobody is questioning his wins, we are questioning him facing up to what is right in-front of all supporters and himself.

    Take responsibility and act up…..all the other teams had the same camp and Lions also came back from tour….

    Don’t know why Jake White is the god of rugby for some…

  13. I agree he should shut up. But I disagree with people taking newspaper dribble as the complete truth, with no context. It’s called confirmation bias.

  14. @Jacques(Bunny): I learnt long ago that what appears in a article is often far from the what was actually said, especially when context comes into play.

    Also, it’s nothing to do with him being a rugby god, he’s a bloody good coach though, but more about some people just have a permanent chip on their shoulder and sharp knife in their hands. Just waiting for anything to be said that can be viewed in a poor light and twisted around so that they can use said knife.

    In that way South African fans deserve all the kak they get because they dole it out in spade fulls.

  15. @Morné: I agree wit the article that the national team should come first.

    However, I disagree with the way it is said that the Bok camp is to blame, like it was the only reason. The Sharks lost, they didn’t play their best and White gave some reasons for this, valid reason in my book. What do people want, him to say that his team just played bad rugby and leave it there? Would you do that as coach? Just before the business end of a major competition?

    Back to the Bok players, wasn’t there some sort of agreement reached between Meyer and Super coaches about conditioning etc. What happened to that?

  16. Bekke is more confused than vomit in a tumble dryer…

    He hates Jaco Taute yet Jaco Taute is the sole reason the Stormers won on the past Saturday.

    Now he has to be in the confused position of, like all Stormers fans, having to demand as a right that all Stormers must be Springboks as opposed to having to hate the ex Lions player…

    Just forgive him… it’s a glitch and the usual stupid will reassert itself in due course.

  17. Eish Dawie, darem lekker om uit die bottel te drink vir ‘n slag nê – so net na payday kan die papsak maar eers wag smile. Watter speler wil ek kamma insit – jy moet tog by daai maat van jou in Springs gaan hoor hoe mens leer lees….
    En jy is meer dronk as wat jou vrou sê as jy nie dink enige aap sou die skop van die strafskop kon oorsit nie. As jy weer tik, gebruik die keyboard en nie daai opgewarmde soplepel nie dommie

  18. @Ollie:

    Now-now Ollie, you know I only defend Springbok coaches

    White was one, not anymore.

    He took a dig at Meyer and the Boks, he could have avoided it given he was once right there and sat with the same shit.

    Nel was 100% right in one thing in his article, our union/franchise coaches works against the national coach, not for him. White knows this, but then, he is just looking out for #1

  19. Oom bekke, Dawie drink nie eers nie ou maat en die comment oor die man in Springs is ongevraagd aangesien dit n siek ou is daai. Siek verby, miskien moet jy leer dink voor jy tik, dan sal jy nie wanneer jy jou voortande mis wonder hoekom byt jy nou nie meer lekker aan die papsak nie.

  20. @Morné:


    Regarding the article, the whole setup in SA aligns itself to keeping the conflict between franchise coaches being in conflict with the national coach